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June 24th, 2015 1:12 pm

First Posted: 7/2/2013

Thanks for supporting

Breathe Deep walk

Breathe Deep, NEPA’s annual Walk to Beat Lung Cancer, occurred June 1, 2013 in Kirby Park. It is with great pride that I write to publicly thank all those involved including, but not limited to, the 266 participants who so courageously walked in search for a cure for lung cancer, the dedicated committee of Breathe Deep NEPA whose fundraising efforts helped make this event larger than it has ever been, the press whose efforts helped us spread our message and aided us in reaching out to the public, the in-kind donors who so graciously contributed through goods and necessary materials making it a fun day for everyone involved and our sponsors whose support is invaluable.

This was our walk’s third year and we will be back next year in June. Due to the overwhelming support of the community and the LUNGevity Foundation we have exceeded our fundraising goal of $25,000 this year. Those fundraising dollars will go directly to life-saving research under the umbrella of LUNGevity Foundation’s extensive research grants and advocacy networks to support both caregivers and lung cancer patients. Your donations are appreciated by so many, and the research they fund are going to help us find a cure.

For more information about Breathe Deep NEPA and the LUNGevity Foundation, please visit today. We also have a Facebook page. Go to

Pauline Makowski

Kingston Breathe Deep NEPA Event Coordinator

Penn State University

making great strides’

Penn State University has worked hard over the past 18 months to become a national model for governance.

I respect the diversity of opinion regarding the conclusions of the Freeh Report, but the report’s value is the actionable recommendations it provided. In all, 119 recommendations were made to improve efficiency, transparency and accountability for Penn State employees and most importantly, the Board.

In less than a year, the university has implemented a majority of those recommendations, with a substantial portion being completed, including the training of thousands of university employees to identify and report child sexual abuse. The Board has opened its meetings to public comments for the first time in history; expanded committee oversight; eliminated the president and governor as voting members; and raised its quorum requirement to a majority of the Board. As a result, Penn State now has the smallest board of any state-related university and requires the most members for quorum.

Independent third parties are recognizing this progress. Former U.S. Sen. George Mitchell, Moody’s Investors Service and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education have commended the university for its progress, showing us that we’re on the right path. In a June 24 article, the Chronicle of Higher Education interviewed lawyers at different colleges and found the scope and degree of change achieved in a short time at Penn State was greater than most thought possible.

We are making progress, but we still have work to do. I sincerely respect the opinions of all Penn Staters, and it’s my hope we can continue this work together. We owe that to the parents of 96,000 students who entrust the education of their children to our great university.

Keith Masser

Sacramento, Pa.

Chairman of the Penn State Board of Trustees

Market on the Pond’

a successful splash

We wish to thank everyone for their support in helping to make the Meadows Auxiliary’s “Market on the Pond” a great success. This was the 29th year of holding this event on the grounds of the Meadows Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Dallas. We are delighted to announce that we were able to raise $17,500 (and counting) this year.

We certainly appreciate everyone who donated raffle baskets, plants, food and beverages, odds and ends, books, baked goods and monetary donations. We also thank the various vendors, (some of whom have been attending our “Market” for many years) stationed around the Meadows campus and of course all the visitors.

We are so grateful for our adult and teen volunteers, employees, residents, family members, friends, business sponsors and community groups who participated in so many different ways. Everyone’s hard work and commitment to our residents is commendable.

“Market on the Pond” proceeds will help to purchase special equipment for our residents as well as sponsor special events, outings, and socials that bring joy and an enhanced life at the Meadows.

With great appreciation on behalf of the Meadows Auxiliary,

Betty Sorchik and Camille Fioti

Meadows Community Services Department