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Greater Wyoming Area outfielder Evan Freeman catches a pop fly in Sunday's District 31 9-10 softball game against Back Mountain.
Greater Wyoming Area outfielder Evan Freeman catches a pop fly in Sunday's District 31 9-10 softball game against Back Mountain.
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WILKES-BARRE - After an illustrious baseball career at King’s College, Chris Sweeney has his eyes set on Major League Baseball.

Sweeney signed with the Kansas City Royals and will play rookie league baseball for the Burlington Royals in the Appalachian League.

In his senior season, Sweeney ranked first in the NCAA Division III with a .496 batting average.

Sweeney also became the first player in school history to earn first-team NCAA Division III All-American honors. Sweeney also holds the Monarch record with a 22-game hitting streak.

Sweeney will start playing games in the middle of next week, and will have an opportunity to play in 50 games by the end of the regular season.


Avoca/Dupont/Pittston City 13, Duryea/Pittston Twp. 3

Ryan Hannon allowed two hits and struck out seven as Avoca/Dupont/Pittston City defeated Duryea/Pittston Township.

Tyler McGarry recorded two hits, including a double, and three RBI, while Jordan Rose added a double, two singles and two RBI in the victory.

Dave Pacovsky chipped in a double and two RBI for Avoca-Dupont/Pittston City.

Kyle Ofier had a double and two RBI for Duryea/Pittston Township in the loss.


Northwest 10, Swoyersville 4

Tyler Kolb recorded three hits and three RBI to lead Northwest to a victory over Swoyersville.

Tyler Long earned the win on the mound, while Andrew Boberick, Eric Evans, Gray Godfrey and Hunter Nice chipped in two hits apiece for Northwest.

Scott Roper had two hits and three RBI for Swoyersville in the loss.


Hanover 7, Nanticoke 2

Hunter Thompson pitched five innings with eight strikeouts, and added a single and a double on offense to lead Hanover to a win over Nanticoke.

Jordan Stefanski recorded two hits for Hanover.

Jarred Balliet led Nanticoke with four hits, and Chris Ormes added two singles and two runs.

Mountain Top 16, South Wilkes-Barre 2

Derek Petrochko blasted two extra-base hits, a home run and a double, and knocked in four runs to lead Mountain Top to a win over South Wilkes-Barre.

Evan Priest added two hits, a triple and a double, and three RBI, while Michael Geroski and Stew Caladie had two hits apiece in the victory.

Keefer Hoover and Bradley Papura combined for the win, allowing three hits and striking out nine.

Hoover also chipped in two doubles and two singles for Mountain Top.

Joey Polanowski, Alex Sliker and Ryan Casey each recorded a hit for South Wilkes-Barre.


Back Mountain American 14, Kingston/Forty Fort 4

Frankie Nockley smacked two doubles as Back Mountain American cruised to a victory over Kingston/Forty Fort.

Jake Connolly and Will McCrum recorded a single and a double apiece for Back Mountain American, while Todd Phillips added two singles.

Lucas McGeehan also chipped in a double in the win.

Andi Blaski and Alex Jaworski each had a double and an RBI for Kingston/Forty Fort.

West Pittston 10, Exeter 0

Daniel Wiedl and Dominic DeLuca allowed four hits and struck out nine as West Pittston shut out Exeter.

Jake Switzer went 3-for-3 for West Pittston, while John Angelella, F.J. Braccini, Memphis Metcalf and Chase Yochem each chipped in two hits apiece in the win.


Mountain Top 11, Plains 1 (5 inn.)

Aiden Murphy struck out five and allowed one hit in five innings of work to lead Mountain Top to the District 16 title victory over Plains.

Ryan Harding went 4-for-4, while Max Albee added two hits for Mountain Top.

Pat Delbalso, Ian Gartley, Joe Monahan and Ryan Viteritti each had a hit for Plains in the loss.


Duryea/Pittston Township 15, Plains North Wilkes-Barre 8

Madisyn Antal and Kylie Herbert combined for 12 strikeouts as Duryea/Pittston Township defeated Plains/North Wilkes-Barre in the district championship game.

Antal also went 4-for-4 at the plate, while Hannah Waleski chipped in a double and single.

Jordyn Pugh led Plains/North Wilkes-Barre with a single a pair of runs.

With the win, Duryea/Pittston Township advances to the Section 5 Tournament, which begins July 15.


Greater Wyoming Area 14, Back Mountain 3

Kari Melberger struck out six and earned the victory from the circle as Greater Wyoming Area won the district championship over Back Mountain.

Ellie Glastz recorded three hits in the victory, Kaitlyn Flusser added two hits for Greater Wyoming Area.

Julia Kocher led Back Mountain with two hits.


Yenchik fuels Mountain Post A sweep

Curt Yenchik compiled four hits, including a double, four RBI and three runs in Mountain Post A’s 6-5 and 7-2 victories over Greater Pittston and West Side on Sunday.

Yenchik recorded a single, two RBI and a run to lead Mountain Post A to the 6-5 win over Greater Pittston.

Derek Sartini chipped in two hits, including a double, while Matt Dacey and Jonathon Wychock each added a double, an RBI and a run for Mountain Post A.

Jake Granteed and Jordan Zezza compiled a single, a double, an RBI and a run apiece for Greater Pittston in the loss.

In game two, Mountain Post A jumped out to an early lead and never looked back in its 7-2 win over West Side.

Yenchik smacked three hits and recorded two RBI and two runs to power the Mountain Post A offense.

Dacey added two hits, including a double, one RBI and one run for Mountain Post A.

Tom Goyne pitched in both games, earning the victory in the opener and the save in game two. Goyne allowed just two hits and no earned runs in four innings of work on the day.

Cory Lescavage had two hits, including a triple, one RBI and one run for West Side in the loss.

Mountain Post A 6, Greater Pittston 5 (Game One)

Mountain Post A`AB`R`H`BI`2B`3B`HR

Snyder ss`4`0`0`0`0`0`0

Munisteri cf`3`2`1`0`0`0`0

Goyne rf`2`0`0`0`0`0`0

Yenchik c`2`1`1`2`0`0`0

Dacey 1b`4`1`1`1`1`0`0

Wychock 3b`3`1`1`1`1`0`0

B. Markowski p`3`0`1`0`1`0`0

Sartini 2b`4`0`2`0`1`0`0

E. Markowski dh`3`1`1`0`0`0`0


Greater Pittston`AB`R`H`BI`2B`3B`HR

Zezza lf`4`1`2`1`1`0`0

Walkowiak cf`3`1`0`0`0`0`0

Granteed 1b`4`1`2`1`1`0`0

Gavenonis rf`1`0`0`1`0`0`0

Grove c`4`0`1`0`0`0`0

Martinelli ss`3`0`0`0`0`0`0

Bressler 1b`4`0`0`0`0`0`0

Cirelli dh`1`1`0`0`0`0`0

Carey 2b`2`1`0`0`1`0`0


Mountain Top A`400`002`0`- 6

Greater Pittston`101`200`1`- 5

Mountain Top A`IP`H`R`ER`BB`SO

E. Markowski`5`4`4`4`3`6

Tom Goyne (W)`2`1`1`0`0`1

Greater Pittston`IP`H`R`ER`BB`SO


Carey (L)`6.1`4`2`2`4`4

Mountain Post A 7, West Side 2 (Game 2)

Mountain Post A`AB`R`H`BI`2B`3B`HR

Elliott Snyder ss`3`2`1`0`0`0`0

Drew Munisteri cf`3`0`2`0`0`0`0

Jacob Gallagher rf`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Tom Goyne rf/p`2`1`1`0`0`0`0

Abhay Metguc cf`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

Curt Yenchik c`3`2`3`2`1`0`0

Matt Dacey 1b`3`1`2`1`1`0`0

Brian Markowski lf`1`1`0`0`0`0`0

Dan Ritz lf`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

John Wychock 3b`2`0`1`1`0`0`0

Ryan Murphy p`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Dom Sartini dh`2`0`0`1`0`0`0

Ethan Markowski 2b`2`0`0`0`0`0`0

Matt Kaster ph`1`0`1`0`0`0`0


West Side`AB`R`H`BI`2B`3B`HR

Cory Lescavage p`3`1`2`1`0`1`0

Gushka ss`3`0`0`0`0`0`0

Homza 2b`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Forlenza dh`3`0`1`1`0`0`0

Zezza 1b`3`0`0`0`0`0`0

Musto 1b`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Musto c`2`0`0`0`0`0`0

Charney ph`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

Kaslavage lf`2`0`0`0`0`0`0

Michaels cf`2`0`0`0`0`0`0

Charney rf`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

Kusacavitch 3b`2`0`1`0`0`0`0


Mountain Post A`400`101`1` - 7

West Side`110`000`0`- 2

Mountain Post A`IP`H`R`ER`BB`SO

Ryan Murphy`2`3`2`2`4`0

Ethan Markowski (W)`3`0`0`0`3`4

Tom Goyne`2`1`0`0`1`1

West Side`AB`H`R`ER`BB`SO

Cory Lescavage (L)`5`8`6`4`0`2

Jeremy Zezza`2`2`1`1`0`1

Hazleton 10, Mountain Post B 0

T.J. Chirico compiled four hits, two RBI and two runs to lead Hazleton to a win over Mountain Post B.

Stephen Seach added two hits, two RBI and one run for Hazleton, while Robert John chipped in a double, an RBI and a run in the win.

Chase Jones recorded a triple for Mountain Post B in the loss.


K. Klein ss`3`2`1`1`0`0`0

D. Klein cf`4`1`2`0`0`0`0

Seach lf`4`1`2`2`0`0`0

Stawick p`3`0`2`2`0`0`0

Sharp p`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

Rogers 3b`4`0`0`0`0`0`0

Wolfe rf`3`1`0`0`0`0`0

O’Donnell 2b`3`1`1`0`0`0`0

Chirico 1b`4`2`4`2`0`0`0

John c`1`1`1`1`1`0`0


Mountain Post B`AB`R`H`BI`2B`3B`HR

Josh Grzech 3b`2`0`0`0`0`0`0

Justin Rinehimer c`3`0`1`0`0`0`0

Botzel ss`3`0`1`0`0`0`0

C. Jones 1b/p`3`0`1`0`0`1`0

Gower rf/p`2`0`0`0`0`0`0

Grottola rf`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Tyler Jones cf`3`0`0`0`0`0`0

Eric Rinehimer dh`2`0`1`0`0`0`0

Smigelski p/1b`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Joe Grzech 1b`0`0`0`0`0`0`0

Gavio 2b`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

Hopkins 2b`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

Chupka lf`2`0`0`0`0`0`0


Hazleton`002`602` - 10

Mountain Post B`000`000` - 0


Stawick (W)`4`2`0`0`0`9


Mountain Post B`IP`H`R`ER`BB`SO

Smigelski (L)`3`5`2`2`0`2


C. Jones`1`3`2`2`1`2

Nanticoke 10, Wilkes-Barre 0

Mike Bugonowicz pitched a complete game two-hitter with 13 strikeouts as Nanticoke demolished Wilkes-Barre.

Joe Yudichak recorded three hits, three RBI and one run to lead Nanticoke on offense.

John Yurkoski and Eric Kerr had the two hits for Wilkes-Barre in the loss.


Kollar ss`2`0`0`0`0`0`0

Briggs ss`2`1`1`0`0`0`0

Pack 2b`3`0`1`2`0`0`0

Ferrence rf`4`0`1`0`0`0`0

Deno 1b`4`1`1`0`0`0`0

Blazaskie lf`2`0`0`0`0`0`0

Youngblood lf`0`1`0`0`0`0`0

Higgs 3b`2`1`0`0`0`0`0

Jezewski 3b`1`1`0`0`0`0`0

Wickiser cf`3`2`1`0`1`0`0

Volkel cf`3`2`0`0`0`0`0

Yudichak c`4`1`3`3`0`0`0



Szafran ss`2`0`0`0`0`0`0

Preston c`2`0`0`0`0`0`0

DeMarco cf`3`0`0`0`0`0`0

Kerr p`3`0`1`0`0`0`0


Zionce lf`3`0`0`0`0`0`0

Yurkoski 2b`2`0`1`0`0`0`0

Leighton 3b`2`0`0`0`0`0`0

Kendra 3b`1`0`0`0`0`0`0

Hoggarth rf`2`0`0`0`0`0`0

Shorts rf`1`0`0`0`0`0`0


Nanticoke`030`104`2` - 10

Wilkes-Barre`000`000`0` - 0


Bugonowicz (W)`7`2`0`0`1`13


Kerr (L)`5`8`5`5`0`0



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