2 people injured in South Sherman Street assault, police looking for man who left apartment building

WILKES-BARRE — Police are looking for a who left a South Sherman Street apartment where two people were injured in a reported stabbing Sunday morning.The identities of the injured man and woman were not available. They were taken by ambulances to local hospitals.A man who was staying at the residence reportedly left a short time before police were called to four-unit building at 77-79 South Sherman Street at 7:37 a.m.Several neighbors stood across the st...

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Annie’s Mailbox: Live and lie by the porn

Dear Annie: I am 63, and my husband, “Jake,” is 67. Jake has been watching a lot of pornography. He lies over and over about how he is no longer doing it, and I slowly forgive him. But years have gone by, and I keep catching him through the history on his computer. He’ll deny it until I show him the proof, and even then, he tries to squirm out of it.I’m pretty sure Jake is ashamed of this, but why can’t he stop? He has tried counseling...

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Novel Approach: Life in view

Mythologist, Joseph Campbell said: “Follow your bliss.” The message is one that continues to echo throughout our society, lending itself to debut author, Connor Franta, who follows such bliss while lighting the path for others around him. In his memoir, “A Work in Progress,” Franta revisits life by taking readers backwards to every big mistake, loss and painstaking event before moving to the present — a place of progress.

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Mele’s Musings: Sowing our wild oats in Times Square

I am reasonably sure that the statute of limitations has passed that this story can now be told. And if it hasn’t, oh well. It’s only going to embarrass me and my best buds — as if we haven’t already made that a lifetime pursuit!I spent some time recently walking through Times Square on successive late weekday nights and was gobsmacked by what I saw:Brightly lit storefronts.Clean sidewalks.Tourist traps of every assortment....

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All sorts of creatures find a haven at Intraloka Sanctuary

MEHOOPANY —Indra Lahiri’s mom has told her she didn’t cry until she was 5 years old.“We had a dog named Panda, a boxer,” Lahiri said. “And whenever I would need anything, when I was hungry or needed a diaper change, Panda would go and get my mother. She was my nanny dog.”That early connection may have been a clue to Lahiri’s future. Ten years ago she founded the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary, giving it a Sanskrit name that ind...

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Letter to the Editor: Wilkes-Barre resident yearns for nearby school to control noise

I live and work in downtown Wilkes-Barre. I’ve resided in the Marlboro Place Apartments on South Washington Street the last few years. I’m in the east wing, close to Holy Redeemer High School.The school parking lot on the southern end, near the South Street Bridge, becomes a playground for teenagers in the evening when the warm weather arrives. You can hear skateboarders, loud cars, music, etc., almost every night.My only wish is that the school would take so...

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Letter to the Editor: PennEast Pipeline holds promise of energy savings and other benefits

An April 8 letter to the editor about PennEast Pipeline advises readers that a study by Concentric Energy Advisors on PennEast that cites $900 million in energy savings to regional consumers is misleading.The writer seems to admit that natural gas prices are influenced by infrastructure constraints but misreads an industry report as to the localized impacts. As Concentric reports, and as is understood by major regional service companies that have acquired most of the PennEast capac...

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Letter to the Editor: Good news from Wyoming Valley will inspire more good deeds

Thank you, thank you and thank you. I was filled with joy after reading the Times Leader’s Sunday, April 26, edition.It was refreshing to see such positive news that will continue to improve the city and surrounding areas. Let’s keep it going and work with community leaders to see the likes of more events such as “I Love My City” and the Catholic Men’s Conference held at King’s College – along with the volunteer work of 435 Wilkes Universit...

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Letter to the Editor: Rename Wilkes-Barre park in memory of Owen J. Costello

Depending on who you ask, greatness can mean many things. Some people use the words power, prestige or wealth, while others look at greatness as a leader, teacher or innovator.In my opinion, other words that also can be termed as defining greatness can be a person who inspires, motivates, cares and is a friend. This, to me, is Owen J. Costello.

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Letter to the Editor: Immigrants must embrace ‘duties of citizenship’ before receiving privileges

What value is there in being a citizen of this great country if the rights and privileges are given to anyone who enters our country legally or illegally?Why would we give these rights and privileges to them when they show no intention of performing the duties of citizenship, such as obeying the laws of our land, paying taxes and learning our native language? After all, the majority of them broke the law just to get here.As for the 100,000 or so children who were sent he...

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