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Plaudits for the VA Medical Center

The family members of the late Joseph “Pat” Yerashunas would like to pay public tribute to the tireless, personable, knowledgeable and caring nursing staff and medical doctors at the VA Medical Center involved in his treatment and care while he was a resident of the Community Living Center during his last nine months of life. We also thank other various specialist departments of the VA who took care of his needs for routine treatment during the better part of his life, including the home treatment visiting nurses who cared for him prior to admission. The Veterans Administration, in general, is singularly a lifeline for many veterans who trust it to perform a first class job to address the health and social needs of those that sacrificed for our country.

Well done, VA Wilkes-Barre!

Anna Yerashunas and family


Mayor should answer to voters

Kingston Mayor Jim Haggerty has outdone himself this time. In the case of the police scandals, whereas, several high ranking former police officers were allegedly paid under the table for off duty security work in Kingston, Haggerty has taken on the roll as “Clean Cut Investigator.” In fact, this is a guy who is so controlling and power crazed that he knows every single thing that goes on with the government of the Municipality of Kingston. Haggerty demands authority and respect from all who serve under his command.

The mayor is the head of the police department in Kingston. Does he think the people are going to buy this theory that he didn’t know what was going on long before this issue became an actual scandal? I sincerely don’t think so. Even if Haggerty would have stopped this action and didn’t know about this scandal from the start, his credibility as head of the police department should be questioned because he was not on top of things.

Remember the words of other candidates who ran for office in Kingston over the past few years. The cover up of crime, the cover up of public information, the date withheld from the local press, the cover up of policy behind closed doors. There is a mayoral race in Kingston this November. On Election Day I hope the voters of Kingston will remember that country song by Charlie Rich, “And When We Get Behind Closed Doors.” Aside from this particular scandal, the police officers in Kingston do an excellent job to protect the public, I know, I lived there for 22 years.

John C. Cordara


Mayoral candidate seeking voter input

Well, it’s that time again … another mayoral race in Kingston! Now that it’s summer, the last thing you probably have on your mind is the November election. You may want to enjoy outdoor activities and vacations with your families and not even think about politics.

My name is Curt Piazza and I’m the Democratic candidate for mayor of Kingston. I would like to hear input from the residents of Kingston. Over the summer (before the election “crunch time” sets in) we can get better acquainted. Please let me know some ideas you may have, and what improvements you would like to see happen in our community.

Please keep comments and suggestions brief and positive. Please no sarcasm or rude comments directed at me or at my opponent. You may be disillusioned by recent news headlines regarding allegations against some former members of our fine police department, but I ask that you allow the law to run its course and to allow those allegedly involved their right to due process.

Working together we can restore transparency to our local government.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Please e-mail me:

Curt Piazza


Plan B decision puts children at risk

I find it very troubling that the Obama administration recently abandoned a lawsuit that would have halted the over-the-counter sale of the “Plan B” abortion pill to girls of any age, no matter how young. Isn’t it amazing that a 12-year-old student must have parental permission to get an aspirin in a classroom, but she can walk into a drug store to get the “Plan B” abortion pill with no questions asked?

I know people reading this are going to say, “Plan B is not an abortion-inducing drug.” I disagree with the assessment, but, more importantly, the American College of Pediatricians disagrees with it, too. It stated that the potential mode of action of using Plan B includes abortion. I also find it worthy to note that comments from the maker of the drug and also studies have shown that the morning after pill can act as an abortion agent in some cases, terminating the life of a unique human being hours after conception.

The college explains their opposition to Plan B more fully in its newly updated position statement released in May 2013. In part, they believe that the potency of these medications demands physician oversight, and equally important their over-the-counter availability circumvents parental involvement and may facilitate adolescent abuse.

The new Plan B decisions, made without regard to parental or medical concern, will only serve to endanger the health and safety of children, putting young girls at risk for sexual abuse and sexually transmitted infections. I find the decision to exclude parents and doctors from dealing with the sexual behavior of underage girls and the administration of a serious drug is irresponsible and dangerous.

Barbara Yanchek



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