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Increasing reserve units smart way to save money

The current guidance from the Department of Defense is that the United States will no longer conduct long-term stability operations despite 50 years of U.S. operations in Iraq, Afghanistan, Bosnia, Kosovo, Vietnam and Korea. Presently we are “pivoting” to the Pacific Rim and need to maintain a large military presence to defend that area.

Given our precarious economy and exploding national debt, the United States must find a way to provide an adequate land force to maintain peace and protect our nation from threats at a sustainable cost.

The Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army has recommended the Army stabilize at 1,045,000 soldiers (490 thousand in the active component and 555 thousand in the reserve component). However, naysayers want further reductions, in some cases, by almost 200,000 troops.

I say, why settle for a smaller total Army when the way to save a significant amount of money is to simply reduce the active component by 100,000 and increase the reserve component by 100,000? An annual cost savings of $15.7 billion is significant!

The skilled and courageous troops of the nation’s Army Reserve Forces have clearly demonstrated their competence and effectiveness over the last 11 years of war. A larger Army Guard will give our Governors greater domestic emergency response capabilities and a larger Army Reserve will provide the much needed enabler to our total Army.

Save the “Million Man” Army! Keep the Army an adequate size to deal with any contingency and save money in the bargain – a perfect answer to our national defense dilemma. What are we waiting for?

Wesley E. Craig

Major General, Pennsylvania National Guard

US needs to change ways to become blessed again

America is in trouble. The middle class is shrinking so all that will be left will be the rich and the dependent. If you think taxes are bad now just wait until you see what’s coming when more and more of Obamacare gets implemented.

On top of that, are immigration policies. You know if you come to America illegally we will pay for medications, health care, schooling for your children, and probably pay for you to go to school, too. After all you, might need to learn a trade so you could take a job from a person who was born here.

Have you wondered from where the money was going to come? Taxes! I see a war on God and a war on country. America was a proud nation and was respected at one time. I believe God blessed America for years.

Now it has become a cesspool of corruption. We need people in our government with good moral character, but people no longer want that.

I pray God will delay his judgement on America for our childrens sake and for their children. I pray more people would look into this current administration’s agenda before it is too late.

Maure Devers

Dorrance Township

Letter responder sees writer seen as intolerant

This is a response to a letter from Curt Piazza in the April 30 edition of The Times Leader.

According to you, Mr. Piazza, anyone who is not a white male, English-speaking, Bible-believing heterosexual should not have this rights protected. As I see it, you are a hateful, racist bigot who has no regard or respect for anyone who does not follow your so-called religious faith.

You referred to yourself as belonging to a particular species. To the betterment of society, it is a species that can’t go extinct soon enough.

Do you know the meaning of the words compassion, equality, diversity, acceptance and tolerance? I doubt it. Who don’t you do the people of Wyoming Valley a favor. Move to the Bible Belt. I’m sure you would be welcomed there.

Lolly Mertis

Hanover Township

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