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6 at Hanover

dressed to nines

The Times Leader recently posted a picture of Hanover Area’s homecoming queen finalists. Seeing those six attractive young girls dressed in such a professional and tasteful manner was a breath of fresh air. In today’s world of sloppy casual, anything goes, it is nice to see well-dressed young women.

As far as I am concerned, all six girls and Hanover Area are winners.

Sterling Dougherty

Fairview Township

Health law

gets dissected

It isn’t the care in “Obamacare” that the Tea Party’s members dislike, it is the Obama in “Obamacare” they hate.

Dan Savitsky


Don’t fault GOP

for dysfunction

I must respond to the recent comments by letter writer Eleanor Kandler Rodda (“Republican fringe is risking chaos,” Sept. 27) concerning the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and other situations involving Congress.

She mentions gerrymandered districts as a reason why the Republicans hold control of the U.S. House. Yet in order for a party to be able to set districts, it has to have control first — not the other way around. Also, many states have neutral bodies set district boundaries. Not to mention, where available, both parties gerrymander.

The GOP has passed many job-creating bills in the House. It is the Democrat-controlled Senate that refuses to even take them up, let alone pass them.

The Republicans have offered alternatives to health care reform, including allowing policies to be sold across state line — as we currently have with life and car insurance, hence allowing competition that would improve service and lower prices. It was the Democrats who flatly refused to accept the proposition.

She claims the so-called shutdown, which is actually a mild slowdown, will cost $100 million daily. If that is true (she cited no source), it is pocket change in a budget that is measured in the trillions. The cost of implementing the PPACA would also make that figure minuscule just in the subsidies alone (for which there is no verification of personal income in place).

In closing she states: “The chaos that our elected public servants have produced currently does not represent what the Founding Fathers wrote for us.”

I agree: Much, if not most, of what the federal government mandates and provides is not allowed for in the Constitution, including mandating all citizens purchase health insurance. This despite the Supreme Court ruling that involved a slim majority of the justices illegally rewriting the law to transform the personal penalties into taxes, despite neither the Obama administration nor the plaintiffs arguing they were taxes, as an absurd way of getting the law to become constitutional.

David Kveragas

Newton Township

Writer objects

to ‘rhetoric’

In response to the Lydia Naperkowski’s letter to the editor (“W-B Township needs closer look,” Sept. 1).

Lydia, you say Tom Zurawski is not qualified for the new job. Who are you to say who is not qualified, since neither you nor your father, Joe Naperkowski, ever held a municipal job?

You say do a background check on Tom. Lydia, you should do a background check on your father.

You say that the employees have to keep looking over their shoulders and a performance manager is not needed. Lydia, if the employees are not doing anything wrong, then why should they worry?

You claim Mayor Carl Kuren is a bully; that’s the biggest untruth in the whole letter. Why do you think everyone I have spoken to in the township avoids your father when they see him? Come and ask some of the residents: They will tell you because your father — in my opinion — is the biggest bully in this town.

Neither Luzerne County nor Wilkes-Barre Township cares about your, or your father’s, rhetoric to the editor.

Alex Milanes

Wilkes-Barre Township

Is home rule

serving you?

The question Luzerne County citizens need to ask is this: Is the home rule government serving the people?

The people voted for the new government because the three commissioner-form of government was dysfunctional and corrupt.

I have asked the new government to address the levee tax on 11 riverside communities, which was unfair. It’s now four years, and the courts have not rendered a decision. One would think the new government would nudge the court system.

It takes an act of God to hire a qualified person for county employment.

The people changed the government, now it’s time to change those up for re-election in the home rule government. Four years is a long time for a decision.

George J. Kochis


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