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Response to IRS shows real concern

The IRS has been targeting groups and individuals who just happen to disagree with the president’s and the Democratic Party’s agenda.

This has been going on since 2010 and does not appear to have been a big secret in the halls of power. But we can all rest easy now, the president is outraged, Democratic senators are outraged, the White House gardener is outraged. Why even Obama’s dog Bo is outraged. So what did all this outrage produce?

The President announced that the temporary head of the IRS was asked to resign, but failed to mention Mr. Miller was scheduled to leave the IRS in June. Mr. Miller was not fired, he is retiring. Can you think of a worse punishment? That will certainly scare the hell out of anyone who thinks the president will put up with misuse of IRS power.

The Democrats in the Senate announced they will have an investigation. Despite the fact that Chuck Schumer and others wrote letters asking the IRS to investigate certain groups, I am confident that will not stop them from beating up on some IRS clerk for doing what they asked them to do.

Sarah Hall Ingram was in charge of the IRS division where all the targeting took place. She received a salary of $177,000 and more than $100,000 in bonus payouts during the time IRS power was being used for political purposes. The President was so outraged by Ingram’s failure that he has placed her in charge of the IRS division that will enforce the Obamacare laws. That should teach her a lesson, I know I certainly got the President’s message.

Attorney General Eric Holder is going to look into the IRS scandal to see if any laws were broken. Has the IRS committed a hate crime or violated people’s civil rights? Well the President has complete confidence in Eric Holder and I am sure he does.

I think I’ll wait and see how Mr. Holder handles this situation and keep my expectations very low.

The Associated Press was outraged, but mostly about the government confiscation of their records. Once that gets worked out, I am confident their outrage about the IRS can be soothed.

Bob McDougal

Wilkes Barre

Events point to a misuse of power

A recent report indicated the IRS has been targeting conservative groups (tea party and others) for intense scrutiny and harassment since early 2010.

Senior IRS officials were informed of the inappropriate conduct two months after it began. However, former IRS commissioner Doug Schulman denied everything at Congressional hearings two years later on March 22, 2012. The White House recently claimed it was the work of overzealous underlings at the IRS inappropriately exercising discretion. (Note: This situation becomes even more worrisome knowing the IRS will be responsible for enforcing the regulations for Obamacare.)

A second recent report indicated the Justice Department misused subpoena powers to secretly confiscate extensive Associated Press and personal phone records.

This is an obvious effort to stifle investigative reporting that the American Civil Liberties Union quickly branded “an unacceptable abuse of power” and it is also a threat to our Constitutional right of freedom of the press.

A third recent report indicated Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius felt Congress had not appropriated sufficient funding for her department to implement Obamacare. So she sought large contributions from private health care companies to give to liberal non-profit groups. Her action not only violates our Constitution, but with health care so heavily regulated these donations can hardly be considered voluntary. And that means favors rendered will be returned.

And finally there is the Benghazi situation, which involves the killing of four Americans on Sept. 11, 2012. At a recent Congressional hearing, Gregory Hicks, who was the Deputy Ambassador in Libya at that time, testified he told Secretary of State Hillary Clinton by phone on Sept. 12, 2012, that the Benghazi embassy had been attacked by Islamic terrorists.

On Sept. 16, 2012, UN Ambassador Susan Rice stated on numerous Sunday talk shows that the incident was the result of spontaneous street demonstrations inspired by an anti-Muhammad video, because the Obama administration realized if the attack was called an act of terrorism it would have posed a grave embarrassment to the president’s anti-terrorism strategy eight weeks before the presidential election.

This series of occurrences clearly points to a culture of corruption, contempt, cronyism, and dishonesty that exists in the Obama administration.

It is an unethical environment that President Obama has created for use against those who disagree with his progressive ideas, and it utilizes an anything goes attitude for the sole purpose of defeating his political opponents and advancing his liberal agenda.

This mindset has not only corrupted our most basic government functions and violated our Constitution, but it also emboldens those with personal agendas that threaten our liberties.

And it will only get worse if the GOP loses its majority rule in the House of Representatives in the 2014 mid-term elections.

Bill Ostrowski


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