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Tonight's tenth race $25,000 Open Pace pits two millionaire pacers going head to head. Last week, at Batavia Downs, One More Laugh got the better of Hypnotic Blue Chip by a hard fought nose in 1:52.1 in a $50,000 Invitational Pace. This evening I look for Hypotic to flip the table on his chief rival, and get back to the winner's circle in what should be a very entertaining tenth race feature. Top to bottom it indeed is a very good card on tap at The Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs.



POST TIME 6:30 p.m.
All Races One Mile

First-$18,000 Clm.Hndcp Pace;clm.price $25-30,000
6 Sahara HallG.Napolitano3-1-1A now pacer9-2
3 Oyster BayM.Kakaley1-1-1Hard one to knock5-2
7 Fall ToyD.Dube8-3-1Dube keeps live drive7-2
1 Grandstand HitterE.Carlson5-9-2Tailed off a bit3-1
5 Go West Lucky CamJ.Pavia6-2-5Tough condition for him8-1
2 Elusive RewardE.Ledford7-4-7Eric again in for night6-1
4 Dragon LawsT.Jackson4-5-6Vote against12-1

Second-$15,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $13,000 last 5
4 Commander KJ.Pavia1-8-3Comes right back3-1
5 In Your RoomM.Simons2-2-1Often gets nice journey4-1
3 Spice It Up LindyT.Jackson7-1-9Down a peg in class5-2
1 Civic DutyD.Dube8-1-8Should improve12-1
6 Classic AlanaG.Napolitano2-2-3Interesting Allard invader6-1
7 All Munky BusinessE.Carlson4-1-1Used up early9-2
2 Freedom RidgeT.Buter4-3-8In too tough10-1
8 Hope Reins SupremeM.Kakaley1-8-8Keep dreaming15-1

Third-$8,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $10,000
3 Allamerican MajorJ.Pavia2-5-2Moves in and looks solid3-1
4 Bagel ManT.Buter4-1-1Back at strong level5-2
6 Raging GrinM.Simons2-3-7Free-legged pacer6-1
2 Hanks KidE.Carlson3-4-4Solid check getter4-1
7 Artsbred CamotionM.Kakaley3-7-3Right on course with 201110-1
1 Winbak PrinceA.Napolitano5-1-4Bounced off the upset5-1
5 Fox Valley LargoG.Napolitano4-4-3Not a ten claimer12-1
8 I Need A DrinkT.Jackson6-6-9Don't we all20-1
9 Native JusticeA.McCarthy8-4-7Field filler15-1

Fourth-$18,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $18,000 last 5
5 MagglioT.Buter4-2-5Drops and pops7-2
3 Green DayH.Parker3-4-1A good third to Tui3-1
2 Wind SurferM.Kakaley2-6-3Another who chased Tui9-2
7 UpfrontstrikesgoldE.Carlson3-5-8Best of the remainders5-1
8 Spectator KG.Napolitano2-1-6Norris barn remains warm12-1
4 Proud MomentB.Simpson7-1-7Seems a tad shaky4-1
6 Cameron ChipD.Dube7-7-4Takes a while to get moving8-1
1 All About JusticeM.Simons5-4-4Much quick last year10-1

Fifth-$14,000 Clm.Hndcp Pace;clm.price $15-20,000
6 Sniper SeelsterJ.Pavia4-3-3Guns them down4-1
7 Pacific Reign NG.Napolitano7-3-1Quick on the trigger7-2
3 Four Starz TwinsE.Carlson5-2-2George opted off3-1
4 Excel NineD.Dube4-4-2Another Nap chose off9-2
8 LockloadnexplodeM.Kakaley2-2-6Post the main hurdle10-1
9 Sgt CharlieE.Ledford1-2-1Hot commodity6-1
2 Premier FlashT.Buter6-5-3This is a tough group8-1
1 CruznwithdabigdogA.McCarthy8-8-5Still struggling15-1
5 Western ArtworkA.Napolitano8-7-9Clogged rim last week20-1

Sixth-$15,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $13,500 last 5
7 Rader DetectorT.Buter3-3-6Raging with pace7-2
9 Diamond Stick PinG.Napolitano1-7-2Impressed in victory4-1
5 Racing RockyM.Teague4-1-33yr old tries older3-1
3 B N BadJ.Pavia5-3-1Pavia stable doing better9-2
6 R CaanM.Kakaley1-1-3Demolished lesser6-1
1 Picture MeD.Dube9-5-5Lacks any consistency8-1
2 CapoteT.Jackson4-7-82nd start off the claim10-1
4 DoubleshotascotchE.Carlson6-5-2A bit dull20-1
8 Four Starz KyleA.Napolitano8-1-2Forget it15-1

Seventh-$8,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $10,000
5 Cannae BarronM.Kakaley9-1-2Time to make amends3-1
4 Four Starz KingG.Napolitano2-6-2Race is for place6-1
3 Mr SnickerT.Buter9-2-5Holzman still having big yr7-2
6 Mr GeniusE.Carlson6-2-3Rucker-Carlson team up4-1
9 Art's SonB.Simpson2-6-4Usually a long price8-1
1 IntegrityJ.Pavia7-6-7Best work done in Ohio9-2
8 Ar EdA.Napolitano4-7-4Off since July10-1
2 LastcomicstandingT.Jackson6-7-5Rolled over15-1
7 Lies Lies LiesJ.Taggart9-8-1…..and more lies20-1

Eighth-$21,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $23,000 last 5
7 Hurrikane KingcoleD.Dube3-1-6Swoops on bye5-2
2 A J CorbelliG.Napolitano1-2-5Pocket rocket vs lesser4-1
6 AnnieswesterncardM.Kakaley3-4-7Down from the Open7-2
3 Easy AgainM.Teague2-1-7Still a quality youngster5-1
4 Mustang ArtT.Buter2-1-3Closing in on $100k for yr6-1
1 Bettors GlassA.McCarthy4-1-2Nice late kick8-1
5 Flipper JE.Ledford7-5-1This is like mini-Open12-1
8 Avenue HanoverM.Silva6-1-8Silva with rare drive20-1
9 Power Of MomentB.Simpson6-6-2Ships in from Yonkers15-1

Ninth-$12,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $15,000
9 Boiler Bob The QbA.McCarthy1-2-6Never better10-1
6 Brave CallT.Buter2-5-4Raced ok since purchase9-2
7 Court JesterE.Ledford1-2-1Monti import8-1
1 Itchy Pickle'sG.Napolitano5-8-7Should be closer to action7-2
2 Another Homer NE.Carlson6-4-5Reds with they hand another3-1
5 Cheyenne OxeJ.Pavia4-5-5Gaps a bit early on15-1
4 StandupnkissmeM.Simons9-4-5Not right6-1
3 IndescribableD.Dube7-9-6Sits in4-1
8 Scottie CM.Kakaley1-8-8Needs start or two20-1

Tenth-$25,000 Open Pace
6 Hypnotic Blue ChipG.Napolitano2-2-1Versatility the difference5-2
7 One More LaughR.Schnittker1-3-3Much better of recent7-2
1 TranscendingM.Kakaley1-3-1Back from Vernon3-1
5 Rockin GlassJ.Pavia3-8-1Does lose Napolitano9-2
4 Bet The TownA.Napolitano5-1-2Done super for Sheridan6-1
3 Mickey HanoverD.Dube6-6-1Not an Open caliber pacer12-1
2 Rock'emE.Ledford1-5-8Last race was in Aug8-1

Eleventh-$10,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $12,500
9 Northern Smoke OutJ.Pavia8-1-1Time to get out the fire pit!8-1
1 It'sgottabemywayM.Kakaley2-3-6Main rival4-1
5 Sonic RaiderG.Napolitano1-3-3Wide open affair7-2
3 Come TogetherH.Parker4-6-3Hoping for a quick pace3-1
7 Must Be The BunnyE.Carlson1-4-2Re-claimed by Liebowitz6-1
2 Joans Bad BoyA.Napolitano3-2-5Done better since lasix9-2
8 Maybe I'm A ReiT.Buter9-2-6Walloped vs similar10-1
4 Jersey DanA.McCarthy5-4-4A toss15-1
6 MobileM.Simons5-5-3Disconnected20-1

Twelfth-$25,000 Open Trot
5 Just Like LloydG.Napolitano2-1-7Hits high gear9-2
3 ZoomingT.Buter1-3-2Going well for team Buter5-2
7 TuiA.Napolitano1-1-2Goes as far as she can7-2
4 ToberJ.Pavia2-3-3Does retain Pavia6-1
2 Neighsay HanoverR.Schnittker1-6-1Been racing in NY3-1
1 JC Mik Mac JillioE.Ledford4-5-5Remains overmatched8-1
6 Pembroke PrayerD.Dube8-4-4Trails12-1

Thirteenth-$16,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $25,000
7 Fat Mans AlleyD.Dube2-6-2Dube the difference5-1
6 McsocksG.Napolitano1-3-2Steady as they come2-1
5 In Mint ConditionM.Kakaley6-1-1Shows that late power again7-2
1 Odin Blue ChipJ.Pavia3-2-7Nap opted elsewhere3-1
2 All Summer LongE.Carlson4-6-2Use in super's6-1
3 Fine Fine FineB.Simpson7-4-3Doesn't belong12-1
4 Katelyn's ScottA.McCarthy9-6-6One more race to go10-1

Fourteenth-$15,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $13,000 last 5
1 RiverfestJ.Pavia9-1-7The best bet3-1
2 Rules ClearT.Buter3-2-3Back from the Red Mile7-2
7 Take HeartB.Simpson4-3-3Has won here before8-1
8 Florida Mac AttackA.Napolitano4-6-2Again down in class9-2
3 Stretch LimoA.McCarthy3-2-2Andy batting just .2095-1
6 Keepin The ChipsG.Napolitano5-7-7Crushed up10-1
4 Rapid StrategyM.Kakaley6-3-6No choice but to avoid4-1
5 Dr CalE.Carlson7-3-1See you on Tues12-1

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