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February 16. 2013 8:47PM
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Three divisions of the Pennsylvania Sire Stakes for two-year old trotting fillies headline a big sixteen race program this evening at the Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs. Plus tomorrow is the always exciting PASS Championship Finals for the three-year old genders. Just a huge weekend of racing all starting with tonight's action!





POST TIME 6:30 p.m.
All Races One Mile

First-$8,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $10,000
9 Four Starzzz KingD.Miller3-5-2Drop in price the difference6-1
2 Artsbred CamotionT.Jackson6-5-3Much better draw8-1
3 Lombo Powershot AD.Palone4-2-7Can't hurt having Palone5-2
6 Allamerican MajorM.Kakaley4-1-4Too little, too late7-2
7 Jimmie HanoverT.Buter4-4-3Moves in for a tag4-1
4 Art's SonR.Pierce4-6-4Struggling pacer15-1
5 LastcomicstandingB.Simpson7-5-1Little since the claim5-1
1 Lord Of The BlingJ.Pavia6-8-5Weaker Koz trainee12-1
8 Supreme CourtE.Carlson6-7-8Last of all20-1

Second-$110,113 PASS
4 Fashion AthenaD.Palone1-1-9Dominant2-1
5 Haul'n FannyD.Miller2-1-6No slouch3-1
3 Aspidistra HanoverR.Pierce1-4-1Just broke her maiden4-1
7 Classic MartineT.Schadel3-2-1Chased tiger last out10-1
6 LadyfingerC.Norris3-4-4Rich n/w of 15-1
8 Antsy DanceyM.Kakaley3-2-3Fast early, not late15-1
1 ChiptomylouR.Beinhauer3-2-7Skipped over12-1
2 Uf Tadys DonatoT.Buter6-1-6Bad habits8-1

Third-$109,713 PASS
2 Frau BlucherD.Palone2-1-2Palone goes 2-for-2 in PASS5-2
5 True ValentineR.Pierce5-1-1Chased choice before7-2
3 Royal AssetsT.Tetrick2-2-2Should sit nice trip3-1
1 Money And MeM.Kakaley5-2-2Race loaded with speed9-2
6 Drink The WineD.Miller4-1-4Versatile trotter6-1
7 Feather Your NestG.Napolitano6-5-3Hoping for speed duel12-1
4 CupcakeJ.Taggart4-5-3An also ran8-1

Fourth-$109,713 PASS
2 UpfrontluckycarolD.Miller4-3-2Upsets the apple cart5-1
4 Coffeecake HanoverM.Kakaley1-1-1Loves to win2-1
3 MorningstarR.Pierce5-6-5From the Takter barn3-1
1 RuffleshaveridgesR.Beinhauer1-1-8Just won a PASS div7-2
6 Mystical ShyannT.Tetrick7-1-5Tetrick catch drives6-1
7 SinaD.Palone2-4-2Has to improve plenty10-1
5 M C's DiamondF.DelCid7-5-6Flattened12-1

Fifth-$4,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $5,000
6 RM Mornin SunshineT.Buter3-8-4Should jog tonight5-2
9 Bond Blue ChipE.Carlson2-9-5Rebounded nicely4-1
2 Harper LeeG.Napolitano1-7-6Just beat similar3-1
5 No Mo ParkingA.Napolitano3-4-4Lacks that needed rally6-1
7 Real SharkM.Simons4-2-5Needs more bite15-1
4 How Sweet Thou ArtJ.Pavia5-5-7Remains a tad sour5-1
8 Star Of IndiaT.Tetrick4-6-6Note the driver change20-1
1 Upncoming ProspectB.Clarke8-9-9Forgotten about10-1
3 Rosa BlastB.Brocklehurst9-6-5Crushed12-1

Sixth-$8,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $10,000
5 Boiler Bob The QbH.Parker1-7-7It's a touchdown8-1
2 It'sabouttimeJ.Kakaley8-8-5Fits in here3-1
8 Bagel ManT.Buter1-6-1Fan favorit9-2
6 Mountain RocketT.Jackson5-4-1Loves to close6-1
7 Must Be The BonnyM.Romano8-5-1In from Vernon10-1
3 Goodbye So LongE.Carlson3-7-3Notch below these4-1
1 Paper LuckG.Napolitano7-7-3Pellegrino better at Monti7-2
9 Real ClassB.Simpson8-5-9Out of it20-1
4 Rich N FlashyA.Napolitano8-6-6Dull15-1

Seventh-$9,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $11,000
5 Don't Stop HereE.Carlson1-4-6Keeps on going5-2
8 Bigtime RushB.Simpson2-3-5Solid at this class4-1
2 Matt's DeliveryG.Napolitano3-5-5In live hands3-1
7 Bestest HanoverT.Tetrick7-4-3Worth a look with Timmy T20-1
6 PangaliR.Pierce5-5-6Picks up Pierce5-1
4 Fresh DreamJ.Pavia3-7-7Having gait issues6-1
9 BungleinthejungleM.Kakaley4-7-4Just 2 for 51 lifetime10-1
1 KanjoM.Simons8-7-1Well beaten15-1
3 Mark's Quik PulseM.Romano6-7-6Slow12-1

Eighth-$14,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 4 pm races life
9 Station ThreeohsixT.Tetrick2-3-5Overcomes all obstacles4-1
6 White LiarE.Carlson3-8-4Grey pacer3-1
4 Who Dat LoveM.Simons3-4-3Game on the engine7-2
8 Hawaii And SunT.Jackson7-6-2Trying to find that kick again20-1
7 Tattle Tell TeenH.Parker1-6-7Won't be 95-1 again6-1
2 Mr Carmine FraR.Pierce5-8-3In this class a long while10-1
1 Rock Three TimesG.Napolitano8-6-8No one is answering9-2
5 He's UnbelievableA.Napolitano6-9-7The door is shut8-1
3 Cumulus HanoverT.Buter5-7-8Way off15-1

Ninth-$13,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $9,000 last 5
4 So Easy BabyM.Kakaley2-3-1Late burst to get it all6-1
9 Shesa Bragn DragonB.Simpson7-2-5Certain capable5-1
7 Billie BluehipJ.Pavia4-7-2Disappointed before3-1
6 Nevermind Franco NR.Pierce4-4-4Lack of speed a killer4-1
5 Docdor LibbyG.Napolitano1-8-7Tends to tire a bit late5-2
3 Cap Your Can GoghD.Miller3-3-5New from Harrah's10-1
2 Mystical MJT.Tetrick3-2-6Off since April20-1
1 Trieste SeelsterD.Palone8-4-3Missed a few turns15-1
8 Bombilla HanoverT.Jackson7-8-6Done at the half12-1

Tenth-$16,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $25,000
8 McsocksG.Napolitano1-1-1Rent-A-Horse wins again5-2
1 Odin Blue ChipD.Miller5-2-7Sits the pocket4-1
9 Woodmere UltimateT.Tetrick5-7-5Joins a live barn12-1
4 SaywhatuneedtosayJ.Taggart3-5-8I say fourth6-1
5 Sea Me NowM.Kakaley4-4-3Can't get the job done late7-2
7 Beavercreek ArtistD.Palone6-3-3Again draws outside15-1
2 Pointed VictoryT.Buter8-4-82nd start since the claim8-1
3 Three ArtistR.Pierce6-7-3Strikes out5-1
6 Blues At MidnightB.Simpson7-7-10It's too early for him20-1

Eleventh-$11,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 2 pm races life
7 Aria JD.Palone3-3-1Palone strikes again5-2
1 Terror In MotionE.Carlson3-2-4Not missing by much4-1
3 Dragon's JojoG.Napolitano2-7-2Beaten 2-5 choice last wk3-1
4 Steppin HanoverT.Jackson5-6-3Rounds out the super6-1
6 SwiftyD.Miller6-7-1Downhill since the win15-1
8 JustatequilatalkinT.Buter7-6-6Best work at Tioga5-1
2 CarolsternD.Ingraham8-8-5Breaker12-1
5 Sammy's Magic DayR.Pierce2-8-5Continues long losing skid10-1
9 Day TrakerM.Kakaley6-5-6Filly way off20-1

Twelfth-$13,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $18,000
1 No Foreign XchangeM.Simons2-1-3Post the difference3-1
3 My Sugar DaddyG.Napolitano4-7-4Moves into claimers8-1
4 MonofleisuresuitT.Jackson2-3-3Again hits the board4-1
6 Terryang FraM.Kakaley5-6-4From the Rucker stable15-1
5 Stand Up ComicD.Miller9-2-6Takes big drop down9-2
9 Savvy SavannahE.Carlson5-1-2Bounced off that win6-1
2 ArticulateB.Simpson8-6-1Best work when on lead7-2
7 Western DogM.Romano3-5-5Out of bark10-1
8 Wind And NodR.Pierce7-5-8Say no20-1

Thirteenth-$14,000 Cond.Pace;n/w 4 pm races life
4 MikelehG.Napolitano3-2-2Been facing better3-1
8 Shine N ShimmerR.Pierce2-5-3Likes to finish second7-2
9 How Bout A SmoochT.Jackson3-2-1Again draws outer post9-2
3 Fire In The NightT.Buter1-7-5Comes off 1:53.2 win8-1
7 MamasaidsoB.Simpson6-2-3Didn't fire at YR4-1
2 Bittorsweet TerrorA.Napolitano8-1-8Better earlier in meet6-1
6 Patient And TrueM.Kakaley3-8-3This is not a patient game10-1
5 Keystone ChiantiJ.Pavia4-6-4Slow in final stanza20-1
1 Little Native GirlE.Carlson6-4-8….next15-1

Fourteenth-$10,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $12,500
5 Northern Smoke OutG.Napolitano2-3-1Nap-Oakes deadly duo3-1
2 Keytoourdreams NR.Pierce3-3-5Can be in the photo4-1
1 Oyster BayE.Carlson2-4-22nd start off the claim5-2
4 Jersey DanD.Miller3-2-3Has burned a lot of cash5-1
8 Smoke Em UpM.Kakaley5-4-1Best race was at the Ocean15-1
6 Silver SunsetJ.Pavia4-6-5Pavia down to .2246-1
9 Track My DesireT.Jackson5-1-4Hot commodity12-1
3 Joey HackettB.Simpson6-8-3Chopped down10-1
7 Royal MornJ.Taggart8-9-5Not involved20-1

Fifteenth-$9,500 Cond.Trot;n/w 1 pm race life
6 Rosie's WarriorR.Pierce1-x-xKicks off late double7-2
4 Vida De VieH.Parker10-4-2Stakes placed filly5-2
3 Dixie GlideD.Ingraham4-2-4Has to time the brush4-1
2 CasanostraC.Norris2-7-4Norris makes the drive5-1
5 Vallas CowgirlM.Simons7-2-xMuscles Yankee filly6-1
1 Can't Get Over YouD.Miller3-5-1Miller the new pilot8-1
7 Nintey Five JanetM.Kakaley4-3-2Has experience working12-1
8 Mckenzie's StarT.Buter8-8-3Gaps15-1
9 To The Good LifeB.Simpson6-4-7One more race to go20-1

Sixteenth-$11,000 Cond.Trot;n/w 2 pm races life
5 Matriarch HanoverT.Jackson1-3-2Comes right back4-1
4 Pilgrims ElanM.Simons2-6-1Shown some good miles3-1
8 Exercise To GoJ.Pavia3-2-1Dangerous if ready7-2
7 Mamie's JailbirdT.Buter5-3-6Back from Philly9-2
6 ChocoholicM.Romano6-1-4Keeps breaking stride10-1
9 Swinging NadineD.Miller4-4-5Better at two15-1
2 Bull SpreaderR.Pierce3-2-3Tires quickly6-1
1 My Love BiM.Kakaley4-7-3Auto toss8-1
3 Margarita BiJ.McKeon5-4-5See you tomorrow20-1

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