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It's a fantastic late season racing card on slate for this evening at the Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs, with both a $25,000 Open Trot & Pace being the main attractions. The countdown is on as just six live racing programs remain after tonight. Let's see if we can work some late season magic and find a couple of hidden gems and score the On The Mark followers some well deserved Christmas cash!!



POST TIME 6:30 p.m.
All Races One Mile

First-$15,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $15,500 last 5
5 Monsignor FlanM.Kakaley1-6-5More than capable3-1
3 Westside LindyT.Buter2-5-2Race is on for place7-2
4 Sweet JoeG.Napolitano8-8-2Note the driver change10-1
8 Macho LindyJ.Pavia3-2-1Classy guy not the same9-2
7 All Munky BusinessE.Carlson4-5-2Hugs the rail5-1
2 Casanova LindyA.Napolitano7-3-1Level below these4-1
1 My Leap Of FaithT.Jackson7-4-5Jump right over8-1
6 Celebrity ObsesionJ.Taggart3-1-1Tires quickly12-1

Second-$8,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $10,000
4 Legal JusticeM.Simons8-1-1Drops and pops7-2
1 Four Starzzz KingG.Napolitano9-2-1Went up in flames last 25-2
7 Allamerican MajorT.Buter5-3-7Buter back in bike4-1
5 Ar EdA.Napolitano2-2-5Improved pacer6-1
6 Northern Smoke OutJ.Pavia4-7-9Pavia trains and steers8-1
3 Artsbred CamotionM.Kakaley9-4-1Stopped badly last Sat5-1
2 Northmedo CruiserE.Carlson7-3-7Wrong part of town15-1
8 Jolt DemandedE.Ledford5-3-8Has missed some time12-1
9 Lombo Powershot AM.Romano8-7-8Blasted20-1

Third-$15,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $15,500 last 5
3 Tac's DelightJ.Pavia1-3-6Was obviously ready3-1
4 M C FelixA.Napolitano3-2-2Still fast off the wings4-1
6 Affirmed ActionT.Buter6-3-3Down a little in class9-2
5 In Your RoomM.Simons3-2-1Doesn't hold well late5-2
8 Civic DutyG.Napolitano1-1-7Looks for three in a row12-1
1 Spice It Up LindyT.Jackson3-3-3Capable, when on game10-1
2 UpfrontstrikesgoldE.Carlson3-7-4A bronze at best6-1
7 Our Last PhotoM.Kakaley1-5-2Staggers home15-1

Fourth-$14,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $20,000
1 Elusive RewardG.Napolitano2-7-1Cruises5-2
5 Oyster BayM.Kakaley2-3-4Sits the pocket3-1
3 Sonic RaiderJ.Pavia1-6-1Re-joins Rucker stable4-1
7 In Mint ConditionE.Carlson5-1-9Flashes late pace when on 6-1
4 Go West Lucky CamM.Simons3-8-7Too little, too late9-2
2 CapoteA.Napolitano3-3-4Didn't fire at 1-2 odds10-1
6 Four Starz TwinsT.Buter5-2-8Posts have not been kind15-1
8 Wit And WisdomE.Ledford6-7-6No answers12-1

Fifth-$25,000 Open Trot
7 ToberJ.Pavia1-1-2Has had superb season3-1
4 MymomsablizzardE.Carlson1-1-6Won here before7-2
5 TuiA.Napolitano2-1-5Loves the engine5-2
2 Wind SurferM.Kakaley1-1-4Winner of over $747k life6-1
3 Rose Run HooliganG.Napolitano5-4-1Moves in, but a little off9-2
1 Photo KingM.Simons7-2-1Leveled off?8-1
6 On The TabE.Ledford7-6-2Yonkers shipper12-1

Sixth-$15,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $13,000 last 5
8 Hrubys N LuckG.Napolitano6-7-1Loves this track7-2
4 Bettors GlassH.Parker4-2-4Flying at the end3-1
3 Break EvenM.Kakaley8-2-2From the Burke stable5-1
2 Four Starz KyleA.Napolitano1-6-6Moves up off score4-1
5 Cheyenne KnightM.Simons4-3-4Good check getter9-2
6 Ourea NourrirE.Ledford7-1-3Bounced off the victory10-1
1 Art Of TemptationT.Buter1-1-4Asking a bit much8-1
7 Southern SportJ.Pavia9-x-1Little since that triumph12-1

Seventh-$18,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $21,500 last 5
3 Hava KadabraM.Kakaley1-4-3Never in doubt5-2
2 ZoomingT.Buter4-8-2Gets needed inside draw3-1
5 Imperial CountH.Parker1-3-2Comes off career mile4-1
8 Scorcher HallT.Jackson1-8-1Solid, but eight post kills12-1
6 Blessed VictoryE.Carlson2-1-1Late on the scene10-1
1 All About JusticeM.Simons2-7-1This is a very good race9-2
4 Bank PresidentG.Napolitano3-5-3Back from the Bronx6-1
7 Magnum KosmosJ.Taggart8-1-7Bad habits15-1
9 Spectator KC.Norris5-9-5Stomped20-1

Eighth-$10,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $12,500
3 Real AttitudeB.Simpson4-7-1Should be a nice price5-1
2 Brave CallG.Napolitano2-3-3The chalk5-2
4 Come TogetherM.Kakaley1-1-7Up a notch in price3-1
5 Toucan SamT.Buter7-2-4Pellegrino training at .3584-1
7 MobileM.Simons2-3-8Better since lasix added6-1
1 Grin BigJ.Pavia9-5-6Didn't fire in comeback12-1
9 Pride And GloryM.Romano1-6-8Out of bullets10-1
6 Keytoourdreams NA.Napolitano8-5-8Locked up15-1
8 Jersey DanE.Carlson5-7-4Trails20-1

Ninth-$21,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $31,500 last 5
2 Just Like LloydG.Napolitano3-1-2Very consistent indeed5-2
4 Pilgrims ChuckieT.Buter4-4-3Still a solid trotter6-1
5 And Heez PerfectM.Simons5-1-2Raced top company all yr3-1
3 ZitomiraJ.Ingrassia2-4-1Come into her own4-1
6 Definitely MamieJ.Pavia2-2-1Dangerous for sure10-1
1 Ice MachineE.Carlson5-1-1Melts9-2
8 Proud MomentB.Simpson5-1-2Sad tonight15-1
7 H And M's HitM.Kakaley6-6-9Never in it12-1

Tenth-$25,000 Open Pace
3 Keystone VelocityT.Jackson1-6-1Tough if can repeat last wk3-1
2 Mustang ArtA.Napolitano2-1-6Holding his own9-2
1 Rockin The HouseM.Kakaley4-1-2Took bad shuffle last Sat7-2
4 Diamond Stick PinG.Napolitano6-1-1Is he up to these?5-2
6 Woodstock HanoverT.Buter1-6-3Not an Open pacer6-1
5 Tobago CaysH.Parker5-2-1Ditto for this guy8-1
7 Panbg ShuiM.Simons4-8-6First start since Jan12-1

Eleventh-$8,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $10,000
6 Mcardles StarB.Simpson3-5-1Darkhorse of the night8-1
2 Boiler Bob The QbE.Ledford7-8-9The one to beat off drop7-2
1 Uncle PatM.Kakaley4-1-8How much is left?6-1
5 It'sgottabemywayE.Carlson1-5-6All out in that win5-2
3 Caviart SpencerJ.Pavia3-1-4Watch the tote board4-1
9 Rise Above ItT.Buter9-7-8Goes for team Buter10-1
4 Winbank PrinceA.Napolitano6-3-xLoses5-1
7 Native JusticeM.Simons8-5-6Beaten by 17 lengths last two20-1
8 Hanks KidM.Romano4-5-6Stuck in the basement15-1

Twelfth-$16,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $25,000
1 Courser HanoverT.Buter1-2-5Paces over the field2-1
6 LockloadnexplodeE.Ledford6-3-1Best of the rest6-1
3 Sgt CharlieG.Napolitano1-1-5Become a hot commodity5-2
2 Adams HanoverM.Dowdall3-2-3Raced big at long price5-1
4 Astounding HanoverT.Jackson7-2-2I'll pass7-2
5 Wynsum MagicJ.Pavia4-5-5No tricks remain10-1

Thirteenth-$12,000 Clm.Hndcp Pace;clm.price $12-15,000
3 Allamerican ApacheE.Ledford1-2-5Kicks off late double3-1
7 PrestissimoM.Kakaley2-2-6Gutsy 9yr old7-2
6 Cane RidgeE.Carlson3-1-3Carlson takes over lines9-2
2 Court JesterT.Buter8-1-3Pure speedball5-2
1 Cheyenne OxeJ.Taggart3-4-6Slim chances8-1
4 IndescribableG.Napolitano5-7-1Not even Nap can help12-1
5 Must Be The BunnyM.Romano7-4-1One more to go6-1

Fourteenth-$18,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $20,000 last 4
4 DvcflyingfrenchmanG.Napolitano2-6-1Another strong Gregory claimer6-1
1 AmillionpenniesM.Romano2-8-2Strong when drawing well3-1
2 McclellandT.Buter1-5-1Dominated cheaper5-2
7 Cinderella GuyE.Carlson3-2-5Will need start or two9-2
3 Bittersweet ChampT.Jackson5-5-1Shuffled out7-2
5 Warrawee MonarchA.Napolitano2-1-6I'll say no12-1
6 Damon Blue ChipM.Kakaley3-1-11See you on Tues8-1

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