YOUR VIEW: Trump exposing the liberal agenda

May 15th, 2017 1:20 pm

President Donald Trump has not kept his campaign promises.

He has been in office more than 100 days, and the wall is not built yet.

Look at all of the free publicity that he is getting because the Democrats and news media are trying to accuse his staff of conspiring with the Russians to influence the election. Poor Queen Hillary didn’t get that much coverage when it was confirmed she took bribes from the countries that sponsor terrorism and crush human rights.

Trump has not appeased the college students — you know those citizens that have not paid a penny in income taxes yet, but feel they have the right to tell us where the tax dollars should go. Their experience in alcohol guzzling and sex parties qualify them to do this.

The liberals have cried out that Trump is cutting foreign aid and as good Americans we should not do this. Maybe we can get our government to steal more from Medicare while our own people can’t afford health insurance. Shouldn’t we be good Americans and give to other countries rather than take care of our own people?

If Trump is guilty of anything, it is that he is opening up the eyes of true Americans and spoiling the Democrat liberal agenda.

John Skirchak