Mailbag: Letters From Readers

June 24th, 2015 5:19 pm

First Posted: 4/25/2013

Wyoming Area hopefuls reiterate they’re platform

For the taxpayers of the Wyoming Area School District who have been hearing the rumors about why we are running for three of the four school director seats, you have been misinformed.

As taxpayers and parents with six young children in the district, we have a long-term, vested interest in its financial stability. As candidates, we feel that if you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem. Allowing the problems to mask themselves the last several years only magnified the financial crisis that is upon us today. Did we, as taxpayers ask for this? The answer is no.

Here are some thoughts to keep in mind as you make your way to the polls. While it is true that we were part of a parents group that collected financial data to challenge the closing of a school, what you may not be hearing is that the school board did not obtain any professional estimates, but used an internal resource whose data is nowhere to be found. With the economic uncertainty we all face in today’s world, the Wyoming Area School Board has given out contractual salary raises to some, while others have had to take a pay freeze. When times are tough, you cut back on expenses, not spend more.

Regarding non-health district insurance policies, they have skyrocketed the last three years. This increase is costing taxpayers an additional $143,728. Without a reduction in spending, the taxpayers are now responsible to make up the difference with yet another tax increase, “but still fall short”, according to Business Manager Thomas Melone from the Albert B. Melone Company.

Learn the facts that John Paul Bonin, Michael J. Brown and Kimberly Prebola Yochem have discovered through the Right-to-Know process the last 18 months. Stop putting the burden back on the taxpayer, because the taxpayer’s hard earned income should not be the only option!

John Paul Bonin


Michael J. Brown

Kimberly Prebola Yochem

Hanover Twp. Fire Dept. needs community’s help

We would like to thank everyone for a very successful year in 2012, and hope this year is even more successful.

In July of 2011 the formation of a new fire company known as the Hanover Area Fire District was formed. The new company is the parent company that is comprised from the membership of all six fire companies in our community. Since it’s creation, many great things have happened to provide more efficient fire and rescue services. The department purchased the former Square H Lumber Property, and with the assistance of many businesses in the community, the removal of the buildings and debris from the land, to build a centralized fire headquarters became a reality.

The first consolidated fund drive was a success. The first year we raised enough to make the first payment of five. Because of the generous contributions from the community, the land will be paid off by 2016. The fire district requires two vehicles from Pa Forestry; a utility brush truck, and a five-ton brush tanker, which were used frequently.

This year the fire department has received a one-million dollar gaming grant, one of four million-dollar grants which were awarded form the LSA Gaming Grant Board, and will go toward the construction of the new fire headquarters.

Although this seems to be a lot of money more is needed to complete the project.

With an estimated 2.8 million dollar price tag for the project additional funding is still required. The 100 to 150 foot fire station will consist of six bays for emergency vehicles, a training room, meeting room, kitchen, emergency communication room, offices, restrooms, shower area, and sleep area.

The fire companies will continue to apply for grants as they become available, but the community’s help is needed to make our 2013 fund drive a success.

With your help our dreams can become a reality to help better serve the residents of Hanover Township; and the people who travel through it on a daily basis.

Thank you in advance for your support.

Eric Sheeder Hanover Area Fire District Secretary

Hanover Township

Get rid of the demand, get rid of the supply

If there’s no demand there won’t be a supply.

This holds true for pretty much everything today. If there weren’t a big demand for illegal, harmful drugs, for instance, the parasitic drug dealers would have to crawl under a different rock.

I wish I knew the answers. Education from first grade up maybe.

John Mihalchik Sr.


Students’ marker effort called a waste of time

I have to comment on the front page article about the “students” of Misericordia University. Did I read correctly? They are “hoping” to string 500 markers together to set a world record? Why not 5,000 or 50,000?

Please tell me that they didn’t somehow get a government grant to do this. I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since it is the Student Governemnt Association that is planning the event. What better way to have students learn about government than to waste money, time and effort to an end that has no meaning in the real world.

Maybe the notoriety of stringing markers together (could they at least use real markers instead of erasable markers?) will go further toward getting them jobs than their overly expensive and totally useless degrees. I shouldn’t say totally useless, the government law and national security major will have a leg up on everyone else in government where the most useless are put in the highest positions of authority.

Mark Bielinski


Letter questions existence of democracy in country

Democracy: Government by the people, either directly or through their elected representatives -- Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary 2nd edition 1983.

Do we still qualify?

Dr. Harvey Weintraub

Harveys Lake

Writer blames bombings on failed D.C. leadership

President Obama needs to apologize to the American citizens for the failure of law enforcement under his leadership to prevent the carnage in Boston.

Obama has cut back on many programs under the sequestered blame game. What is the cost of the carnage in Boston? It will be in the millions, if Obama and law enforcement, would pay attention to the terrorists who kill Americans, none of this would have happened.

George J. Kochis


Reader feels condoms are a waste of money

It is wrong teaching people how to use condoms. Condoms should not even be in existence. It is a waste of money.

Alex S. Partika