Your view: Help put an end to puppy mills

With spring upon us many people choose to adopt a puppy. Puppy mills, or large-scale dog breeding operations, are a disgraceful, but profitable business here in America. Care of animals can be costly, so this industry ignores basic compassion by not spending money on veterinary care, safe housing, or adequate food. These helpless puppies are […]

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Their view: Will we ever defend our kids?

WASHINGTON — At best the children’s crusade to remove the battlefield weapons from our streets (and schools) is a very long shot, but a noble one that gives the nation the first slim chance to resolve the escalating crises of how to prevent another massacre. If the candle of despair over what has become a […]

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Your view: NRA is protecting gun manufacturers

“Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.” We’ve all heard that one many times. The thing is though, if people didn’t have semi-automatic assault rifles, maybe fewer people would kill fewer people. There are numerous ideas that would help cut back on the killings we keep seeing. Maybe the NRA has some good ideas. And […]

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Their view: Trump must prove he’s serious about gun control

President Donald Trump had very little to say about gun control in his first year in office, even after 58 people were killed on the Las Vegas Strip in the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history last October. But this week – in the aftermath of the school shooting in South Florida that claimed […]

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Their view: Graham: A man who lived a Christian life

On a cool Tuesday night in October 1958, the Rev. Billy Graham walked onto a stage at the Charlotte Coliseum for the 26th sermon of a five-week Charlotte crusade. “Tonight,” he began, “I want to talk on how to live the Christian life.” More than 13,000 people had jammed the arena to see the young […]

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Their view: Pa. is now key to a Democratic House

Democrats took a big step closer to their goal of winning control of the U.S. House this year, thanks to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. On Monday, the court, which had earlier ruled that the current congressional district lines in the state unfairly gave Republicans an overwhelming advantage, redrew the boundaries in a way that it […]

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To Your Health: Heart disease diagnosis to manage, not sentence to accept

It’s been an odd week for me. Passing a kidney stone while recuperating from a successful back operation has forced me to ratchet the normally crazy pace of life back a bit. Fortunately, with a great team at work, spectacular medical advisors and wonderful friends, I’ve been able to rest up a bit yet still […]

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Their view: Why Facebook is afraid of Mueller

Who is afraid of special counsel Robert Mueller? President Donald Trump is afraid. So are those who worked on his campaign. But they are not alone. Over the weekend, Rob Goldman made it clear that some of America’s biggest social media companies are scared of Mueller, too. Goldman is Facebook’s vice president for advertising, and […]

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Our view: ‘Do-nothing’ label unfair to Casey

It’s been clear for years that U.S. Sen. Bob Casey has been fighting the image critics prefer to project onto him: “Do-Nothing.” Casey regularly touts his own legislative accomplishments, often with “bipartisan” attached. It was no exception when he stopped by to talk to Times Leader staff Monday. “We have charts!” he smiled as his […]

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Your view: Tell your legislators to kill Speed Trap Bill

Do you want to be caught in speed traps everywhere you drive in Pennsylvania? Speed Trap Bill SB 251, arming municipal police with radar guns, makes that possible. The only reason for radar is to make speed traps plentiful and easy to stage — for the money. Roads can be made safer for free with […]

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