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Teacher union

misleads on HB76

The Pennsylvania State Education Association has sent outmisleading information to the members of the state house of representatives concerning House Bill 76, known as the property tax independence act.

I will point out the false and misleading items in the letter, written by Veronica Biegen, a PSEA spokeswoman who sent it to Rep. Greg Vitali, D-Havertown, to try and sway him from sponsoring the bill.

1. HB76 is not flawed as it has been examined by financial people in both the house and senate and as a result the final draft is now being sponsored by senators and rep. as the best way to provide relief for the middle income and lower income homeowners in Pennsylvania. It does not target working class families as it spreads the school tax burden more equitably and opens the door to economic progress. The small sales tax increase and the small income tax increase used to fund HB76 will be shared by all not a few of our citizens . In addition, people traveling thru our state will als0 contribute.

2. The present system of teacher unions pension funding has put us in debt to the tune of $400 million. This new system Will correct the deficit. Our teachers have the second-highest wages in the nation. While 36,000 of our people are in foreclosure losing their homes.

3. We are 46th out of 50 states in job creation. The sales tax will only increase a little over one percent and the revenue it brings in will increase jobs by out-of-state business coming into Pennsylvania, and this will increase job s for the middle and lower income people.

It is a false statement that discretionary income is paying the majority of the sales tax at the present 6 percent rate.

Another PSEA omission is the fact of the unfunded school teachers pension of $400 million. This bill will stop the bleeding of our senior homeowners and others who are in foreclosure or very near to losing their homes because they cannot afford to pat the school property tax.

4. If HB76 is not passed our defecit will increase to beyond the $400 million, placing a greater burden on our homeowners and senior citizens who want to stay in their homes. HB76 is a win win for teachers and their retirement.

Please tell all our representatives to sponsor the bill and talk to their other representative to sponsor this HB76 and move forward to greater prosperity and jobs for the citizens of our state.

Thomas Dombroski

Kingston Twp.

Natural gas boom

a boon to country

For the greater part of the last 100 years, the United States has relied heavily on foreign sources of energy. Now this dependency is changing.

Domestic oil and natural gas development is quickly moving the United States towards energy security.

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation, with an average daily production of 1.2 billion cubic feet (Bcf), is leading this transition.

Government data shows that Cabot had 15 of the top 20 producing wells in Pennsylvania in 2012 and since 2008, a total cumulative production of 488 Bcf from just 225 producing wells.

Cabot is also proud to champion increased usage of natural gas.

In Susquehanna County alone, Cabot is using natural gas to fuel 60 of its fleet vehicles, power its drilling operations and demonstrating dual-fuel engine technologies during its completions operations.

Not only is this an economic benefit for our company and surrounding community, it is a tremendous environmental one as well, helping to reduce greenhouse emission from the air we breathe every single day.

George Stark

Director, External Affairs

Cabot Oil & Gas Corporation

W-B Township

needs closer look

There has to be a full disclosure of all records in the administration building and Wilkes-Barre Township volunteer fire company. Taxpayer money is being abused and squandered by alleged fire chief thief John Yuknavich and ignored by hapless mayor Carl Kuren and council

Now a new position is approved for Tom Zurawski, who is not even qualified. Do a background check on him through the Pennsylvania State Police. He’s going to monitor the police department and public works department, who both do a fantastic job all year round. Now their performance may suffer because Mayor Kuren is having a hissy fit.

The employees have to keep looking over their shoulders. Police and public workers unions - if you are harassed or your job is impeded on, file a lawsuit, and stick to it. Is a performance review officer needed? Absolutely not.

There should be someone watching Tom Zurawski and Mayor Carl Kuren, such as all the residents of Wilkes-Barre Township. Young and old, or contact my father Joseph Naperkowski. He’ll contact the proper authorities if need be. The townspeople of Wilkes-Barre Township have to keep the pressure on this administration. It’s like a Three Stooges skit. In my opinion, Mayor Carl Kuren is a bully, but like all bullies, sooner or later they get theirs.

Lydia Naperkowski

Wilkes-Barre Twp.

Republicans fear

health care success

The Republican/Tea Party agenda of repealing the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, will deprive millions of Americans of health care. Why are Republicans so scared of Obamacare? The Republican Party has attempted to brand the health care law a “train wreck” and tried to repeal it 40 times now. If the Republicans really believe that the law is inherently unworkable, why not sit back and let it fail.

The truth is that Republicans are terrified Obamacare could actually work The law has provided 13 million Americans with rebates from insurance companies that overcharged them and soon insurer’s will not be allowed to refuse service to those with pre-existing medical conditions. California and New York insurance exchanges already offer policies for the uninsured that are much cheaper than expected.

Yet states that are dominated by Republican governors and legislatures are still trying to block millions of their residents from finding out about how to sign up for Obamacare, and are doing everything possible to frighten people away from this most excellent new health care program. This seems almost criminal.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City, CA

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