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Sequester caused widespread hurt

When 3- and 4-year-olds who have not yet gone to school are at play, they often act like a “push me-pull you.” They have not yet learned to share or take turns.

Our House of Representatives demonstrated that it missed those Head Start lessons. First, its members played selfishly and passed that sequester, thinking that would let them have their way because it would never happen. Then it happened! And it is really messing things up.

They didn’t think that just cutting government spending a mere 2 percent would hurt anybody and it would prove that they could really force less government. When it turned out that one real result of sequester was long lines at airports because traffic controllers had their hours cut, that House of Representatives fixed that problem right quick. After all, they are important people who have to be able to go home for their weekends without inconvenience.

Now think about little children who would enjoy getting ready to go to the big schools in Head Start. Gee, 70,000 of them won’t get that chance. Isn’t that just too bad? But after all, money will be saved when they don’t have to be fed breakfast and lunch – teachers and aides can be laid off. The cost of all those health screenings, hearing tests, eye checks, immunizations, parenting instruction, rent for non-public school class room spaces and transportation will be saved. Are those 70,000 children worth that investment in their future? The House of Representatives doesn’t think so. They are just a bunch of poor kids. (May I add a footnote? I have read to two particular Head Start classes for more than 15 years. As they move on, they’re bright, inquisitive children who love to learn and do succeed.)

And gee, those old folks who need the help that Meals on Wheels gives are going to die sometime soon anyway. Why should they get help? Can’t you just hear House of Representative members saying that they are so much more important than children and old folks? They should not be inconvenienced.

The sequester was wrong-headed and the refusal to end it across the board is even worse. Should we really balance our budget or cut the size of government on the backs of children or their grandparents? I thought that “we the people” of the United States were made of sterner stuff.

Eleanor Kandler Rodda


Writer is pro life, happy play closed

I am writing regarding two recent letters in Mail Bag/Letters from Readers. The first regards “Virgin Mary play is contrary to Bible,” (April 28) a letter written by me in response to the news article on the Broadway play “Testament of Mary.” I am happy to inform readers that after nine days this blasphemous and heretical Broadway play closed. The final curtain was brought down six weeks early, thanks to the protest led by the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), an organization of lay Catholic Americans. Prayers of faithful citizens, including many from our area took to the street outside the theater to defend the life of Jesus Christ and His Holy Mother, beliefs based on the Bible’s countless Scriptures. Their presence demonstrated the power of prayer and the degree to which the American public, not just Christians, are fed up with such distortions. Were the play an attack on other religions how harsh the reaction would have been as opposed to this peaceful protest and prayerful reparation?

The May 4 edition of the paper had a letter from Raymond A. Rinaldi who had comments on my letter and others which were printed the same day. He agreed with my opinion and also remarked of the disparagement of the Christian faith by Hollywood. However, when making reference to another letter written by a woman who is pro choice, he mistakenly used my name. Needless to say, I was appalled and disturbed to see my name associated with abortion, Planned Parenthood, and the killing of babies and deaths of pregnant women at the clinic of the now convicted murderer, Dr. Kermit Gosnell. I am a strong supporter of life from conception to natural death and a volunteer for Pennsylvanians for Human Life.

Nancy Restaino


Reader marvels at ‘linguistic lion’

Have you ever considered knowledge of the English language to be a privilege? I certainly do. I have great admiration for people who can articulate their ideas while under pressure. The White House Press Secretary is one such person. The other day he was bombarded with questions from the press for approximately 90 minutes.

During that time, he skillfully answered them as though he were a quarterback dodging a 300-pound crushing machine. He was explaining the role of The White House with regards to the Benghazi talking points. The only change made by The White House, he insisted, was a minor stylistic change. He said they changed the word “consulate to diplomatic facility.”

One of the most amazing things to witness is that the White House secretary barely blinked an eye while conveying this. It has been revealed that those same talking points had been changed 11 times. Stylistic? Maybe.

Even though the White House Secretary has an extraordinary command of the English language, he may need to buy a new dictionary. In the last few weeks several other stories have arisen. They now will be answering questions about the IRS, Benghazi, The AP, and the list goes on. He seems to have gone from the confident, articulate spokesperson to saying, “We had not knowledge,” “We did not know,” “We were unaware,” etc.

Somehow the content of what he says is not as significant as how he says it!

Do you suppose we will be witnessing a crumbling or breakdown of the protective wall surrounding our President? Until then, I shall continue to marvel at the “linguistic lion” known as the White House Secretary.

Fran Spencer Nanticoke

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