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Some basic tips

for better baseball

Right now baseball is at the height of its season. And all baseball players are dreaming of playing in the major leagues. Here are a few tips which will help all baseball players.

It is important for all baseball players from the Little Leagues to the major leagues to remember that “You can’t beat success.” If you are having success you don’t have to change anything.

No matter how far you have progressed in your baseball career, even if you are in the major leagues, you should always revert back to the basics when you run into a problem.

And it may be that you only have to make a minor change in one of the basics in order to correct your problem. Some times it may be that you have to make minor adjustments to more than one of the basics.

For example, you could improve your swing by reducing the distance of your swing in order to get a faster swing, or maybe you have to make an adjustment to your stride, or both.

The best way to make a cut fastball or slider curve is to rotate your thumb upward and rotate your index and middle downward when you release the ball.

Curve balls are much harder to throw when there are men on base. And it is easier to throw a fastball (2 seam or 4 seam), change-up, split-finger fastball when there are men on base.

When you throw a split-finger fastball you must not twist your wrist when you release the ball.

Most major league hitters can hit a straight fastball. And in order to get more movement on your fastball you would release the ball off your thumb side or ring side of your pitching hand as you release the ball. It is a good idea for a pitcher to have a copper ball (or something similar) the size of a baseball to play around with between innings in the dugout. This will make the baseball a lot lighter when you go out to pitch.

The amount a batter crouches down varies from standing straight up to crouching down low. Some batters like to crouch down low in order to try and swing close to the level at which the ball is coming in. If you crouch down, don’t come up as you swing at a pitch. The ball is going down and you are coming up. Other batters stand straight up because they feel they can see the ball better when it is thrown.

If a pitcher has his rhythm hitters should concentrate on making contact with the ball.

Many things can affect your playing ability such as medications, foods that you eat, sugar, salt (lunch meat), weather, alcohol, etc.

Keep both hands on the bat until you complete your swing.

Hitters should have their lead foot down and also their heel down before they swing. This gives better balance.

Sinker ball pitchers: if it starts off low let it go.

Most hitters will do better if they stand motionless in the batter’s box and don’t move the bat around. Some batters hold the bat high in order to keep the ball from hitting their hands. But before they swing they bring their hands back to the normal position.

Can a slump make you a better hitter ? Absolutely.

It will amaze you to find out that if you have a problem and you go for a short walk for a few days the answer will come to you. You will never know it all.

Jacob Corney


New government

improved county

Less than two years ago, the new Luzerne County Home Rule government began to change the way Luzerne County governs itself. As I listen to residents throughout the county, I am often asked: “So what’s really different, except now there are 11 council members instead of 3 commissioners?”

When it comes to reforming the past practices of Luzerne County government, most people would like to see major changes happen quickly. From my perspective as the only Independent on the County Council, important changes are happening, though not as quickly as we would like. Changing government is not simple. But progress is being made.

County Council is now implementing sound fiscal and budget practices that have put us on a path to pay down our debt and budget our money wisely.

We are modernizing, improving efficiencies and increasing transparency in county government.

New systems are being put in place to improve services to citizens by raising performance expectations, while simultaneously treating county staff fairly and with respect.

Many dedicated citizens, not previously included in past political processes, are now serving on boards, authorities and commissions.

And the Council is considering long term policies to improve the health, safety and economic development of our county to make Luzerne County an even better place to live, work and visit.

I am running for a second term on Luzerne County Council to continue this work because I believe these changes are essential to achieving ethical, excellent and accountable county government … the level of service the people of Luzerne County expect and deserve.

I hope citizens will consider the hard work that the Council has devoted to building a foundation for the future and will support me with a vote in the Nov. 5 election.

Rick Williams


Republican fringe

is risking chaos

It is very interesting to hear the Republican members of the House ascribe their efforts to defund the Affordable Care Act, or repeal it, to the fact that they want to save Americans from it. They have not looked at the polls which indicate that millions are looking forward to having health care.

They are focusing on a single agenda item, dictated by their gerrymandered districts, which want to believe that those who don’t have health care don’t deserve health care, because they don’t have jobs. The House won’t acknowledge that there are no jobs because they won’t enact any job-producing laws. They also won’t work to come up with any alternative health care plans because they don’t believe that those folks deserve it.

Of course, there is an alternative issue at work here, i.e.: they just don’t want President Obama to have a success. So as part of the circular firing squad –no Affordable Health Care Act – no new mental health care – no new action to help brain-sick people who get guns and do horrible mass shootings. They also don’t want to enact any sensible gun control laws.

And so it goes, one dumb thing leads to another and we, the people, suffer. The icing on the cake will be the decision to shut the government down on Oct. 1. Every day that the government will be shut down will cost the American taxpayers $100 million, not a good way to spend our money. If this then leads to a default on our debts, it will produce another recession or worse. Maybe it is time for us, the people, to decide that we don’t want to pay their salaries.

What makes these people believe that this is why they were elected to serve in the House of Representatives? What were we thinking? I must admit that I am angry, disappointed and dumbfounded that one small group of our elected representatives thinks they have the right to hold the rest of us hostage to their misbegotten agenda. This strikes me as being totally un-American.

I have not missed an election, primary, local, state or federal since I voted for Dwight Eisenhower my very first time to vote. I believe this is my duty and right as an American.

The chaos that our elected public servants have produced currently does not represent what the Founding Fathers wrote for us.

Let us pray that they will come to their senses before it is too late.

Eleanor Kandler Rodda


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