PGC successfully rescues two bucks

June 23rd, 2015 7:25 pm

First Posted: 11/13/2013

Susquehanna County wildlife conservation officer Richard Briggs responded to a rather unique call on Tuesday, when a hunter reported two eight-point bucks that were stuck at the bottom of a 7-foot deep abandoned well.

The deer were discovered by small game hunter Jerry Sachney on the property of area farmer Fred Sherman of Jennings Road, Springville Township. The well was part of a long-abandoned farm, and its presence was unknown to Sherman.

The three men, with assistance of a neighboring farmer and others, removed portions of the well from the top down to give them better access to the deer.

After removing approximately 2 feet of stone, a loop of rope was positioned around one of the deer’s antlers and it was pulled to safety. The same technique was employed for the second deer and both animals were able to run off on wobbly legs, only a little worse for wear.

“This was an unusual set of circumstances,” Briggs said. “The two deer were of equal size and they might have fallen in the well during the act of fighting for dominance. The odds of Mr. Sachney happening upon them in time for us to perform this rescue were extremely remote. I would like to thank all the men involved for their assistance.”

The well was filled in immediately after the incident.