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February 19. 2013 3:25PM
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It's back to a big fifteen race program this evening, with both a $25,000 Open Trot & Pace featured on the slate. So be sure to get out and enjoy what's left of the season, as just three more weeks remain.



POST TIME 6:30 p.m.
All Races One Mile

First-$10,000 CKG Billings
3 Up Front BenD.Hoover3-1-1I'm not a Billings fan3-1
4 B L Class ActM.Mitchell2-10-1Raced a lot of these7-2
8 Jedrik HanoverM.Walker4-1-5Good luck to all participants4-1
2 She's A JailbirdD.Ehrenberg II1-2-2Won at Northfield9-2
6 Olvier KissS.Oldford5-1-3Fan favorite last couple6-1
5 Tremendous HitR.Heckoff5-3-1Had trip over track last wk8-1
7 Guiding LightD.Yarock3-7-1Dim chances10-1
1 Mr Big BoyM.Ruvola9-5-3Left in the dust15-1
9 DreamnwillieT.Williams4-6-3It's a nightmare20-1

Second-$14,000 Clm.Hndcp Pace;clm.price $15-20,000
4 Excel NineG.Napolitano1-2-4Nap's choice is mine5-2
1 Court JesterT.Buter1-3-9Speed demon up a peg3-1
7 Sgt CharlieM.Romano1-5-2Nice catch drive for Romano4-1
8 Four Starz TwinsE.Carlson2-8-6Raced decent off the claim12-1
3 Sniper SeelsterM.Kakaley7-4-1Leveled off6-1
6 Elusive RewardH.Parker7-1-6Bounced after the win9-2
2 Boiler Bob The QbE.Ledford8-9-2Leaking15-1
5 Go West Lucky CamM.Simons8-7-6Down the drain10-1

Third-$10,000 CKG Billings
5 Its Bush TimeS.Oldford7-8-8Kick starts the Pick 33-1
2 WhatnblazesD.Offenberg7-8-1Burns up to second7-2
3 Sam's HoneybeeA.Verruso8-5-7Rounds out the triple4-1
9 New ZionR.Krivelin5-3-3Superfecta player9-2
1 Killer WhaleB.Rathabone2-6-8Rathabone in CKG a while6-1
4 Gate KeeperV.Melnichenko1-5-2Been racing at Monti8-1
8 Rel Postage DueS.Hundson3-2-7Past due10-1
7 HowmuchubenchM.Walker4-9-6Not enough15-1
6 Norma Jean HallG.Bonomo6-6-6Remains winless in 201220-1

Fourth-$8,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $10,000
6 Allamerican MajorG.Napolitano3-7-2Holzman-Nap nice duo3-1
1 Artsbred CamotionM.Kakaley4-1-1Racing much better4-1
3 It'sgottabemywayE.Carlson5-6-2Oakes closing in on title5-2
2 Caviart SpencerJ.Pavia1-4-6Recent hot commodity6-1
9 Bagel ManT.Buter1-2-5Used hard early5-1
5 Hanks KidM.Romano5-6-3Matt down to just .13910-1
7 Winbak PrinceA.Napolitano3-x-4ANap trains and steers15-1
4 Northmedo CruiserE.Ledford3-7-1Sails south12-1
8 Lombo Powershot AH.Parker7-8-8Gunned down20-1

Fifth-$18,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $20,000 last 5
3 Definitely MamieJ.Pavia2-1-5Has had terrific season9-2
4 Hava KadabraM.Kakaley4-3-7Co-owned by Y.Gingras3-1
5 Ice MachineG.Napolitano1-1-5Found a groove4-1
6 Magic TonightJ.Rattray7-7-8PASS champ5-2
8 ZoomingT.Buter8-2-3Disappointing of late6-1
1 Magnum KosmosA.Miller1-7-7Developed bad habits12-1
7 Affirmed ActionM.Simons3-3-5Yet to win on season10-1
2 UpfrontstrikesgoldE.Carlson7-4-3Struck down15-1

Sixth-$10,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $12,500
3 Real AttitudeB.Simpson7-1-6Won here before9-2
1 Allamerican ApacheE.Ledford2-5-1Eric in for another Sat nite7-2
5 Brave CallT.Buter3-3-3Again finished in the show spot3-1
4 Toucam SamG.Napolitano2-4-2Yonkers invader4-1
7 Box Car JohnnieH.Parker5-3-6Johnnie Ward recommends6-1
6 Cheyenne OxeJ.Taggart4-6-6Often a long price15-1
2 Jersey DanM.Kakaley7-4-5Not his time8-1
8 Keytoourdreams NA.Napolitano5-8-4Turned backwards10-1
9 Grin BigJ.Pavia5-6-5Small20-1

Seventh-$21,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $23,000 last 5
3 DomethatagainB.Simpson1-1-12Talented colt4-1
6 Bettors GlassH.Parker2-4-5Solid, when on game7-2
8 A J CorbelliG.Napolitano4-4-1Burned cash before6-1
1 Bittersweet ChampT.Jackson5-1-1Had win streak snapped9-2
2 Woodstock HanoverT.Buter6-3-1Gets caught inside3-1
9 Dreamlands ArtM.Kakaley4-5-2Saddled with the nine slot8-1
5 AmillionpenniesM.Romano8-2-6Does get a better post10-1
4 Flipper JE.Ledford8-6-7No bite15-1
7 Mystic DesireA.Miller7-6-4Andy in for rare Sat night20-1

Eighth-$15,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $14,500 last 5
6 Mickey HanoverG.Napolitano5-6-6Overdue for a big mile6-1
3 Warrawee MonarchA.Napolitano1-6-2Won't get 9-1 again7-2
1 McclellandT.Buter5-1-3Couldn't equal that big win3-1
2 Kid CarsonA.Miller2-6-2Goes for team Miller9-2
7 Fall ToyH.Parker4-7-5Parker gets live drive20-1
8 Break EvenM.Kakaley2-2-2Couldn't beat easier8-1
5 Ourea NourrirE.Ledford1-3-6Yonkers import4-1
4 Rockin FinishT.Jackson5-1-73yr old tries older10-1
9 Southern SportJ.Paviax-1-3Way too far to go15-1

Ninth-$25,000 Open Trot
6 SevrugaA.Miller1-3-1Main reason Andy is in5-2
4 ToberJ.Pavia1-2-2Late season surge10-1
2 Photo KingM.Simons2-1-1Was super claim for Mullin9-2
8 Rose Run HooliganG.Napolitano4-1-1Millionaire trotter4-1
3 Big RigsE.Ledford6-1-1Yet to come back to life3-1
5 TuiA.Napolitano1-5-7Still a gutsy mare6-1
1 Neighsay HanoverR.Schnittker5-4-1Can't keep up12-1
7 H And M's HitM.Kakaley6-9-1Blasted15-1

Tenth-$25,000 Open Pace
6 Diamond Stick PinG.Napolitano1-1-1Loving Pocono5-2
1 Hypnotic Blue ChipE.Ledford9-1-2Didn't fire in Breeders Crown2-1
5 Mustang ArtT.Buter1-6-2Continues to improve6-1
2 Rockin The HouseM.Kakaley1-2-1Very aggressive pacer7-2
3 Tobago CaysA.Miller2-1-4Been racing in the Bronx5-1
4 Keystone VelocityT.Jackson6-1-3Rounds out the field10-1

Eleventh-$16,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $25,000
6 Courser HanoverT.Buter2-5-1Makes amends9-2
3 LockloadnexplodeE.Ledford3-1-3Remains in solid form4-1
7 Fat Mans AlleyG.Napolitano7-3-1Looks to bounce back5-1
2 Oyster BayM.Kakaley3-4-2Loves the front end3-1
8 In Mint ConditionE.Carlson1-9-5Still got that late brush7-2
4 Adams HanoverM.Dowdall2-3-4Newcomer from Meadows8-1
1 Wynsum MagicA.Miller5-5-7Out of tricks10-1
5 Grandstand HitterM.Simons6-8-3Grounds out12-1

Twelfth-$18,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $20,000 last 5
5 Sand WyndhamJ.Pavia3-1-1Remains strong4-1
3 In Your RoomM.Simons2-1-2Done super for Wrubel3-1
1 Proud MomentB.Simpson1-2-7Wired lesser stock6-1
4 Scorpion MoonA.Miller1-1-7Cagey vet still got it5-2
2 Westside LindyT.Buter5-2-6Buter the new pilot12-1
6 Pembroke PrayerG.Napolitano8-2-6I'll pass on9-2
8 JC Mik Mac JillioM.Kakaley6-5-4Yet to take to Pocono10-1
7 My Leap Of FaithT.Jackson4-5-6Off over a year15-1

Thirteenth-$8,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $10,000
9 Four Starzzz KingG.Napolitano2-1-1Down the road7-2
6 Come TogetherM.Kakaley1-7-3Competitive class3-1
5 Ar EdA.Napolitano2-5-5A bit short6-1
8 Joans Bad BoyE.Carlson6-7-2Didn't fire off the claim8-1
3 Northern Smoke OutJ.Pavia7-9-9Best of the rest4-1
4 Arts DayH.Parker5-3-3Monticello shipper6-1
1 Redneck RivieraT.Buter3-8-3Turning different colors10-1
7 Diamonds RevengeE.Ledford8-2-2Roughed up15-1
2 Mcardles StarB.Simpson5-1-4Not tonight20-1

Fourteenth-$12,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $15,000
3 Itchy Pickle'sG.Napolitano4-2-1Get's it done for the Arch man!7-2
2 Must Be The BunnyB.Simpson4-1-4Secures the exacta3-1
1 Sonic RaiderE.Carlson6-1-1Karrat's had nice campaign5-2
4 PrestissimoM.Kakaley2-6-7Lasix has helped6-1
6 Premier FlashT.Jackson3-4-7Jackson the new reinsman8-1
7 Cane RidgeE.Ledford1-3-7Missed a few wks9-2
5 IndescribableB.Simpson7-1-4One more race to go12-1

Fifteenth-$15,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $14,500 last 5
7 Blessed VictoryG.Napolitano1-1-3It's a Nap late double9-2
3 M C FelixA.Napolitano2-2-1Done much better on lead7-2
8 Tac's DelightJ.Pavia3-6-xDangerous if right3-1
5 Mama Made Me BlueB.Simpson8-2-8Drops from the Open5-1
2 All Munky BusinessE.Carlson5-2-4Does get improved draw4-1
1 Sweet JoeA.Miller8-2-2Sour10-1
4 Spectator KH.Parker9-5-2Go against8-1
6 Casanova LindyA.Napolitano3-1-2See you on Tues12-1

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