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Celebrate, nominate the hero in your life

Every day there are heroes among us. A grandmother who saves a toddler from choking. A Good Samaritan who rushes into a burning home and brings a neighbor to safety. An animal lover who finds an abused pet and rescues it. A nurse or a health care aide who acts quickly to resuscitate someone.

In our local communities, everyday people perform extraordinary life saving acts. Many of these people go unrecognized for their courageous acts. The Wyoming Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross needs your help in identifying these heroic acts and the people who make them happen.

Where are the heroes in Luzerne County? The American Red Cross wants to honor you, the Everyday Hero. Heroes will be celebrated and recognized on June 12th at the East Mountain Inn at a lovely breakfast ceremony.

Nominate someone today in one of these categories: Adult Good Samaritan, Youth Good Samaritan, Animal Rescue, Military (veteran or active duty), Medical, Law Enforcement and Fire Safety.

Nominees must live, work or attend school in Luzerne County. The heroic act must have occurred between Jan. 1, 2012 and Dec. 31, 2012.

Nominees may be individuals or groups and do not need to be Red Cross volunteers or have Red Cross training. Call the Wyoming Valley chapter at 570-823-7161 for a nomination form or go online at: http://www.redcross.org/pa/wilkes-barre.

Sherry N. Williams

Executive, Wyoming Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross

Coverage reveals horrors at clinic

Fox News did an hour long investigative piece on the Kermit Gosnell case – See No Evil with Brett Baier.I suggest all abortion supporters get a copy so they can actually see the horrors that occurred at Gosnell’s clinic.

Recently Lila Rose from Live Action released undercover videos proving that infanticide is happening at clinics across the country. Babies born alive not being given medical care or actually killed in the name of “choice.” This is the underbelly of the abortion industry in America today.

I hope that people are finally taking off the blinders and seeing that they were handed a bill of goods when they were told that abortion only eliminates a blob of tissue.And trying to say that banning abortions would spawn more Kermit Gosnells in the future is false. It’s not in the future, we’re already there. Today all life is devalued and this can easily be traced back to Jan. 22, 1973, when the “slaughter of the innocents” became the law of the land.

Barbara Yanchek


It takes a village to set a world record

On Wednesday, May 1, Ross Elementary held a Guinness World Records event where we broke the record for the most friendship bracelets assembled. Students, faculty and staff assembled a record-breaking 7,507 friendship bracelets measuring 2,678 ¼ feet. It was quite a feat and a task that took seven months to accomplish.

The one area that impacted me the most was the volunteering of surveyors Bill Bolton and Jess Kronenwetter from Borton Lawson Engineering, along with Dotty Martin, editor for The Dallas Post. Bill and Jess served as our official measurers and counters while Dotty served as our official witness. All three individuals were necessary for our record attempt, and none of them knew exactly what they were getting into prior to accepting our invitation!

First, Bill and Jess measured 2,678 ¼ feet of bracelets. They had a very organized system in place and it only took about an hour. However, the best (or worst) was yet to come. At about 9:30 a.m., they started to count the bracelets, not knowing the exact count, but having a good idea there were at least 7, 400. One by one they started. Dotty unrolled the dowel that the bracelets were wrapped on, Bill counted out loud, and Jess kept count on a manual counting device. It was so monotonous that Bill and Jess consistently had to switch roles to keep their sanity. During this time, the sun grew hotter, their skin became sunburned, their stomachs growled and their focus became harder to maintain with each passing minute.

Along the way, there were a lot of jokes and funny moments —- there had to be or they wouldn’t have been able to keep their sanity. A long three and a half hours later, the last number was finally called — 7,507 record breaking bracelets were counted and a loud cheer was immediately heard throughout the grounds. You could hear the relief in Jess’s voice when that last bracelet was counted and see the ear to ear smile on Dotty’s face.

I would like to publicly say that I am so fortunate that I had the opportunity to meet Bill Bolton, Jess Kronenwetter, and Dotty Martin. Strangers to us at first, they played a very critical role in our attempt and are now individuals we would definitely call friends. Thank you for helping our school accomplish our goal and doing it with so much professionalism and pride!

Donald James

Ross Elementary Principal

Sweet Valley

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