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Transmission line plan will impact special area

PPL is planning another transmission line through the Poconos called the “Northeast/Pocono Reliability Project” and has applied to the PUC for approval. This line travels east up Route 115 and will turn left and go through Thornhurst and Clifton townships.

This 13.6 mile run will pass through an exceptional value watershed at the birthplace of the Lehigh River and cross 10 creeks. Many creeks actually will be crossed multiple times — in fact there will be 20 crossings. Ten creeks in 13.6 miles should display that these are wetlands being drained. The creeks are of such high quality that many have the highest quality ratings available in this state, an exceptional value rating. These are supposed to be protected waterways.

PP&L wants power lines to run through this land. A 150-foot wide clear cut will pass through this area upsetting the natural filtration of this watershed. Access roads, silt and herbicides will replace natural cover over swamps, marshes, bogs and outstanding natural forests. An already over-temperature Lehigh River will gain even more heat as the sun heats the cleared land.

Residents’ actions in petitions and in writings to the Public Utility Commission — with the help of the Office of the Consumer Advocate and local representatives — have mandated that the PUC hold a local public hearing on the power lines. It is a public hearing that will help decide the fate of this special area. If you know, hunt, fish, camp, picnic or care about the area, please attend. It will be held at the Thornhurst Fire Company, today at 2 p.m. and 6 p.m.

Robert Cecci Thornhurst

Obama kept promise: The US is transformed

Could anyone tell me when a honeymoon is considered to be “over”? Our president and the media have been on one for 4 1/2 years.

The president was re-elected last November and he is still campaigning. He recently went to Colorado to push his gun ban agenda. Could he do this from the Oval Office while working on the budget? Perhaps there are other reasons.

Our photo-op president requires a back drop and willing participants behind him. In this case, it was a police academy and police officers. Do you think the two fundraising events in the evening may have been part of the reason for the visit?

With regards to the sequestration, every time our president boards Air Force One, he takes an entourage of security with him. This is very costly for the taxpayer, yet is required.

I do have to commend the president in taking a 5 percent pay cut. (I am fighting back the tears here.) I believe this was due to public pressure and not of his own volition.

There are many fires going on around the world; the ever-present threat from North Korea, a struggling economy, mounting national debt and the list goes on.

I believe his presidency is unraveling before our eyes, but the media continues to give him a free pass. Americans are becoming more frustrated. However, unless it affects them directly, many are not interested. If they have enough money for groceries, gas, cigarettes, and alcohol to last through the weekend, most are satisfied. What saddens me is that our president has kept one promise. He promised to fundamentally transform this country.

America has changed into something I barely recognize. Our children and grandchildren will never know the America we grew up in. We need to pray for our country and its future.

Fran Spencer


This writer advocates targeted ‘safety checks’

I interact daily with quite a few respectable people in the area and here is what I, and they, have questions and suspicions about with the goings on in our little burg.

What does LAG towing have on our mayor that stops him from voiding their contract. The mayor keeps stating: “Let’s wait until the investigation is complete.” Any respectable mayor would have been watching out for the public’s interest. I guess when it finally comes out in the wash we’ll have our answer to his baffling behavior.

What, does LAG have on you Mr. Mayor? The people I talk with cannot believe that three young people could be robbed at gun point within one block of police headquarters. Maybe if they walked a beat instead of sitting on their posteriors in a car, they might deter crime a little bit.

To Wilkes Barre, and all the other surrounding municipalities: Because of all the gun violence you need to enact a safety law, whereby if a person looks younger than 30 they can be stopped in person or in an automobile to conduct a “safety check”. Give the public 30 days notice. If they don’t want to be given a “safety check” then they will not want to live in that municipality or travel through that municipality. If they’re not breaking any laws then they should be thankful for things being made safer. To the civil liberty whiners just tell them “We are not profiling! We are just conducting a “safety check” because of the rash of shootings and murders.”

Why can’t the police come up with some kind of stings for these predators in town. Oh, I guess it will never happen because there might be overtime and that would take some money out of the city’s coffers.

Ernest Schuldaski


Plymouth Fire Dept. has writer’s admiration

On behalf of Plymouth Girl Scout Daisy Troop #32104, I would like to thank Plymouth Fire Department #1, especially Bobby Miller and Lori Bolesta for the great program they present each year in order for the Daisies to earn their “respecting authority” petal.

Each time our troop visits there, I am reminded of how often we fail to realize the dangers of their job, mainly the potential risk it imposes on their lives each time they answer a call.

And I honestly believe they’re rarely appreciated and thanked by the citizens of their community.

My hope is the next time you see a volunteer firefighter, you will walk up to them, shake their hand and tell them thanks for putting their life on te line and keeping your town safe as possible.

Beth Doughton


Modern world needs old-fashioned justice

We have no justice in America. What did the people in Boston do to deserve what happened to them? People are dead and maimed.

Those responsible will be put in prison so we all can end up paying for them for the rest of their lives. They will get every convenience in life that I don’t even have, unless I work and pay for them.

The bleeding hearts in America think that these criminals deserve every right available to them. They will tell you that prisoners who are sentenced to life can be rehabilitated. So, what good are they? They will be in prison for the rest of their lives.

What happened to the good old American justice of hanging people who robbed banks, raped, stole horses and cows? They knew if they got caught they would be hanged, but they did it anyway.

Today, criminals commit the same crimes, but the bleeding heart judges put people in prison for years. Some are released after being arrested and commit the same crime while waiting for a hearing.

Is that justice? Lawyers, judges and everyone else who feel sorry for the criminals are just as guilty as the criminals.

The politicians in our country are just as corrupt and guilty as the criminals. They build prisons because their pockets get lined with cash, cash, cash.

We need fewer prisons and more American justice. We need more public servants thrown in their new prisons.

L. Wychock


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