Letter to the Editor: Rally opposing Planned Parenthood provided much food for thought

September 6th, 2015 11:10 pm

I thank everyone connected with the Scranton contingency of the national “De-Fund Planned Parenthood Rally” held on a recent Saturday.

In addition, a special thank-you to the courageous mother who addressed the crowd concerning how abortion can touch every one of us through the interaction of society with our children.

To all the clergy: Please know that your guidance for what we do matters more than you will ever know. The impressive, eclectic group of clerics offering their prayers and individual thoughts on the Planned Parenthood videos served to strengthen our vow to fight against the outrageous and evil nature that is Planned Parenthood.

As a Catholic, most of all, I would like to thank Bishop Joseph Bambera for his heartfelt and emotional words to us regarding the difficulties we must not only challenge, but also defeat before this fight is finally won. People of faith must take his suggestion to carry our resolve to the voting booth.

Finally, to all of those still struggling with the right and wrong of Planned Parenthood, please understand that its president, Cecile Richards, has not denied even one claim made on the videos. She simply states that they are “heavily edited,” which is normal for television feed. An unedited version of each video also has been published.

If you still support Planned Parenthood, please ask yourself this: If the vivisection of a live, human child does not compel you to reject Planned Parenthood outright, what line would one have to cross to get you there?

Patricia Farry