June 24th, 2015 1:11 pm

First Posted: 2/3/2013

Corey was last of the big ones

I just learned that Dr. Peter Corey died this month. I did not know Pete Corey as long as some in the Wyoming Valley, but we were partners for a decade and I later cared for him during an acute illness. There are some who may remember the slim, dark-haired boy who transferred to GAR High School from Tunkhannock. I am told that the principal of GAR saw Pete's potential and knew of his interest in medicine even then, and he guided Pete to Wilkes College. Parenthetically, many years later Pete repaid this kindness by caring for this man through a number of operations and an ultimately fatal illness.

Pete was one of the first Wilkes-Hahnemann students, graduating from their medical school in 1955. After some Navy time, he entered surgery residency at Lankenau Hospital and, despite opportunities in California and Hawaii, Pete decided to return to Wilkes-Barre to practice.

In practice, Pete did everything. In an era we will not see again he was general surgeon, vascular surgeon, thoracic surgeon, head and neck surgeon, colon and rectal surgeon, angiographer and gynecologist. He was director of the Wilkes-Barre General Hospital Department of Surgery and president of the medical staff.

To be Pete's friend, and especially to be his patient, was a safe, comforting feeling because you knew that he would go to any length for your benefit. Pity the nurse, administrator or even other doctor who did something to hurt one of Pete's patients (in fact, hospital files document some of the things Pete said under such circumstances). He was more than a good technical surgeon; he was a compassionate one.

A final story will allow me to summarize. A number of years ago Pete decided to buy a new Lincoln Continental because he liked big cars and this model was to be the last of the big ones. In many ways, I believe that Pete Corey was the last of the big ones --- and I am not referring to physical size. The Valley will not see again the type of larger-than-life surgeon who can do it all, who is a presence wherever he is in the hospital. He was big in technical skills and unafraid to learn new ones (he learned laparoscopic cholecystectomy six months before his already-planned retirement). He was big in spirit, big in generosity, big in compassion. Within the Valley's excellent medical community he was the last of the big ones.

Weapons to Egypt called idiotic move

Is it just me, or are our country's leaders idiots? We send a country aircraft and weapons so they will use them against Israel and our soldiers later.

We do not want an unstable person having a gun, but we will gift them away to unstable nations. Can you tell me why Egypt needs them? The baton has been passed to Mr. Kerry, so he says if Mr Morsi says he is sorry everything will be alright. We will give them more! Saying sorry does not change the way he feels. Do you realize no matter how much land Israel gives up it will not bring peace. It is its very existence that is hated.

I am afraid to think what this country will look like at the end of four years under this current puppet show. And a puppet show it is. We have a man made king. People think he is a Messiah. He is not. The real Messiah will come and this nation will pay the price for what it has allowed.

I pray that God will postpone his judgement on our nation as a whole, but I am afraid we are too long spent.

Consider choices before an abortion

Last week marked the 40th annual March For Life in Washington, D.C. This is an important event in America. Abortion was legalized on Jan. 22, 1973. Thousands marched to protect future generations.

The news media as a whole pretend that this injustice for future Americans is non-existent. Ultrasound has now eliminated the personhood dilemma that existed when Roe vs. Wade was passed. Even a young child can see the growth of a human being when looking at an ultrasound. It is no longer a glob of tissue as stated back in 1973.

Abortion is a big money maker. Planned Parenthood and other abortion facilities rush the women to make a quick decision and don't ever see their ultrasound.

Pregnancy is a very emotional time in a woman's life. Women need a compassionate person to confer with who will listen and explain all their options in a calm manner. There are now free counseling services at pregnancy centers in most areas. Many women are pressured into having an abortion. In many cases, however, these people don't have to live with the guilt that usually follows an abortion. Some women feel a hole in their heart that nothing can fill. An organization is now available called Rachel's Vineyard where women and men can receive free counseling to help them deal with depression and other feelings following an abortion. God forgives all people. Always give a kind, understanding shoulder and listen to any woman dealing with the effects of an abortion.

Bring God back to bless our nation

What has happened to the motto of our nation, One nation under God; or to the freedom of speech, where in a public place we are not to mention the name of our creator? Either the Lord is Lord of all or not Lord at all.

All the murders and the killings that are going on are of our own doing, the consequences of a lifestyle without God.

Let's once again, put our nation one nation under God and he will truly bless he nation.

Dr. Mark Katlic Baltimore, Md. Maure Devers Dorrance Township Maria Landue McAdoo Sam Jones Nanticoke