Laflin girl enjoys filming ‘Sugar Skull Girls’

June 9th, 2015 9:30 pm

First Posted: 7/14/2014

The cast of characters includes a ghost, a vampire and a pale witch, so will the independent movie “Sugar Skull Girls” have audiences shivering in their seats?

“No, it’s not really frightening,” 14-year-old Isabella Sobejano said with a smile. “It’s a cute Halloween story, not horror or gory.”

Sobejano, a recent graduate of Wilkes-Barre Academy who lives in Laflin, is excited about landing the role of Venus, a pink-tinted shapeshifter who was conjured from the grave, along with her sisters Luna and Blue, courtesy of a miscast spell.

Oops. Now the supernatural trio has to try to blend in with regular students at a high school — which can be difficult when you’re capable of changing into a Venus fly-trap, as Sobejano’s character does in one scene.

Her role also calls for levitation, and it might have been fun, Sobejano admitted, if she had to be physically raised with wires and a pulley system. But that would be the old-fashioned way to float. “Sugar Skull Girls,” planned for release in 2015, achieves a levitation effect by using a green screen.

The movie is directed by Christian Grillo and its website describes Venus, Luna and Blue as “demonic sisters who resemble neo-goth voodoo dolls … with impeccable fashion sense and teen-age angst.”

Speaking of angst, the young heroines have to deal with a mean girl and her posse, as well as an evil white witch.

As for fashion, Sobejano said, her character wears a pink leather jacket, scarf and sunglasses with a 1950s feel, Luna’s wardrobe will remind viewers of the Renaissance and Blue’s clothes speak to the 1980s.

Pumpkin soldiers and plenty of Halloween candy add to the fun of the plot.

Landing the role was “a long process,” Sobejano’s mother, Paola Bianco said, describing how it included sending out a demo reel and attending auditions in Philadelphia.

The movie is just the latest gig for the Laflin girl, who started modeling as a toddler wearing a cute dress in a Boscov’s circular.

Among her experiences in front of a camera, she has appeared in television commercials for a calcium supplement and has helped advertise a line of children’s eyeglasses as well as the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP.) In 2013 she had one of the title roles in a short film called “The Final Days of Bucky and the Beat.”

In recent weeks Sobejano has traveled frequently to the Philadelphia area to film “Sugar Skull Girls.”

That means she and her mom have given up a vacation that the rest of the family, which includes dad Antonio Sobejano and 12-year-old brother Claudio, plan to take.

But no matter. The whole family expects to travel to Alaska later this year.

Traveling and tennis are two things Isabella Sobejano really enjoys, along with acting. She sees performances as “just a pastime. I want to go into science.”