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Writer: Moral decay

undermines America

Is anyone tired of the blame game that our elected officials play?

Republicans blaming Democrats, Democrats blaming Republicans. Our president blaming, well, of course, the Republicans — and this goes on and on. Can he blame Mr . Bush?

I am tired of hearing that it is because the Republicans hate Mr. Obama because he is black and that it is a race issue. America’s decline is not a race issue! Race is an evolutionary concept. Acts 17:26 states we are all of one blood.

The government is divided. A house divided will not stand. I really do not think the average citizen understands that prophecy is being fulfilled right under his or her nose.

I do not know if people can see that our society is in moral decay. We have men who have become breeders of children, not fathers. They take no financial responsibility for their children . They have child after child with different women, and women are having children with multiple men. And neither takes responsibility in raising them; it is left to Head Start to feed them, apparently because the parents cannot give them breakfast or lunch, because they are too busy doing drugs or getting tattoos.

We are on second to third generations of welfare recipients who have no idea what work is. Look, we know there are people who have fallen on bad times and we should help them. Welfare is not suppose to be a way of life. Our government cannot keep printing money.

Now we have a bigger tax burden on the people called the Obama tax, which is just another way the government can take the working people’s money. We should fire everyone in Congress and start new, following all the guidelines in the Constitution.

The reason America is failing is because you left God out of the picture. I urge people to go back to the Bible. You will see America does not exist, and it is either because it will be so insignificant or it is going to cease to exist.

If our government wanted to save money, it would stop supporting terrorists and “pork.”

Maure Devers

Dorrance Township

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