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Put On A Show makes a return tonight to The Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs in this evening's $50,000 Fillies & Mares Open Handicap Pace. The five-year old daughter of Rocknroll Hanover has had just a superb season, winning 10 times in all, while bankrolling $436,809 in 2012. Among some of her many big wins this year was a world record performance in the Lady Liberty Pace at the Meadowlands in an absolutely amazing 1:47.3. She has surpassed over $2,330,000 in career earnings and just has an amazing turn of foot. Driver Jim Morrill Jr. makes a return to trip to the Downs to drive this Chris Ryder trained mare and look for nothing more than a public work-out in that tenth race feature.





POST TIME 6:30 p.m.
All Races One Mile

First-$6,000 Clm.Trot;clm.price $7,500
3 Four Starz ConwayG.Napolitano7-2-8Grinds down the speed5-1
1 Spit N ShineJ.Pavia1-9-1Winner four of last five5-2
2 Captain BradyC.Norris4-1-4Norris in for rare drive4-1
5 Winsome WonderE.Carlson6-1-5Bounced off the win7-2
6 Jeff's Night OutT.Buter8-3-8Lacks late pop6-1
7 Che HallT.Jackson3-6-5Stalls out8-1
4 Glide SpeedD.Ackerman3-8-2Seen better days12-1
9 The CountJ.Morrill6-5-6Strike three15-1
8 Marian's ManJ.Taggart5-4-2Final stanza a killer20-1

Second-$15,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $13,000 last 5
2 ArodasiJ.Pavia3-8-5Pavia barn coming to life6-1
1 Don't Point AtA.McCarthy4-5-7Takes cash from pole5-2
4 Tykesa MoonM.Kakaley2-5-7Returns from the Meadows3-1
3 Mano CornutoT.Buter2-2-1Raced well upon return9-2
5 MikelehG.Napolitano5-6-1Jogged last time here4-1
6 Delightful DivaJ.Morrill5-7-1Buter opted off12-1
8 Fashion MajoretteE.Carlson5-6-3Not the same mare10-1
7 Forty ThreeJ.Taggart6-8-5Last of all15-1

Third-$9,500 Cond.Trot;n/w 1 pm race life
3 Pounce KH.Parker4-5-2Now is the time7-2
8 Explosive FashionJ.Taggart4-4-2Donato Hanover gelding6-1
1 JaipurM.Kakaley4-4-8Elliott's had nice season3-1
9 Pee Wee HanoverD.Chellis3-2-5Used up early on4-1
2 MonkB.Simpson3-7-4Simpson owns-trains-reins8-1
4 Marion Mad DashE.Carlson3-4-3Winless in 8 career starts9-2
5 Order By MusicT.Jackson3-6-6Hits a bad note15-1
6 Shermans CreekA.Napolitano7-7-3Broke last time out10-1
7 Gliding BoyA.McCarthy8-8-7Struggling trotter20-1

Fourth-$4,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $5,000
5 Prince Sail OnE.Carlson6-7-4Won't get much easier7-2
1 The Real DanT.Jackson8-6-4First start off the claim9-2
8 Steuben JumpinjackA.Napolitano2-3-2Note the driver change8-1
2 Logan MJ.Pavia3-6-7Holzman trainee3-1
6 Gladiare GrandeT.Buter5-2-2Often comes up on short end4-1
7 Thunder SeelsterG.Napolitano8-5-7Been stopping6-1
4 Warrawee IcemanB.Simpson4-6-3Back from Saratoga10-1
3 Third DayM.Kakaley7-5-4Off a bit15-1
9 Johnny WalkerH.Parker8-9-8Forget it20-1

Fifth-$6,000 Clm.Trot;clm.price $7,500
8 Bay LightningH.Parker2-7-1Worth another shot9-2
4 Streetwise HallT.Jackson7-2-3Down a notch in price3-1
6 M S Heather MJ.Taggart1-1-6Going well right now7-2
9 IdadazzleJ.Pavia2-x-1Requalified ok6-1
5 Tameka SeelsterM.Kakaley2-3-6Solid claimer4-1
3 Secret ImageB.Simpson7-3-2Just got re-claimed8-1
2 Crystal SizzlerA.McCarthy4-4-7Winless in 23 prior10-1
1 O-GeorgieG.Napolitano8-8-5Walloped15-1
7 JudithE.Carlson5-7-7Makes many miscues20-1

Sixth-$4,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $5,000
5 Young And FoolishE.Carlson2-2-9Breaks seconditis7-2
1 Heza CharacterT.Buter2-1-7More game of late3-1
2 Absolutely MichaelG.Napolitano6-6-3Back to level of purchase4-1
7 Lifetime LouieJ.Pavia3-3-7By the rest6-1
6 Satin SpiderJ.Kakaley6-2-2Sent by team Kakaley8-1
4 Thomas John NM.Simons5-4-3Takes too long to kick in9-2
3 Quik Change ArtistA.McCarthy4-8-6Short changed10-1
8 Tyler's Echo NT.Jackson7-9-8Can't hear a sound15-1
9 Carpe DiemM.Kakaley6-9-6Doesn't figure20-1

Seventh-$12,000 Clm.Hndcp Trot;clm.price $12-15,000
2 Zero BoundariesJ.Morrill1-1-1Pocket rocket5-2
9 Jon WinG.Napolitano1-4-3Rolls on the throttle3-1
1 XposureJ.Pavia7-2-8Been a hot commodity4-1
8 Nice DreamA.Napolitano7-4-7Big plunge in price5-1
4 A Real LaserM.Kakaley8-3-2Bumps in class, why?6-1
5 Hailstorm VoloE.Carlson3-3-6Dethroned10-1
7 B ContemporaryJ.Taggart9-1-6Bounced off the upset12-1
6 AshcroftM.Simons5-6-1Vet slowing down20-1
3 Broadway VictoryA.McCarthy4-4-5It's another defeat15-1

Eighth-$6,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $7,500
4 KennairmachmagicE.Carlson1-1-6Make it three in a row4-1
6 CCs Lover NT.Buter2-4-4Almost got to a tough one7-2
5 Majority RulesJ.Pavia6-3-9Lacks that consistency9-2
2 Special StridesA.Napolitano6-1-1Loves the front end3-1
9 Caviar SpencerH.Parker6-2-2Makes 2nd start for Sager6-1
3 It'sabouttimeJ.Kakaley7-8-3Lost his edge10-1
1 Henry GramM.Kakaley9-4-9Scioto newcomer15-1
8 Totally EmpressiveG.Napolitano8-4-7Little to like8-1
7 Wesley SnipB.Simpson9-4-9Not the same20-1

Ninth-$12,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $15,000
6 Co-Op HanoverB.Simpson1-6-4Simpson keeps her sharp3-1
5 Bittorsweet TerrorJ.Morrill9-5-5Looking for redemption5-2
4 Extreme TerrorT.Tetrick2-7-5Timmy T in for night5-1
3 Moment Of MagicT.Buter3-6-6Grey filly6-1
1 Terror To CamG.Napolitano6-5-6Been racing with stakes co.4-1
8 Mcnickels McdimesE.Carlson5-8-3Look for the penny10-1
9 That's My Girl GM.Kakaley9-8-4Weak Burke student15-1
7 Medoland SapphireA.McCarthy4-5-1Marks 2nd start over track12-1
2 Mark's Quik PulseM.Romano8-5-8Very slow20-1

Tenth-$50,000 F&M Open Handicap Pace
7 Put On A ShowJ.Morrill10-2-1Lives up to billing5-2
6 CamilleM.Kakaley1-1-6Impressive PD debut3-1
2 HandsoffmycookieT.Tetrick2-1-1Main reason Tetrick is here8-1
5 Feeling YouT.Buter3-1-1Still a strong mare7-2
1 Major LookB.Simpson3-7-4Can show a nice late stride12-1
4 Ticket To RockA.McCarthy2-3-2Had no answer from pocket9-2
3 BlingG.Napolitano5-1-1Overmatched6-1

Eleventh-$6,000 Clm.Trot;clm.price $7,500
4 Grace N CharlieA.Napolitano1-9-1Keeps on trucking5-2
5 Rompaway BrandonG.Napolitano3-3-6Race is for place7-2
1 Like A HushM.Kakaley2-6-4Finally showed a pulse4-1
6 Like A LexisB.Clarke3-4-2Clarke reins for himself6-1
9 Shelly RossE.Carlson4-5-2Again saddled outside15-1
2 Sabana HanoverM.Simons9-7-8Remains winless on yr8-1
3 Mackgun MamieJ.Taggart4-1-7Looked poor in comeback5-1
7 Mon Beau Somolli NT.Jackson7-4-3A long price12-1
8 Rushmore HanoverB.Simpson7-6-7Inhaled20-1

Twelfth-$18,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $23,500 last 5
4 Odds On AdventureT.Tetrick7-3-6Hoping for 6-1 price6-1
3 Billmar ScooterT.Buter8-2-3Deserving favorite2-1
7 EighthunrdolarbillG.Napolitano7-3-4Invades for Coleman7-2
6 Clear View HanoverH.Parker1-5-1Never better5-1
5 For All We KnowM.Kakaley4-7-3Couldn't beat lesser12-1
2 Miss Annie JP.Berry2-3-6Good till the top of lane3-1
1 Bunny In The BankJ.Morrill1-5-4Off since Aug10-1

Thirteenth-$9,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $4,000 last 5
5 Smoke Em UpM.Simons4-9-6Darkhorse of the night10-1
1 Oriental CarpetG.Napolitano6-5-7Does come from Oakes stable3-1
4 Mattox's SpencerT.Jackson5-8-7Slow go this season5-2
7 Ideal DannyE.Carlson3-6-3Tags along4-1
3 Diamond HowardJ.Morrill2-7-5Better luck at the Little M5-1
6 Split TicketA.Napolitano6-3-6Again sixth6-1
9 Roaring ReiP.Berry7-5-6Lacks any roar20-1
8 Major NajorT.Buter8-4-2….next12-1
2 Artifact KM.Kakaley6-7-5One more race to go15-1

Fourteenth-$9,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $4,000 last 5
6 Fort BenningJ.Pavia8-3-6Coast to coast7-2
3 Rose Run LegendB.Simpson8-4-6Been up & down east coast9-2
4 R SamM.Kakaley2-4-3Chased Sweet Joe last wk3-1
5 Muscle SourceC.Norris7-7-5Drops, but a bit off4-1
9 Elvis Blue ChipE.Carlson4-9-5Nine post stings15-1
7 Badboy Paparazzi AM.Simons5-5-4Remains bad8-1
1 Marion MatildaJ.Taggart6-7-9Beaten by 23 lengths last two6-1
2 Chapter ElevenA.McCarthy8-8-9Turn the page10-1
8 Broadway's HeirT.Jackson8-5-3See you tomorrow20-1

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