Your view: Consider opting for credit freeze

In view of the July 29 Equifax Breach that exposed the personal information of 146 million American citizens to the hackers, here are the names, addresses and toll-free numbers of the four credit bureaus that readers should contact to put a credit freeze on their credit files, records or reports. I hope that all your […]

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Opinion: Don’t let Sessions turn back the clock on medical marijuana

How ironic is it that conservatives who routinely criticize the federal government’s allegedly heavy-handed intrusions into state and local affairs seem to have no problem with such interventions when the overreach happens to advance policies dear to their own hearts? This year we’ve seen a lot of this kind of back-and-forth, including the Trump administration’s […]

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Their view: NAFTA: Mend it, don’t end it.

Let me start by saying I think NAFTA should be improved, not scuttled. I’ve long advocated for updated rules of the road for international trade, but roads need rules, just better ones, where “better” means rebalancing workers’ and investors’ rights. That said, the reporting on the renegotiation process, now in round 4, has sometimes exaggerated […]

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Our view: Budget mess shows Pennsylvania needs change

It’s high time to admit Pennsylvania’s system of government is irreparably broken. Look no further than the current budget mess that’s dragged on for almost four months longer than it ever should have. We know rehashing the details of the financial morass might make most readers’ eyes glaze over, so we will keep the numbers […]

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Your view: PLCB should expand number of outlets selling wine, spirits

Frustrated with the budget impasse, Gov. Tom Wolf recently offered several proposals as a way forward with the Pennsylvania Legislature. Among those plans, Wolf announced that the state would securitize profits from the Pennsylvania Liquor Control Board to raise $1.25 billion to pay off the prior year’s deficit. The thing about borrowing to pay off […]

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Their view: 25th Amendment no concern for Trump

Just as his critics warned, President Donald Trump is turning out to be unfit for his job, perhaps dangerously so. That’s a harsh judgment, but it’s no longer coming from the president’s opponents. It’s coming from leading members of his own party. “We could be heading toward World War III with the kind of comments […]

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Their view: Trump’s threats against press far from harmless

As a presidential candidate, Donald Trump vowed to change the libel laws to make it easier to win big lawsuits against news organizations. It never happened. After the election, he pressured the FBI director to consider sending reporters to jail for publishing classified information. That was another non-starter. And just last week, he suggested that […]

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Their view: The risk confronting NFL owners and players alike

Pitched battles between owners and players in professional sports can leave lasting scars on both sides. Remember the National Football League strike in 1987? Sports columnists derided the season as a sham. Striking players lost a combined $80 million, and owners suffered from a drop in ratings and gate receipts. And there was the 1994 […]

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Their view: Sports and politics don’t mix

I grew up in the 1960s loving the NBA. That devotion made me a member of a small, insignificant club in southern Ohio, where the Reds and Bengals reign supreme and basketball is embraced only at the amateur levels. When I was a kid, my hometown team was the Cincinnati Royals, featuring stars such as […]

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Their view: Gutting Obamacare by executive order no way to lead

When it comes to health care, America keeps getting let down by its leaders. President Donald Trump’s executive order Thursday undermining the Affordable Care Act is just the latest example. If he can’t repeal and replace it, he’ll gut Obamacare one order and one budget cut at a time. Yet presidents whipsawing health care from […]

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