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Counting tonight, just TWO more live racing programs remain for the 2012 season at The Mohegan Sun at Pocono Downs. This evening's slate is a twelve race card, with a $25,000 Mares Open Pace the featured attraction. In that tenth race I am leaning towards the newest pacer to the Rene Allard stable and that's Farouche Hanover. The five-year old McArdle mare has been racing against top flight stock in Pittsburgh, with limited success. Allard has been known to change horses around for the better and I would look for Farouche Hanover to take it to the next level, with leading driver George Napolitano, in that competitive Open Pace beginning tonight!





POST TIME 6:30 p.m.
All Races One Mile

First-$6,000 Clm.Trot;clm.price $7,500
3 IdadazzleG.Napolitano1-1-21-5 material5-2
2 B ContemporaryM.Simons3-1-1Race is for place3-1
6 Eng-Amer DavantiA.Napolitano2-7-3Chased home choice in last12-1
1 Grace N CharlieA.Sigelman4-7-2Note the driver change9-2
4 Like A HushM.Kakaley4-1-4Matt's choice over #14-1
7 Keystone TorchT.Buter6-3-711yr old still going10-1
5 Crystal SizzlerA.McCarthy6-3-2Fizzles out4-1
8 Shelly RossE.Carlson3-5-6Last of all15-1

Second-$4,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $5,000
3 Wesley SnipG.Napolitano1-1-5Veteran got it going again5-2
2 Thunder SeelsterE.Carlson7-2-2Oakes training at .4217-2
7 Tyler's Echo NT.Jackson1-3-9Upset similar last wk6-1
4 KennairnmachmagicA.McCarthy4-6-3Takes plenty of air5-1
5 Kel's ReturnB.Simpson6-6-1Puckered out after that win4-1
8 Absolutely MichaelM.Romano2-1-3Post the main hurdle8-1
1 Prairie GanacheE.Sager8-4-5Mare tries the boys10-1
6 How Sweet Thou ArtJ.Taggart5-7-2Sour12-1

Third-$9,500 Cond.Trot;n/w 1 pm race life
6 Muscle MountainJ.Takter2-4-3Climbs to the top of the hill3-1
4 Due CalzeM.Simons2-2-5Again grabs a second4-1
9 Don DineroG.Napolitano6-2-7Does retain Nap6-1
5 Explosive FashionJ.Taggart2-2-2Knocking on the door7-2
8 Veebas Red DiamondE.Carlson4-7-2Late starting colt8-1
2 Rosannadanna TimT.Jackson8-5-6Little to offer9-2
7 Megabar LennyT.Buter7-4-4Shuts it down10-1
1 GomerA.McCarthy5-6-7Goes for a cold barn15-1
3 Quantum DonatoH.Parker8-8-4An also ran20-1

Fourth-$4,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $5,000
5 Really Showing OffM.Kakaley7-3-4Matt's choice is mine too4-1
2 Satin SpiderJ.Kakaley2-3-1It's a son-father exacta3-1
1 Haroun HanoverE.Carlson3-5-9Rail can't hurt chances7-2
6 State Of The UnionT.Buter5-8-1Locally owned pacer8-1
7 Jimmie HanoverG.Napolitano5-5-2Didn't fire as the favorite5-1
4 The Real DanT.Jackson8-2-4Can't sustain bid9-2
3 Lifetime LouieA.Napolitano5-8-8Lacks any speed10-1
8 Quik Change ArtistA.McCarthy7-6-4Slow indeed12-1

Fifth-$6,000 Clm.Trot;clm.price $7,500
5 Spit N ShineE.Carlson1-2-9Coast to coast5-2
6 LitigatorA.Napolitano3-3-1Fairly steady9-2
2 M S Heather MJ.Taggart3-1-4Mare needs more toughness3-1
1 HalfpipeG.Napolitano4-5-9Tough one to gauge4-1
3 Winsome WonderM.Simons2-5-8Chased winner on Fri night12-1
4 Four Starz ConwayM.Kakaley8-2-8Broke in most recent10-1
8 Muscles To SpareA.McCarthy2-6-4Seen better days6-1
7 DJ John BoyB.Simpson6-4-4Often a long price15-1

Sixth-$12,000 Clm.Pace;clm.price $15,000
2 MamasaidsoA.Napolitano1-2-6Dominated off the claim5-2
1 Live WireM.Kakaley5-4-1Moves inside for Erv Miller4-1
3 Donna PartyE.Carlson2-5-6Gets piece of the pie3-1
4 Friskie BeautyM.Simons9-4-3Bath's had a nice season5-1
9 MisschipbyartA.McCarthy5-9-7New to Reynolds barn15-1
8 Mcnickes McdimesG.Napolitano4-7-5Tired pacer12-1
7 Bestest HanoverTn.Schadel6-3-3Going nowhere10-1
6 PansphobicT.Buter7-6-8Walloped in PD debut6-1
5 Co-Op HanoverB.Simpson8-8-8Again in the cellar20-1

Seventh-$9,000 Cond.Trot;n/w $4,000 last 5
4 Stormy New YorkT.Buter2-1-4Sharp connections3-1
2 Fun N PleasureH.Parker1-3-8Pocket rocket in win7-2
7 LubbockA.Napolitano2-5-4Raced well on Fri night8-1
6 Mystical ConL.Miller1-5-4Miller got a much needed W10-1
5 Over RuledE.Carlson2-7-8Use in super's9-2
1 New IdentityA.McCarthy6-1-8Bad habits6-1
3 Victor's FutureG.Napolitano6-6-7Lasix hasn't helped4-1
8 Marion MonacoM.Kakaley2-8-4Not won all season15-1
9 Glide SpeedP.Gerry8-7-5Could be 99-1 at post20-1

Eighth-$9,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $4,000 last 5
3 Mattox's SpencerG.Napolitano8-6-7George the difference3-1
7 Battle CallT.Buter3-6-8Too little, too late4-1
8 Blue ClawE.Carlson3-2-6Classy animal7-2
9 Joey HackettB.Simpson1-3-4Feliciani's favorite horse15-1
5 Raging GrinM.Simons7-7-6Simons owns and drives6-1
5 Jersey DanM.Kakaley6-5-7A bit off form9-2
4 Western ArtworkA.McCarthy4-8-8Gaps out8-1
2 Town TreasureB.Adams7-7-6Won't be cashing in20-1
1 Tom's TorpedoTn.Schadel8-3-7Out of bullets10-1

Ninth-$10,000 Clm.Hndcp Pace;clm.price $10-12,500
7 XposureG.Napolitano1-3-3More Nap chalk5-2
6 Hailstorm VoloA.Napolitano2-2-6Chases brother again3-1
4 A Real LaserM.Kakaley2-3-1Overachiever4-1
9 My Cinnamon GirlA.McCarthy4-1-6Tries claiming ranks10-1
3 AshcroftM.Simons6-1-3Bounced off that win5-1
5 Marion MatildaJ.Taggart9-4-2Another falling in class6-1
8 CheT.Buter4-5-2Checked out12-1
2 Peggy's LaughterT.Jackson4-8-8Joke is on her20-1
1 Luv Ya TylerE.Carlson6-5-8Kiss your deuce goodbye15-1

Tenth-$25,000 Mares Open Pace
1 Farouche HanoverG.Napolitano4-1-2Large and in charge3-1
2 Billmar ScooterT.Buter3-3-1Certainly a quality mare5-2
3 Ooh Bad SharkH.Parker2-1-2Sharp pacer4-1
8 AthleticlyinclinedM.Kakaley1-1-4Been racing well at Yonkers9-2
4 Diamond TiaraE.Carlson1-2-1Big step up ladder10-1
6 Moonlite DeliteT.Jackson1-4-8Jackson catch drives12-1
5 Run On LuckA.McCarthy2-3-2Winner of over $540k life6-1
7 Runaway TrayJ.Taggart2-6-1Not an Open mare15-1

Eleventh-$4,500 Clm.Pace;clm.price $5,000
4 Our Connor Mac NM.Simons4-4-7Starts off late double7-2
5 Firiel HanoverM.Kakaley4-5-5Not the best of fields3-1
7 Young And FoolishA.McCarthy7-4-8Could be a box car race10-1
1 Master Of WarsM.Romano4-6-9All have a chance in here9-2
2 Bond Blue ChipB.Simpson6-9-4Plenty of tough luck4-1
3 JeremyT.Buter9-4-5Raced poorly upon return6-1
9 BafflerH.Parker6-9-4Struggled all season15-1
6 No Mo ParkingA.Siegelman6-7-7New to the Siegelman barn8-1
8 Sarah's LegacyE.Carlson5-8-8One more race to go20-1

Twelfth-$15,000 Cond.Pace;n/w $13,000 last 5
3 Cowboys DreamerA.McCarthy2-1-7Darkhorse of the night8-1
8 Up Front Kellie JoG.Napolitano3-5-7More than capable3-1
2 Tykesa MoonM.Kakaley4-5-3Burke trainee7-2
5 Kiddie MccardleM.Romano1-9-5Grabs a check5-1
7 Mac's JourneyB.Simpson1-1-7Needs start or two12-1
1 Glam CamM.Simons6-6-3Has to time the brush9-2
4 Kitty's Pro GirlE.Carlson7-5-1Left behind4-1
6 Nite GamesT.Buter7-3-8See you tomorrow10-1
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