June 25th, 2015 11:01 am

First Posted: 1/6/2013

Thank you for dog tag return

A couple of weeks ago our dog, Dukie, lost his name and phone number tag. We would like to thank the person who returned it to our mailbox.

This is the type of kindness that goes unreported and we would like this person to know we appreciate what they did.

Council watchdog finds many faults

I have gone to many Luzerne County Council meetings throughout the year, made comments and it resulted with a lack of response.

I remember a contingent of elderly veterans came to the council meeting and had to wait more than three hours before given an opportunity to speak because Mr. James Bobeck refused to place them on the agenda. Many left because of their age and I still recall the words: Shame on you!

The 2012 budget contained a tax increase. Was it really necessary? The 2013 budget gave a $1,000 bonus for non union employees.

Mr. Robert Lawton was late presenting the 2013 budget and did not comply with the Home Rule Charter. The 2013 budget revenues are questionable. It is highly likely the revenue will not materialize without future borrowing. I have seen Mr. Lawton keep county council members in the dark about issues facing Luzerne County. Updates must be provided by the county manager on county business as required by the home rule charter. Why is the charter ignored?

Throughout the year there was much discussion about the county debt, however the majority of council has continued to spend bond money without a plan.

Many council members complain about the debt but foolishly spend more than $30 million of bond money left over by the previous administration. They raised taxes and gave out bonuses. This sounds like tax the people and spend their money to me.

I will continue to attend Luzerne County Council meetings in 2013. I will question our county officials on issues important to the residents of Luzerne County.

Another opinion on who's the man

This is in response to Lynda Naperkowski's letter Wife says Naperkowski is a true community man.

Lynda, you should get your facts right. Praise to Dianna Chintalla in her letter to the editor for telling the facts. You see, not too many people like Joe Naperkowski, because the residents of Wilkes-Barre Township to whom I have spoken say he is nothing but a bully.

Lynda, is it true Joe Naperkowski only broke records in basketball because he made the rest of the team give him the ball?

I wonder if Mayor Carl Kuren is considering legal action for insinuating unproven wrongdoing.

Also, reading your letter to the editor, I read no specific facts on what Joe Naperkowski has done to help the community. I sense most of the neighbors are staying clear.

Lastly, I would like to thank Dianna Chintalla for her last letter to the editor.

Highway flag a nice tribute

We would like to thank whoever is responsible for the flag flying on Interstate 81, (mile marker 162.7 N).

It is a wonderful tribute to our troops fighting to keep Americans free and safe.

ACLU inhibiting religious freedom

Our forefathers were God-fearing men who sought his favor and guidance. Our country is the envy of all. People from all over come here to live and flourish. With the advent of that great tool of the devil, the ACLU and the approval of our spineless politicians, we have declared our religious freedom to be no longer acceptable. The ACLU has persuaded our incompetent leaders to outlaw prayer in every place but church. Since we have turned our backs, and forsaken our God, our country has plummeted influentially and economically.

The ACLU keeps chipping away at our freedom.

We are urged to be politically correct and say happy holidays not Merry Christmas because it contains our Lord and Savior's name, and that's distasteful to this group.

If we do not repent and return to a nation choosing God and seeking His favor, we are lost.

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