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Just Like Lloyd has just been sensational for trainer Rene Allard since the claim of $20,000 back on September 28. The four-year old Like A Prayer gelding was a strong second right off the purchase and a recent winner of the $25,000 Open Trot two weeks ago, in a sharp 1:53.2 at Pocono Downs. His form has never been better than it is right now, and you throw Sevruga and Big Rigs into the mix tonight and I think we just may get some decent value on this George Napolitano reined trotter. In any case, when it all shakes out in the tenth race feature, let's put or coin on Just Like Lloyd to get it all!



Post Time 6:30 p.m.
All Races One Mile

First-$16,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $25,000
2 Courser HanoverT.Buter5-1-1Takes the opener5-2
3 Oyster BayM.Kakaley4-2-1Likely pacesetter3-1
6 Elusive RewardA.McCarthy1-6-7Wired cheaper6-1
1 In Mint ConditionE.Carlson9-5-6Struggled with older foes7-2
4 Grandstand HitterA.Napolitano8-3-5The Giants are indeed hot9-2
7 Fall ToyG.Napolitano7-5-8New to the Kesmodel barn8-1
5 Fine Fine FineB.Simpson6-7-7Does not belong12-1

Second-$18,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $18,000 last 5
8 Sand WyndhamJ.Pavia1-1-6Keeps getting ignored, why?5-1
4 Westside LindyM.Kakaley2-6-2Flashes speed off the gait9-2
6 Imperial CountH.Parker3-2-4Has improved with lasix3-1
7 Windsun GalaxieA.McCarthy3-7-1Re-qualfied in good order7-2
2 Commander KG.Napolitano2-2-1Couldn't handle lesser4-1
1 All About JusticeM.Simons7-1-5Bounced off the upset8-1
3 Awsome ValleyT.Buter3-1-2New to Pocono12-1
5 April SunshineA.Napolitano5-3-1Leveled off10-1

Third-$8,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $10,000
4 Four Starzzz KingG.Napolitano1-1-2Make it three in a row5-2
7 Artsbred CamotionM.Kakaley1-1-3In good form4-1
5 Bagel ManT.Buter2-5-4Solid ten claimer7-2
6 Haroun HanoverT.Jackson2-3-7Back from Harrah's5-1
1 Joans Bad BoyE.Carlson7-2-3Makes 1st start off the claim6-1
2 Winbak PrinceA.Napolitanox-4-5Had a DNF last wk12-1
3 Hanks KidM.Romano6-3-3I'll pass on8-1
8 Lombo Powershot AA.McCarthy8-8-7Again eighth15-1
9 Native JusticeM.Simons5-6-8Forget about it20-1

Fourth-$10,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $12,500
7 It'sgottabemywayJ.Pavia6-2-3It's his way today4-1
2 Brave CallT.Buter3-3-2Down a bit in price, strong5-2
1 Court JesterG.Napolitano3-9-1Speed failing him a bit3-1
3 Allamerican ApacheE.Ledford5-1-4Ledford in for another Sat5-1
8 Jersey DanA.McCarthy4-5-5Again stuck outside6-1
6 Pride And GloryM.Romano8-5-6Matt trains and steers10-1
4 Night Train ShaneM.Kakaley5-6-8I'd stay clear12-1
5 Cheyenne OxeJ.Taggart6-6-4Little since the purchase15-1

Fifth-$15,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $14,000 last 5
1 JL Rockin JakeM.Kakaley7-2-8Controls the action3-1
6 Sweet JoeG.Napolitano2-2-1Shown some nice late trot6-1
4 Sleek N WowM.Simons5-8-5Remains inconsistent7-2
8 Broadway RocksE.Carlson1-5-2Post the main hurdle8-1
2 Night's FleetH.Parker2-2-4Returns from Philly9-2
3 Stretch LimoA.McCarthy3-3-3Done ok for Kavoleff4-1
5 Newport VoloT.Jackson4-1-8Reunites with Jackson15-1
9 Cameron ChipB.Simpson6-7-7Takes too long to kick in10-1
7 American LassieT.Buter4-1-5Buter the new pilot20-1

Sixth-$12,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $15,000
6 Must Be The BunnyB.Simpson1-4-1Found his stride4-1
1 Cane RidgeG.Napolitano1-3-7Beat similar at Harrah's3-1
4 Sgt CharlieE.Ledford5-2-1Raced poorly at even money5-2
7 Premier FlashM.Kakaley4-7-6Been a hot commodity15-1
5 CruznwithdabigdogM.Romano3-5-8Still not a believer10-1
8 Four Starz TwinsE.Carlson8-6-5Tends to get used up early20-1
9 IndecribableJ.Pavia1-4-7Nap opted off12-1
2 Western ArtworkA.Napolitano8-8-7Drops, doesn't matter6-1
3 Three New DawnsT.Buter7-7-8Look another direction5-1

Seventh-$21,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $28,500 last 5
9 ZoomingT.Buter2-3-1Capable of overcoming post9-2
4 Pilgrims ChuckieM.Romano4-3-1The talent is there4-1
6 Bambino HallG.Napolitano1-3-2Like this oval8-1
2 Affirmed ActionM.Simons3-5-2Has speed to get nice trip10-1
3 LikeabatoutahellA.McCarthy4-1-3Very classy gelding6-1
5 TuiA.Napolitano5-7-1Mare tries the boys7-2
7 Tagyoureit HanoverT.Jackson4-1-2Hung mile in latest3-1
8 Definitely MamieJ.Pavia1-5-5Has had a stout season20-1
1 JC Mik Mac JillioM.Kakaley5-4-5Yet to show much spunk15-1

Eighth-$8,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $10,000
3 Uncle PatT.Buter1-8-5Ready for that next step9-2
4 Upfront MindaleE.Ledford5-6-8Fraley trainee4-1
2 Come TogetherM.Kakaley7-3-4Rounds out the trifecta7-2
5 Allamerican MajorG.Napolitano7-2-2In the fight3-1
8 Diamonds RevengeA.McCarthy2-2-4Very tough race8-1
9 Northmedo CruiserE.Carlson3-7-1Going to need big rally15-1
7 Art's SonB.Simpson4-7-2Simpson driving at .17620-1
1 Ar EdA.Napolitano5-5-4Running on E10-1
6 Northern Smoke OutJ.Pavia9-9-8Smoked yet again6-1

Ninth-$15,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $14,000 last 5
5 Scorcher HallH.Parker8-1-2Coast to coast7-2
6 Monsignor FlanM.Kakaley5-2-3Former Open trotter3-1
7 Fuel CellG.Napolitano1-4-4Looked super right off claim6-1
4 Winning FireworksM.Simons3-5-2Winner of over $300k life4-1
2 Spice It Up LindyT.Jackson3-3-7Best work done at Tioga9-2
1 M C FelixA.Napolitano2-1-6Speed falters tonight10-1
8 All Munky BusinessE.Carlson2-4-4Done well with Carlson up8-1
9 Florida Mac AttackA.McCarthy8-1-4Warm weather almost gone20-1
3 House On FireT.Buter6-1-4Burned up15-1

Tenth-$25,000 Open Trot
4 Just Like LloydG.Napolitano1-2-1On a roll4-1
8 SevrugaP.Berry3-1-4Been great for Julie Miller3-1
1 Big RigsE.Ledford1-1-2Lightly raced this season7-2
2 And Heez PerfectA.McCarthy1-2-1Won with Andy up before5-1
3 Photo KingM.Simons1-1-2Two-for-two since claim9-2
5 Calchips BruteT.Buter1-2-3Yonkers import8-1
6 Hava KadabraM.Kakaley3-7-3Gingras owns piece of this one10-1
7 Mama Made Me BlueB.Simpson2-8-6Field filler12-1

Eleventh-$21,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $24,000 last 5
1 A J CorbelliG.Napolitano4-1-2Due to make amends5-2
4 Bettors GlassH.Parker4-5-4Owns a nice brush10-1
3 Bittersweet ChampT.Jackson1-1-4Remains a sharp animal9-2
2 Mustang ArtT.Buter6-2-2Benefits from better draw4-1
8 AmillionpenniesM.Romano2-6-1Romano trains and drives15-1
5 ValentinoP.Berry1-3-6The class of the field3-1
6 Woodstock HanoverA.McCarthy3-1-2This is like a mini-Open6-1
7 Trend SpotterM.Kakaley1-5-5Certainly not up to these12-1

Twelfth-$14,000 Clm.Hndcp Pace;clm.price $15-20,000
6 Sniper SeelsterT.Buter4-1-4Mosher a hot trainer3-1
7 Sonic RaiderE.Carlson1-1-1Looks for 4 in a row7-2
8 Excel NineG.Napolitano2-4-4Does stay in live hands5-1
4 Boiler Bob The QbA.McCarthy9-2-1Andy's choice over #78-1
1 Itchy Pickle'sA.Napolitano2-1-5Recent Huff purchase4-1
5 Apache RenegadeE.Ledford7-3-9Kakaley opted off9-2
3 PrestissimoM.Kakaley6-7-92nd time lasix user10-1
2 TheredandpanlinesJ.Pavia7-9-6One more race to go12-1

Thirteenth-$15,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $16,000 last 5
5 Fat Mans AlleyG.Napolitano3-1-2Dark horse of the night15-1
3 Bet On The LawJ.Pavia2-2-4Fast 3yr old3-1
4 McclellandA.McCarthy1-3-4Was terrific in that triumph5-2
7 Georgetown NH.Parker1-1-7I am a Hoyas fan9-2
8 Rusty's All InE.Carlson2-2-6Needs a lively tempo10-1
2 Midas Blue ChipT.Buter4-3-7Sent by team Buter4-1
1 Risk ManagementM.Kakaley8-2-1Not worth the investment6-1
6 Four Starz KyleA.Napolitano6-2-8See you on Tues12-1

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