Their view: New name, same commitment to service at Northeast Sight Services

It is with such incredible excitement and enthusiasm to announce that the Greater Wilkes-Barre Association for the Blind turns 100 this year. With our centennial comes so much opportunity – both to celebrate the past 100 years of serving our community and also to plan for our next 100. And so much has happened in […]

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Your view: Speed cameras, radar a bad deal

The object of speed cameras and radar is not the facilitation of safe, efficient travel but rather the issuance of as many tickets as possible. First, officials impose deliberately unrealistic, under-posted speed limits on most roads in order to frustrate and criminalize virtually all drivers all the time. The law in Pennsylvania requires that posted […]

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Their view: Looking for the facts in Trump’s words

Our president treats the press as if they’re in the middle of a creepy marital argument. He tells his friends that journalists are nasty, disrespectful little con artists who are interested only in betraying him. Journalists are telling their side of the story, offering details about a moody and undisciplined man’s ignorance and superficiality. Have […]

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Their view: Taxes are good. No, really

It’s not that we’re overtaxed, despite what you may have read in other, less sensible publications. Really, we don’t pay enough in taxes, not if we want to keep having nice things. And that’s a bit of a sticky wicket, given that our infrastructure is deteriorating, that too many of our cities are struggling to […]

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To Your Health: How to deal with symptoms if you contract the flu

Last week, we looked at what you can do to lower your risks of getting influenza and listed some of the things to reduce its spread within your circle of contacts. But even if you’re fanatical about washing your hands and do your best to avoid people with obvious symptoms, there is still a chance […]

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Their view: Trump is inching closer to blowing up the Iran nuclear deals

As a candidate for president, Donald Trump denounced the international agreement that placed important limits on Iran’s nuclear program as “the worst deal ever negotiated.” Never mind that his opposition seemed based more on the fact that the agreement was one of the crowning achievements of the Obama administration than on any deficiencies in the […]

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Their view: Freedom Caucus in spotlight as shutdown looms

The House Freedom Caucus styles itself as the principled champion of limited government and the rule of law. More often, its members are partisan gunslingers, attack dogs during President Barack Obama’s administration and lap dogs for President Donald Trump. That’s personified by the two leaders of this right-wing contingent of about three dozen House Republicans: […]

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Remember When: Had to work for simple pleasures in good old days

Ah, this time of year what can be tastier than a good cup of coffee with a couple of slices of toast, maybe with jelly? That’s a nice snack to whip up for late night or early morning, right? Just the thing for these cold, wet, gray days here in Northeastern Pennsylvania. But “the good […]

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Their view: Will the tax cut raise wages?

All over America, it seems, giant companies are passing out benefits, crediting the newly enacted tax law for enabling their largesse. Southwest Airlines awarded $1,000 bonuses to its employees; three competitors followed. Fiat Chrysler offered 60,000 hourly workers $2,000 bonuses and announced plans to move some production from Mexico to Michigan. Several utilities have plans […]

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Their view: On MLK Day, acknowledge the past to improve US future

To truly honor Martin Luther King’s legacy, it is important for us not only to celebrate the progress that the civil rights movement made possible but also to grapple with the full truth of our nation’s history, to acknowledge the inequities with which our society still struggles and to recognize our individual responsibility for social […]

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