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Search warrant details car theft ring

The accused also face car-theft charges in Pennsylvania and New Jersey county courts.

April 16. 2013 12:03AM

Juan Y. Burgos

WILKES-BARRE — Two luxury vehicles swiped the same day from two dealerships have been linked to a multistate, high-end car-theft ring.

A 2013 BMW X5, valued at $58,000, was stolen from Wyoming Valley Motors in Kingston and a 2010 BMW X5, valued at $39,000, was taken from Bennett Infiniti in Plains Township. The two BMWs were reported stolen on Dec. 11, a day after two men claiming to be father and son showed up at the dealerships near closing asking to look at the cars.

State police Bureau of Criminal Investigations obtained a search warrant for phone and text records from four cell phones allegedly used by Anthony Jesus Quezada, 24, of Hialeah, Fla., Michael Quezada, 23, of North Bergen, N.J., and Juan Y. Burgos, 26, of New York City.

Anthony Quezada and Burgos are facing car-theft charges in Berks and Montgomery counties, and Michael Quezada is facing car-theft charges in Berks County, according to court records.

Michael Quezada also faces similar charges in Berger and Mercer counties, New Jersey, court records say.

A law-enforcement source close to the investigation said the three men are “persons of interest” in the car thefts at Wyoming Valley Motors and Bennett Infiniti because of the similarities of how luxury vehicles were stolen from dealerships in the greater Philadelphia area and New Jersey.

According to the search warrant recently signed by Luzerne County Judge Richard Hughes:

Two men showed up at Wyoming Valley Motors about 7:45 p.m. Dec. 10 and inquired about a BMW X5 for sale. They asked to take the vehicle for a test ride but were told they couldn’t because the dealership was closing for the day.

A salesman showed them the interior and engine compartment of the BMW. The two men said they would return the next day, Dec. 11, when the dealership noticed the same BMW missing from the lot.

Two men who identified themselves as a father and son from Hazleton arrived at Bennett Infiniti sometime between 7 and 7:30 p.m. Dec. 10, just before closing, and asked about a 2010 BMW. An address and phone number the two men gave to a Bennett salesman were fake, the search warrant says.

State police allege the two men took the BMW ignition key from the salesman’s jacket when the salesman was getting a CarFax report on the vehicle.

The search warrant states Reading police in Berks County charged Anthony Quezada and Burgos after they allegedly switched keys for two 2013 BMW X6s from a dealership in Reading on Dec. 18, when they showed up just before closing asking to look at the two vehicles.

The three men allegedly used the same scheme at a dealership in Conshohocken, showing up just before closing on Jan. 13, asking to test drive a 2010 Porsche, according to the search warrant.

No charges have been filed for the thefts of the two BMWs in Luzerne County.

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