Reader objects to bride photos

June 9th, 2015 7:14 pm

First Posted: 8/25/2014

I grimace every time I read the Sunday newspaper and look at the social section. The brides all look as if they are going to a prom. Also, I don’t know if they are trying to get into their gowns or out of them. One recent Sunday, there was a very nice picture of a bride; however, her husband had on shorts! I’m glad I was raised differently.

Today’s children know only a computer, a cellphone and how to text. What happened to reading, writing and arithmetic? They know none of that. Yes, I have a computer. It is old and slow, like me. I have a cellphone, which I use only for emergency. I don’t text, because when I went to school, I learned shorthand and never forgot it.

Is it television or sex-a-vision? It is really hard to find a television show that is not ridden with sex. What has happened to our society? Why aren’t there more shows like “Perry Mason,” “Bewitched,” “Gidget,” “The Flying Nun,” “Gunsmoke,” “Bonanza,” “Blue Bloods,” just to name a few? The commercials are not that much better. They are raising a lot of questions from our young people. You may say I’m old-fashioned. I’m proud of that and I will stay with the classics.

Shirley Alles