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Gun control advocates said to be ignoring facts

In recent years, there has been a dramatic drop in the level of gun violence in the United States. The latest available crime statistics from the FBI show a 16 percent decline in the number of firearms used in murders over the last six years. According to the FBI, the number of guns used in murders, robberies, and aggravated assaults has fallen dramatically since 2006. In addition, gun-related homicides are at rates not seen since the early 1960s.

In recent years, firearms restrictions have actually been loosened. For example, the federal Assault Weapons Ban that was enacted in 1994 was allowed to expire in 2004.

During the last few years, many states have made it easier for residents to obtain concealed-carry permits. Since 2005, several states have passed “stand your ground laws.” Firearms regulations have been eased, yet gun crime has continued to decline.

Those who claim that new gun laws are needed are overlooking the decline in gun violence. The groups that support gun control base their argument on the tragedies that occurred in Colorado and Connecticut last year. The advocates of gun control are ignoring the facts; they have fallen into an emotional trap. The overall decline in gun crime sets the record straight on this issue.

Those in favor of gun control need to look at the facts, not one or two isolated incidents.

Willie Speare


An elite group of people should not rule everyone

Freedom is the right to bear arms of any kind.

The elitists among us often frame their anti-gun rants around the point that people don’t need that certain kind of rifle or that many bullets. Yet a hallmark of a free people is to achieve anything that we can honestly obtain.

When did we give the elitists the power to limit us to that which they think we need, what they decide we should have? Didn’t the pilgrims suffer and risk all to get out from under the whims of despots? Do these elitists do without anything they want even when they are spending our dime?

Think about it: The government does not have any money, only what it confiscates from us.

The riches of this country belong to the people and it should be up to us to determine how the riches are spent.

We’re still a free people and we better start acting like it.

Frank Buchalski


Writer calls politicians hypocritical on ethics

I am not trying to promote student / teacher affairs, I am trying to ask a very sensible question.

How is it that our politicians can come up with and make a new law about having an affair with a student by a teacher is a violation of trust and authority due to their position of authority.

Yet they do not see the fact that a politician stealing funds, taking bribes, excepting favors for doing favors, etc. the same way. I think they are all inherently corrupt.

John T. Banks


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