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Writer says our behavior strays from God’s word

So-called gay marriage is a contradiction in terms.

Webster’s Dictionary defines “gay” as homosexual, and as such “gays” cannot be married under national law. Marriage is between one man and one woman. How do I know this? The Bible tells us that God created man and woman and told them to increase and multiply, Genesis I: 27, 28; and in Scripture; “What God has joined together let no man put asunder…”

Is not the practice between “gays” really sodomy, or am I missing something? Webster’s Dictionary defines sodomy in part as “any sexual intercourse held to be abnormal.” And if so, what did God, our creator, say about this? In the Bible we read that God destroyed two cities, Sodom, hence the word Sodomy, and Gomorrah, because of their sinful behavior. In Genesis, 19:15-25, we are told that Lot and his wife and family were told to flee Sodom before God destroyed both cities by fire, the inhabitants and the plants of the soil.

Let me emphasize that I am not judging individuals who may be “gay,” God will judge each one of us individually. We do, however, need to get our train in this country back on the track lest we stray any farther from the behavior that our Creator demands of us.

God is a patient and forgiving God, but we should learn from Scripture that he is not one to torment too far. We have been given much in this country, and we should abide by the natural laws, God’s law. We must stop killing unborn children and killing “suspected militants” with missiles from drones, killing innocent people in the way. No wonder others hate us.

Tom Guirk Quinn


Reader urges support for PSU trustee hopeful

I am writing to inform your readers of the upcoming election for trustees at Penn State University. My good friend and fraternity brother, William F. Oldsey, Class of 1976, has recently announced his candidacy. Bill has spent his entire professional career in the educational publishing industry. He has devoted many years to supporting education at Penn State which led to his being named an Alumni Fellow in 2009.

Bill also comes from a family with roots in the Wilkes-Barre area, and he is committed to doing everything possible to restore the rightful place of honor for the university and that of the late Coach Joe Paterno.

The past year has been the most difficult in our history. Unfortunately, many of those entrusted with leadership at Penn State have failed to lead. They panicked in the face of the media’s rush to judgment. They commissioned and accepted a flawed Freeh Report without examination. They surrendered to NCAA sanctions without a challenge and they have spent millions of our dollars seemingly to protect and promote themselves instead of defending our university.

We owe it to future generations to pay forward the values and benefits we have enjoyed as proud Penn Staters.

There is no room in effective governance for incompetence, arrogance or excuses. It is time to step up and show the world that Penn State’s best years are still to come. The election of Bill Association members received ballots via email on April 10. The deadline to submit ballots to the university is May 2. Any alumni who are not members may request a ballot from the board of trustees office at emailbot@psu.edu. More information is also available at www.billoldsey.com. Please join me in supporting Bill Oldsey, ballot #36.

For the glory of Old State.

Edward L. Armuski

PSU Class of 1977


Voters must vote smarter to have good government

Do you want better government?

Going to Harrisburg and Washington to “throw the bums out” won’t work. The “bums” were elected by the voters in general elections. So, what’s the solution?

The answer is to encourage, support and elect leaders at all levels of government who believe in public service and in good government to run for office. Michael Bloomberg, an independent; John Huntsman, a Republican; and Bill Richardson, a Democrat are a few examples.

To make government better means that taxpayers must be willing to pay for public funding of short election campaigns. Candidates would have access to free media advertising.

This would eliminate the influence of corporations and the wealthy.

Voting to elect candidates who are anti-government and who oppose paying taxes only makes government worse.

In short, if we want better government, then we must be smarter voters who know that good government isn’t free or cheap, but that is costs less in the long run than government that is bought and paid for by well-financed special interest groups and their lobbyists.

David L. Faust


Save the working people from the brink of poverty

Within the past two months state Rep. Phyllis Mundy sponsored a House bill to do away with the Delaware tax loophole. As expected, Republican House Representatives who voted killed the bill.

There are millions who have jobs that leave them on the edge of poverty.

A good example is Walmart. The largest employer in the United States, has the most workers on public assistance. Several years ago the company went from regular shifts to flexible shifts, downgrading workers’ statuses so they would not qualify for health benefits.

As we are aware, politicians are trying to cut out Medicare. Many other big corporations are doing the same. A Walmart study cost taxpayers 1 billion a year. One question asked: Is the minimum wage too low? This question should be asked to the working poor. $7.25 an hour has been frozen since 2009.

The Unite States sends billions and billions of dollars to foreign countries and still they ask for more. It’s never enough.

The working people are on the edge of poverty, many losing their homes they cannot afford to keep.

Is this the “American Dream?” I don’t think so. So continues the greed factor for big corporations.

Robert Dougherty


Former educator lauds Coughlin teacher’s efforts

I read with interest the comments from James Brown of Plains Township headlined “Area’s school districts are lagging in good results.” He makes many valid points. Absolutely those results are poor-- and if teachers aren’t teaching or students aren’t learning, changes must be made or we will never see any improvement in those scores.

However, despite only hearing in the press of failings in our public schools, there is a brighter, more positive reality. There are many outstanding teachers, at every level, throughout this valley who are doing amazing things every day. We simply never hear about them.

One such example of a brilliant point of light is Gerald Gillis, a mathematics teacher at James M. Coughlin High School. For the past two years, every student in his Advanced Placement Calculus class has scored a perfect “5” in the A.P. exam.

As a retired A.P. teacher, I can assure you that these results are absolutely remarkable and unique. To be sure, these results are a testimonial to both the high caliber of student and to the entire mathematics faculty at Coughlin for preparing those students for the rigor of Gillis’s class.

In light of all of the negative press that they have been bombarded with, it would be wise for the Wilkes-Barre Area School Board to recognize, publicize, and honor outstanding achievements that are happening in their classrooms-they should begin by honoring Gillis.

Robert Smith

Forty Fort

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