Police search for trespass suspect

June 25th, 2015 6:18 pm

First Posted: 8/20/2013

EDWARDSVILLE — Police are searching for Rahdee Ahmad Johnson, 23, on an arrest warrant charging him with shoving an officer and trespassing.

Johnson, Timothy Evans, 19, of Edwardsville, and Joseph Knowlin, 19, of Plymouth, were spotted walking through the Eagle Ridge apartment complex on Friday, police said. Johnson was holding a can of beer and hid behind a garbage Dumpster, police said.

According to the police account, this is what happened:

An officer asked Johnson why he was hiding. He replied he did not want police to see him on Eagle Ridge property because he knew he was banned from the apartment complex.

The three men gave different answers to why they were walking through Eagle Ridge.

The officer allegedly detected an alcohol odor on Evans. When Evans was asked if he was drinking, he yelled at the officer and continued to cause a disturbance, police said. As Evans was being handcuffed, Johnson screamed and pushed the officer who was arresting Evans, according to a police report.

Johnson and Knowlin ran away as other officers arrived to assist, police said. Knowlin was captured on Grove Street and Johnson was last seen running into the Hilltop Apartment complex.

Charges of defiant trespass, resisting arrest, simple assault, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness were filed against Johnson with District Judge Paul Roberts in Kingston.

Johnson is also wanted on an unrelated charge of driving with a suspended license on June 30 in Edwardsville.

Court records say Johnson pleaded guilty to defiant trespass involving the Eagle Ridge apartment complex in January. He was fined $312.

Johnson also pleaded guilty to defiant trespass and disorderly conduct in Luzerne County Court regarding an incident that also involved Eagle Ridge in May 2012. He was sentenced to six-months probation, court records state.