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Championship Night has arrived at the Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs, with four $200,000 Pennsylvania Sire Stakes Finals being contested tonight for the top three-year olds in the state. Every Final has a superstar or two in the race and each event shapes up to be super exciting, with no horse looking head and shoulders above the rest……that's a recipe for some outstanding racing!

Be sure to get to the Downs early as each patron buying a program is entitled to a free umbrella while supplies last, from 6-9 p.m.



POST TIME 6:30 p.m.
All Races One Mile

First-$16,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $25,000
7 Grandstand HitterG.Napolitano4-1-1It's a grand slam!5-2
8 Elusive RewardJ.Morrill2-6-5Note the barn change4-1
4 Fall ToyJ.Pavia1-1-2Won right off the claim3-1
5 Kentucky RebelE.Ledford3-5-1Fraley a hot trainer6-1
3 Little Gold RingD.Palone2-3-2Firing at the end9-2
6 Dragon LawsB.Simpson5-1-3Very competitive opener12-1
1 Spartan JusticeA.Napolitano2-7-3Back in for a tag10-1
2 Eagle ArtesianE.Carlson8-8-8Struggling pacer15-1

Second-$12,000 Clm.Hndcp Pace;clm.price $12-15,000
2 Premier FlashG.Napolitano7-1-7It's a Nap early double3-1
7 Brave CallJ.Taggart1-2-2Claimed just about weekly7-2
6 Hanks KidM.Romano1-3-9Smoked'em at a big price5-1
4 Hi SirT.Buter6-6-4In from Yonkers4-1
3 Can RidgeB.Simpson4-3-4First start off the purchase9-2
1 Diamond HowardJ.Morrill5-6-7Just raced the other night8-1
5 Fresco BlueM.Lachance6-4-2Running on E12-1
8 Sonic RaiderE.Ledford6-2-4Busted up10-1

Third-$14,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $20,000
7 Excel NineG.Napolitano8-9-5Won't be 20-120-1
2 Another Homer NE.Carlson4-3-1Would make for nice exacta10-1
3 TheredandpanlinesD.Palone4-2-2In live hands5-2
6 Go West Lucky CamJ.Morrill1-2-1Fan favorite4-1
5 Sahara HallC.Callahan1-2-4Corey in for the night3-1
4 White Mountain TopT.Buter5-6-7Sent by team Buter5-1
1 LockloadnexplodeM.Kakaley5-3-2Bombs12-1
8 Tiger WilliamsB.Miller5-9-xOut of bounds6-1
9 Three New DawnsE.Ledford7-6-6Growing old15-1

Fourth-$15,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $13,000 last 5
6 Pansai YamamotoJ.Morrill2-6-6Gets up in time6-1
4 Dreamlands ArtM.Kakaley1-3-7More classy Burke stock3-1
1 Fool Of IdeasE.Carlson2-3-82nd start since the claim7-2
8 Racing RockyM.Teague7-8-1Far outside a concern9-2
5 Trade EditorG.Napolitano6-3-2Allard only so-so in PA4-1
7 Bullet BobB.Simpson6-8-6Wait for easier8-1
9 Four Starz KyleA.Napolitano5-4-2Can't seal the deal10-1
2 SisyphusT.Buter8-2-8Too inconsistent15-1
3 Cheyenne ReiderJ.Pavia7-1-83yr old in with tough20-1

Fifth-$12,000 Clm.Hndcp Pace;clm.price $12-15,000
2 PrestissimoG.Napolitano2-6-3Move inside the difference3-1
4 Jolt DemandedJ.Morrill1-1-2Morrill doing great in NYSS7-2
3 Come TogetherE.Carlson9-6-5Recent claim for Robinson8-1
6 Sgt CharlieM.Romano1-3-5Steps up in price a tad4-1
5 Tinys MillionM.Kakaley3-4-9Closing in on $300k life9-2
7 Joans Bad BoyD.Palone5-6-1New one for Sherman12-1
1 Northmedo CruiserE.Ledford6-3-4Roll past5-1
8 Indian Giver NT.Buter3-7-4No donations here10-1

Sixth-$50,000 PASS Consolation
6 Go TapaighM.Lachance7-1-7Iron Mike still has it8-1
2 Wing TipsB.Zendt3-3-2Steady performer9-2
7 Scary GoodM.Kakaley2-4-7Matt's choice over #16-1
1 Lindys Jersey BoyF.Antonacci4-2-5Antonacci makes the steer3-1
9 Nothing But ClassD.Palone5-1-4Post a killer7-2
3 BoytownB.Miller1-2-2Brett in from Pitt4-1
8 Pekoe FashionJ.Morrill4-6-6Tends to hang on rail10-1
5 On The PodiumR.Schnittker7-1-6Falls off15-1
4 OverandovervictoryE.Ledford9-9-4Doesn't belong20-1

Seventh-$18,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $18,000 last 5
5 Dungeon DragonM.Kakaley8-1-1Needed last, wins at a price8-1
8 Summer CampT.Buter8-2-2Sets the table3-1
1 Southwestern DreamE.Carlson4-5-2Makes noise from pole7-2
6 Bettors GlassE.Ledford7-4-2Ledford picks up drive9-2
7 Brave Alex SemaluC.Callahan5-3-1Delaware based pacer6-1
9 Rader DetectorB.Miller1-7-3In solid form20-1
4 Keep It RealG.Napolitano2-5-7Does get nice driver change4-1
3 Escape The NewsD.Palone8-6-3Never could find 2yr old form10-1
2 Mojo TerrorJ.Morrill4-4-5Another who is off a bit15-1

Eighth-$50,000 PASS Consolation
7 Dream Of WinningB.Miller3-3-1The dream is alive5-2
2 Moonlit DragonE.Carlson3-2-2In money 8 of 9 starts3-1
1 Lightning PaigeJ.Morrill4-2-4Has raced top company4-1
8 Winning ItM.Kakaley3-5-5Picks up the pieces6-1
6 We Be AmericanC.Callahan3-5-7Corey having career season15-1
9 Always Love MeM.Lewis2-4-2Tough roll from here20-1
3 McsuanaT.Buter5-4-2Needs some improvement10-1
5 Princess CruiserD.Palone5-4-6Not even with Palone12-1
4 YagonaakissmeornotM.Teague6-7-3No shot5-1

Ninth-$15,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $13,000 last 5
5 Mickey HanoverG.Napolitano1-6-4Very good when right3-1
3 ShakerattlenrockJ.Morrill2-3-8Talented 3yr old4-1
7 Mustang ArtD.Palone2-4-2McGuire's top pacer10-1
8 Woodstock HanoverT.Buter1-2-6Never better6-1
1 DomethatagainB.Simpson3-3-1Been racing in NYSS5-1
4 B N BadJ.Pavia1-2-4Up the ladder off the victory10-1
6 Major BelleM.Kakaley4-8-2Just not happening5-2
9 AmillionpenniesM.Romano4-6-6Sees little action20-1
2 Mattox's SpencerM.Simons7-4-6Fills out field15-1

4 MavenC.Callahan1-8-1Gets her revenge5-2
1A Check Me OutR.Schnittker1-1-3Superstar filly8-5
5 Superstar HanoverD.Palone6-3-1Right behind the 2 stars4-1
3 DeliciousA.Merriman7-2-1Aaron with rare visit to PD5-1
2 Uncommon NightG.Napolitano5-9-2Nap gets stakes mount12-1
1 Real BabeJ.Morrill8-2-7Fills out the entry8-5
6 Blue YonderJ.Pavia5-8-8Needs a lot to happen15-1
7 Holier Than ThouB.Miller8-5-4Busted8-1

Eleventh-$200,000 PASS CHAMPIONSHIP
4 Darena HanoverJ.Morrill2-1-2Chases down Economy4-1
6 Economy TerrorD.Palone6-1-1Super against PA breds5-2
1 Big McdealB.Miller5-1-5Main reason Brett is here3-1
8 Kiss Don't BiteE.Goodell1-2-3Eric not seen here in long time6-1
2 Marty PartyC.Callahan2-3-2Another terrific race9-2
5 Tykesa MoonG.Napolitano2-5-2Kakaley opted off12-1
7 Podges LadyE.Ledford2-4-5Midwest owned filly15-1
3 Destiny's ChanceM.Kakaley8-3-1Fills out super field10-1

Twelfth-$200,000 PASS CHAMPIONSHIP
1 My MVPM.Lachance4-5-3Keeps on coming3-1
4 Top BillingD.Palone5-1-4Palone good on trotters7-2
5 Magic TonightE.Goodell2-4-3Wide open race4-1
6 SolvatoT.Smedshammer3-2-1Trond trains and steers9-2
7 Beer SummitM.Vanderkemp5-4-2Another rich trotter in here5-1
8 Frost Bites KB.Miller7-1-5Best earlier in season10-1
2 Lightning StormC.Callahan8-7-2Lucky to be in final8-1
3 DandoverJ.Taggart4-8-1Rough spot for n/w of 312-1

Thirteenth-$200,000 PASS CHAMPIONSHIP
3 Sweet LouD.Palone3-1-4Hard to go against5-2
4 Dapper DudeJ.Morrill7-1-1Takes dead aim3-1
2 Easy AgainM.Teague1-3-1Trying to find late kick again4-1
5 McboogieM.Kakaley1-8-3Nice prep at Yonkers9-2
7 Shady BreezeM.Simons7-1-2Overachiever6-1
6 McerleanB.Miller4-2-1Has to fire fast off the wings10-1
8 Mc AttaboyT.Jackson6-4-4Matt opted off15-1
1 Bakin On The BeachT.Buter7-5-3Burned12-1

Fourteenth-$50,000 PASS Consolation
3 I Like DreaminG.Napolitano3-6-1It's for real2-1
6 Live OnJ.Pavia2-1-4Follows the 3 around track5-1
4 One Through TenD.Palone4-2-6Needs a tad more late7-2
2 E Z NoahT.Buter4-1-4Buteschoen strong 2nd half5-2
5 All WeekC.Callahan5-6-4I'll pass10-1
1 Hillbilly HanoverJ.Morrill5-3-7One race to go6-1

Fifteenth-$50,000 PASS Consolation
5 Miss Chip KM.Kakaley3-5-1Kakaley takes nightcap3-1
2 Southwind MoniT.Buter2-8-3Andover Hall gal5-2
1 Komma Ka ZG.Napolitano1-2-1Note the new pilot9-2
6 End Of InnocenceJ.Morrill7-3-4Been racing in NY7-2
3 Sand Violent BluB.Miller4-6-1Not panned out at age of 38-1
4 Cocktail AttireTn.Schadel7-7-4Hit a brick wall6-1
7 By A Nose HanoverT.Schadel3-9-6See you on Monday12-1

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