Your view: Editorial missed the mark on addiction

May 11th, 2017 2:01 pm

It is too bad that you destroyed the credibility of your Editorial on May 9 (“Celebs key in changing drug culture”).

Your point that celebrities glorify illegal drug use and that this has a strong impact on young adults is certainly very true. Further, your recommendation to celebrities to change their behavior may play an important role in turning around the drug abuse crisis our country now faces.

However, you made a major misstep by calling those addicted to drugs “idiots.”

Individuals addicted to drugs are not “weak” or “stupid.” They are suffering from a medical disease, just like hypertension or diabetes mellitus, a disease that may not be cured, but can be treated.

Your name-calling also adds to the stigma of the disease of drug addiction, as well as other mental health illnesses, leading to reluctance of addicted individuals to seek the help that they need.

Yes, celebrity behavior needs to change with respect to their opinion on drug use and addiction, but so does your opinion of those suffering with the disease of drug addiction.

H. Joyce Morano, MD