Larksville considers ways to update its sewer plan

June 25th, 2015 11:01 pm

First Posted: 4/16/2013 8:15:00 PM

LARKSVILLE — Council announced Tuesday that it would consider a $27,000 proposal by Borton-Lawson Engineering to complete a report updating the borough’s Act 537 sewage management plan.

Councilman Robert Altavilla said former borough engineer Michael J. Pasonick has already completed about 90 percent of the report at a total cost of $30,000.

“So what’s happening is that if we agree to this proposal, we’ll have to pay you an additional $27,000 to finish the final 10 percent of the report that we’ve already paid Pasonick $30,000 for, correct?” asked Altavilla.

Representatives from Borton-Lawson stated that in order for them to complete the report, they would be required to vouch for the accuracy of the report in its entirety, which would entail reviewing and/or revising the entire plan.

The report must be filed with the state’s Department of Environmental Protection for the borough to qualify for grant money to complete any proposed sewer project.

Council Chairman Joe Romanoskey said the borough plans to contact Pasonick to see if perhaps it will complete the plan and save the borough considerable tax dollars.

In other business:

Borough resident and Wyoming Valley West School Board Member Jim Fender suggested to council that it form a joint committee with the school board to explore various options to sell a 50-acre parcel along Route 11 in the borough currently owned by the school district.

Fender said the land, which had previously been slated as the spot for the district’s new high school, would be prime real estate to attract a major retailer such as Walmart, Wegmans or Home Depot which would generate much-needed tax revenue and employment for the community.