Hazleton council OKs amended stormwater ordinance

June 24th, 2015 12:54 pm

First Posted: 9/3/2013

HAZLETON — City Council passed an amended Stormwater Collection and Management Ordinance on Tuesday night to adresses drainage problems.

Council members hope the ordinance will facilitate maintenance of its stormwater system, including inlets, culverts, gutters, manholes and infiltration facilities.

Although many attendees said that had the system been consistently maintained, there would be no need for the ordinance, Council President James Perry said “This is a new day, let’s move forward.”

Resident Judy Yurcho addressed council, saying she hoped the ordinance would correct current stormwater problems and she would not be back “10 or 20 years from now, addressing council on the same issue.”

Greater Hazleton Joint Sewer Authority chairman Gary Veneroso said the authority has always been willing to work with the city on sewer and stormwater challenges.

After the ordinance had passed, resident Dee Deakus said a possibility of a year in prison for violation of the ordinance was excessive and “something like debtors prison.”

In another matter, Chief of Police Frank DeAngelo supported an ordinance regulating yard sales, including the number permissible per year, the removal of signs in a timely manner and a fee schedule. The yard sale ordinance was approved on its first reading.

Upon final approval, five yard sales would be permitted per year per household, all must have permits and the first three will be without charge.

DeAngelo also spoke about the amendment of present animal control, fireworks, firearms and park curfew ordinances. He said the amendments would make enforcement easier and more expedient. The amendment was also approved on its first reading.

In another matter, a resolution passed allowing Hazleton Area School District security officers to enforce parking laws and codes within a two-block radius of Hazleton Area schools.

Perry encouraged area residents to attend the Fun Fest which will take place over the coming weekend.

The next meeting of City Council will be at 5:30 p.m. Sept. 19.