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Pig roast was a hot time at the Idetown Fire Co.

Recently we had the pleasure of attending a pig roast benefit put on by the Idetown Volunteer Fire Company.

We just wanted to say kudos and a super job well done and ran very smoothly, but most important, the food was fantastic! From the pork to the homemade sides and yummy desserts we could not have asked for more.

This was the company’s first pig roast and unfortunately we won’t be living in the area for the second one, but we wanted to encourage people to get out next year and attend to support this worthy cause.

We can assure you that you will not be disappointed. Thanks again for a great time, Idetown Volunteer Fire Company.

Mike and Toni Youells


Candy’s walk succeeds, thanks to much support

I would like to express my deepest gratitude to all our walkers, volunteers, sponsors, and board members who participated in Candy’s Place 16th Annual Rainbow Walk. Despite the rain we had more than 400 supporters.

The rain stopped just in time for our festivities to begin.

I am in such awe of how much community support Candy’s Place, the Center for Cancer Wellness still receives after 16 years.

With this generosity, we are able to provide free programs and services to cancer patients.

“Thank you” just doesn’t seem enough for all who contributed to this successful event and to Candy’s Place all year long.

Penny Cunningham, founder

Candy’s Place, The Center For Cancer Wellness

Forty Fort

Writer: Renewable energy still has great potential

We often hear that renewable energy is “not there yet” as a viable source. The oil and gas industries tout their “job-creation numbers” as a reason for boosting the economy.

But is this really true? Do we shove wind and solar to the back of the closet?

Not only did the renewable energy sector create more than 110,000 US jobs in 2012, there are thousands of renewable energy projects going on in the United States and across the globe.

A recent report released by the Environmental Entrepreneurs (E2) found:

• Public transportation drove clean job growth nationwide, clocking in at more than 43,000 jobs over the course of the year. Power generation, most of which came from solar, wind, and geo-thermal, came in second with more than 30,000 jobs.

• Solar power was a strong and steady job creator throughout the year, and especially in the fourth quarter, providing more than 19,000 jobs between the manufacturing and power-generation sectors.

• Investment in energy efficiency hit a record high of $5.6 billion in 2012, according to E2’s analysis of government data, thanks to the announcement of as many as 9,000 new jobs.

Europe, Asia and even OPEC countries are getting themselves off the fossil fuel habit and moving ahead with solar and wind.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) has over $5-billion invested in renewable projects. One of the UAE’s motivating factor is the diminishing supply of fossil fuels. By converting to renewable sources for their country there will be more fossil fuels to export to short-sighted countries.

From Renewable Energy world.com: Breakdown: Penetration of Renewable Energy in Selected Markets, the US is producing as much in total renewables in 2011 as we did in 1983. We barely reached the 14 percent mark in 30 years. Compare that to other countries which are utilizing well over 50 percent renewables for an energy source.

The US ranks 9th out of 10 countries surveyed. Worldwide, the U.S. lags between developing countries, the European Union and China. Clearly, countries can, when they choose to do so, generate a very high percentage — if not 100 percent — of energy with renewables. The challenge has never been technical. The problem has always been the lack of political will to make the choice and consistently implement policies that work.

Dorina Hippauf


Plenty of questions linger about Benghazi attack

The biggest question being asked about the attack on Americans in Benghazi seems to be centered around who did it. Why is that?

I think Hillary Clinton was right when she said “what difference does it make”? I think this has just been a smoke screen to draw attention away from what really matters. At the time of the attack all that should have mattered was that Americans were in danger. Why would it make a difference as to who was attacking Americans if they needed help? They were under fire and calling for help. Help never came. Why? Who gave an order to stand down and not send help that was available?

That’s a million-dollar question for which all Americans should be demanding an answer. Why isn’t a reporter asking Obama that question? How could he possibly dodge the question? He has to know the answer. If he says he doesn’t know then he has to be the most incompetent president we’ve ever had.

One of the reasons given for not sending help was they didn’t want to send forces into harms way without knowing what they were up against. That’s ridiculous. They had a drone overhead and were in direct contact with people on the ground and they didn’t have enough information to make a decision? Another excuse was there wasn’t time. That’s also ridiculous.

If Americans are under attack and need help why would any commander in charge say we can’t help because we don’t have time? He should be saying lets get moving.

As it turned out there were forces ready to go and could have been there before a second attack took place.

We have an administration in charge of the greatest army in the world and they didn’t even attempt to save the lives of fellow Americans who were under fire and begging for help. When, if ever, in US history has that ever happened? Why would any president not be outraged over something like this happening on his watch? Yet Obama doesn’t even show any sign of caring rather we get answers or not.

Even the families of the victims have yet to get answers. Remember the ad that once asked: “Who would you want to answer the phone at the White House, during a crisis, at two in the morning?”

Right now I don’t see how anyone could know who they would want to answer that phone. But they should know by now of at least two people they would definitely not want to answer it.

Don Buckingham


Letter writer declines to mind his own business

I am responding to “Letter men are advised to mind their own business” by Heather H. Ruseskas. (May 9).

Heather, would you mind telling the reading public exactly what you have against Alex S. Partika and Curt Piazza? Mr. Piazza and Mr. Partika are frequent contributors to “Mailbag”. They are known to express the conservative Christian viewpoint.

Heather, do you have something against Bible-believing Christian men who just desire to experience a return of God’s blessing to this nation? What do you have against God and the Bible?

I get the notion that you’re just another over-educated radical liberal feminist and mouthpiece for the Obama/Biden agenda. You seem like you’re educated in everything except what really matters.

Please elaborate on some more of your thoughts and opinions. I’m sure Mr. Partika would, and I most certainly would be more than glad to debate you on some more of the current issues.

Curt Piazza


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