Letter to the Editor: State’s GOP caters to rich at expense of other Pennsylvanians

October 31st, 2015 8:59 am

In 2011, the Corbett administration did its best to financially starve the smaller public schools, located in poor rural areas, out of existence by cutting $1 billion in state aid to them.

As a result, school property taxes in those districts were increased, more than 200 neighborhood schools were closed and more than 25,000 teachers and support staff were furloughed.

Tom Corbett is gone, but his crew members are still in control of both chambers in the Legislature, and they are doing their best to financially starve state government, public education and social services unless they can sell the liquor stores to their campaign donors and move the state’s two public employee pension plans to Wall Street.

They aren’t interested in dealing with annual budget deficits or long-term debt by increasing the state’s broad-based taxes. It’s obvious that their aim is to feed the corporate giants and the wealthy and to starve the government beast that serves its citizens.

David L. Faust