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It's a loaded fifteen race slate on tap for this evening at the Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs. The Stallion Series marks its return tonight with eight divisions of the two-year old colt & gelding pacers on the card. Stakes racing is nearly complete for the season at the Downs, so be sure to get out and enjoy while you still can!





POST TIME 6:30 p.m.
All Races One Mile

First-$20,000 The Stallion Series
1 Modern WarfareD.Miller2-4-7Miller loves Pocono7-2
5 My One Tru DesireM.Kakaley3-1-7Loves the front end5-2
2 Nittany NationT.Jackson7-5-2Stakes placed colt3-1
7 Balboa HanoverM.Simons5-5-6Knocked out of money12-1
6 Knocking AroundB.Simpson9-3-5Still a maiden6-1
4 Scarboro HanoverT.Buter4-3-4Dragon Again gelding9-2
3 Southwind JasperT.Tetrick5-8-5Never hit the board8-1

Second-$9,500 Cond.Trot;n/w 1 pm race life
6 Whicked HanoverM.Kakaley3-6-8Completes the early double7-2
2 Amalfi CoastT.Buter3-5-9NJSS colt3-1
7 HepB.Simpson3-5-3Yankee Glide youngster9-2
3 All TrotR.Schnittker7-5-1Ray in for the evening4-1
1 Fluffer NutterD.Miller6-2-6Does draw the rail6-1
5 Leading ManT.Jackson8-1-3Broke in debut10-1
8 Marion Mad DashW.Poppfinger7-5-6Breaker15-1
4 Shermans CreekA.Napolitano6-5-6Another with bad habits8-1
9 Dixie RebelR.Allen6-7-4Looking for a flat mile20-1

Third-$20,000 The Stallion Series
5 Come And Get'emD.Miller2-3-2Got em!3-1
3 Eddie SweatG.Napolitano1-6-2Just won a Stallions race5-2
4 Jins DragonE.Ledford3-5-1Eric with rare trip in7-2
1 Late Night JokeT.Buter1-5-4Comes off a 10-1 shocker9-2
7 Will KaneJ.Plutino6-1-8Bounced off maiden win8-1
6 Native StyleT.Tetrick8-7-5Nice to have Timmy T here6-1
2 Mario HallM.Kakaley4-7-7Last of all12-1

Fourth-$20,000 The Stallion Series
2 FraternityT.Buter5-1-1Back on top2-1
3 Modern CruiserM.Kakaley1-x-xInteresting first timer5-1
5 Broadway CruiserG.Napolitano2-5-3Nice late kick3-1
7 Dragon's RuleD.Miller1-2-1Brown having great season7-2
6 Great ArtistR.Murphy1-6-7Murphy with rare showing12-1
1 Native's RevengeJ.Pavia6-1-6Has plenty of experience6-1
4 Just A JoltT.Tetrick3-6-2Lit up10-1

Fifth-$20,000 The Stallion Series
3 Momma's JoltM.Kakaley1-8-1Likes to win5-2
2 Beamer Blue ChipT.Tetrick7-6-4Tetrick gets catch drive3-1
1 Snowball's KeeperT.Jackson5-7-4Looking for a hot clip9-2
7 Skylite's FinaleG.Napolitano2-8-4Nap done great for Schoeffel7-2
4 Ultimate BeachboyD.Miller5-2-4Dave's choice over #28-1
6 West Coast BreezeT.Buter6-7-3Best work on the fair circuit12-1
5 Spartacus PVE.Ledford6-8-6Slows abruptly6-1

Sixth-$6,000 Clm.Trot;clm.price $7,500
1 Bay LightningH.Parker5-3-9Worthy of second chance3-1
6 Joey The Jet JTB.Simpson3-3-10Classy gelding8-1
8 Premier EventM.Simons1-2-8Looking for a repeat10-1
3 Classic ObsessionT.Buter8-1-6Couldn't back up big win7-2
4 Eight O'clock RockJ.pavia4-2-3Pavia back in the bike4-1
2 He's Mine StrattoG.Napolitano6-5-3Adams cooled down a tad9-2
5 Mackgun MamieM.Kakaley5-7-2Gunned down6-1
7 Captain BradyC.Norris2-4-4Norris having off season20-1
9 Marian's ManJ.Taggart3-5-6Taggart remains cold at PD15-1

Seventh-$9,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $4,000 last 5
1 Rise Above ItT.Buter5-3-4Rolls from the pole3-1
2 Card HustlerM.Kakaley6-3-6Aims from the pocket7-2
4 Funny DeaconG.Napolitano3-8-6Has some class6-1
5 Diamond HowardT.Tetrick6-7-4A bit dull4-1
7 Bestnotlie HanoverJ.Pavia7-3-3Roughed up9-2
8 Esprit De Kayjay AE.Ledford4-6-8Post a killer8-1
3 Night Train ShaneB.Simpson5-2-5Off the tracks10-1
6 MobileE.Carlson6-7-7No signal15-1
8 Arts BlazeA.McCarthy4-3-8Burned20-1

Eighth-$8,500 Clm.Trot;clm.price $10,000
5 HalfpipeA.McCarthy6-2-3Barn change the difference4-1
1 Top ChefM.Simons3-5-6Needed last, can better3-1
3 A Real LaserM.Kakaley2-4-6Closes in for a share7-2
4 Crown Time McjessT.Tetrick6-4-12nd start since the claim8-1
6 Jon WinG.Napolitano4-9-3In top hands9-2
7 B ContemporaryJ.Taggart8-3-4Comes off a scr-injured15-1
8 QuillzT.Buter3-7-3Too far to come6-1
2 TikkiD.Miller7-9-4Clubbed20-1
9 Vinegar HillT.Jackson5-6-5Sour10-1

Ninth-$15,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $15,500 last 5
8 Miss Annie JG.Napolitano5-5-2Nap's choice over 5 others3-1
4 Kiddie MccardleT.Tetrick6-3-2Dangerous with a trip9-2
7 Best AroundT.Buter6-1-1Fan favorite7-2
5 ThinkyoucandanceE.Ledford1-1-1Winner of five straight4-1
3 Winning ItM.Kakaley5-5-63yr old tries older6-1
1 Mano CornutoB.Simpson5-1-6In with tough foes10-1
2 Clear View HanoverJ.Pavia3-6-11Overpowered8-1
6 Gordyyy's PetD.Miller2-5-1Brushed away15-1
9 Terror To CamE.Carlson5-5-6No one is fearing20-1

Tenth-$20,000 The Stallion Series
2 McalvinE.Ledford1-1-1Keeps on going2-1
3 Shock It To ‘EmM.Kakaley6-3-1Race is for place3-1
1 Real ImpulsiveG.Napolitano5-2-3Benefits from the draw5-1
5 Talk StrategyT.Buter3-5-4Tyler doing well of late6-1
4 Uf Dragons CruiserD.Miller3-6-1One paced7-2
7 Contraband HanoverA.McCarthy2-8-6Off stride10-1
6 Shady CityT.Tetrick5-8-2Beat down12-1

Eleventh-$20,000 The Stallion Series
2 MoonliteonthebeachJ.Pavia1-1-5Impressive colt5-2
1 Hefty LeftyE.Ledford2-1-1It's a $5 dollar exacta3-1
3 DesperationD.Miller1-3-7Real Artist colt9-2
6 Jettin's DragonM.Teague7-1-7Made break after easy score4-1
5 Beach MemoriesT.Tetrick5-6-4Last win was with TT6-1
7 Exactly BlackG.Napolitano4-4-4Wrong color10-1
4 Huga YankeeM.Kakaley4-7-5Squeezed out12-1
8 Electric GuitarT.Buter6-1-6Quiet tune15-1

Twelfth-$20,000 The Stallion Series
6 Storm The BeachT.Tetrick2-5-1Alive and well7-2
2 Fateful ChoiceM.Kakaley1-1-4Oakes batting .4295-2
3 LintensityM.Teague1-2-5From the Teague stable3-1
1 Plenty Of SpunkJ.Pavia1-7-7Pavia the new pilot9-2
5 Twincreeks JesseM.Simons6-6-2First try at a stakes8-1
7 Magic TricksT.Buter5-2-2Look elsewhere6-1
4 Uf Deenas DragonA.McCarthy3-8-4Save the deuce12-1

Thirteenth-$20,000 The Stallion Series
1 Normandy InvasionT.Tetrick1-3-5In front and drawing away5-2
6 Muscle BeachboyD.Miller6-6-3Looking for the pocket3-1
2 OK FameG.Napolitano2-5-4Prepped well for this7-2
5 Pow Chicka Pow PowM.Kakaley7-4-8Use in super's8-1
4 Andwin HanoverT.Buter3-5-6Meadows invader6-1
7 LuparaB.Simpson2-2-3Post a killer9-2
3 TulfraA.McCarthy5-6-5….next12-1
Fourteenth-$9,500 Cond.Pace;n/w 1 pm race life
2 Gambler's TateG.Napolitano6-2-2Drops and pops5-2
4 Champion's ClubE.Carlson2-3-2Likes to finish second3-1
8 Four BeersB.Simpson7-9-7Still a tad green6-1
5 Alex In WonderlandM.Romano3-5-8Fast off the gate4-1
3 Mechanical BullD.Miller7-4-6Winless in 16 prior9-2
6 Mr BricksA.McCarthy4-4-6Karrat having decent meet10-1
7 Just EnoughM.Kakaley5-7-7Tends to gap15-1
1 All LightsM.Simons6-4-8One more race to go12-1

Fifteenth-$9,500 Cond.Trot;n/w 1 pm race life
1 Gerris GlideJ.Pavia2-3-6Rolls down the road3-1
8 FeegeeD.Miller2-6-3Merits a look7-2
7 IzadanceE.Carlson6-8-3Longtime maiden5-1
6 CanbetM.Romano4-3-9Not the best of fields9-2
5 Toms Miracle GalT.Jackson5-4-4Looking for a check4-1
4 DJ's DarlingC.Freck6-5-6Freck again in sulky12-1
3 Laurie HallD.Ingraham5-8-7Very rough8-1
2 Marion MelodyA.McCarthy6-8-6See you tomorrow10-1

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