Scranton unveils list of trash bill ‘scofflaws’

June 26th, 2015 7:59 am

First Posted: 8/3/2013

SCRANTON — The city of Scranton has published an online list of $7.8 million in delinquent trash bills to spur people to pay.

The database of bills from 2012 and prior years was unveiled this week. It does not include any 2013 delinquencies yet.

Two elected officials had delinquent bills on the list. State Rep. Marty Flynn D-Scranton, and Scranton School Board President Nathan Barrett claimed they never received any bills from the city, and quickly paid up Friday.

City officials admit they didn’t send out delinquent notices in 2012 because one resident had filed a class-action lawsuit. A portion of that federal lawsuit was dismissed Thursday and the rest of it was remanded to county court.