H.S. Tennis Caps

June 26th, 2015 10:43 am

First Posted: 3/14/2013

Berwick Bulldogs

Coach: Matt Shrader

2012 Record: 3-9

Home Courts: Berwick High School

Key Players Lost: Jeremy Moyer, Brandon Haydt, Jimmy Giazick

Key Players Returning: Arlinson Sura, Sr.

Key Newcomers: Luke Whitenight, Fr.; Blake Whitmire, Fr.; Nicholas Oliver, So.; Dominick Scicchitano, So.

Coach’s Outlook: “It looks like we have a very young and inexperienced team this year. So, hopefully, this year we can build some experience and they can stick with it and we can really start to build the team back up.”

Coughlin Crusaders

Coach: Teresa Popielarski

2012 Record: 0-12

Home Courts: Birchwood Hills, Plains Twp. Municipal Park

Key Players Lost: Greg Stankiewicz, Josh Stankinas, Teddy Wampole, John Skursky, Ben Lenkofski

Key Players Returning: Ben Banarski, Jr.; Troy Bankus, Jr.; John Jones, Jr.; Ryan Hutz, Jr.; Nate Sienkiewicz, Sr.

Key Newcomers: Sergey Sventolesky, Sr.; Xavier Fisher, So.; Mike Klimek, Fr.

Coach’s Outlook: “I think we’ll do better than last year. We don’t have a lot of depth, but we have a lot of heart. The kids certainly work hard. I’m looking forward to a good season, these guys are great to work with.”

Crestwood Comets

Coach: Scott Lenio

2012 Record: 11-2, WVC 3A champions

Home Courts: Wright Township Park

Key Players Lost: Steven Waskie, Brandon Hacken

Key Players Returning: Alex Machalik, Ross Gladey, Neil Patel, Nikhil Patel, Briley Marchetti, Rob Keenan

Key Newcomers: Rafael Estrada, Joseph Popowicz

Coach’s Outlook: “We return our first and second singles players, along with our first doubles team. We need to replace our third singles player as well as one our players for second doubles. We would like to return to the playoffs this year and compete for another WVC 3A conference title.”

Dallas Mountaineers

Coach: Joe Pugliese

2012 Record: 8-4

Home Courts: high school

Key Players Lost: Blake Donovan, Zach Downs, Ryan McCarthy

Key Players Returning: Francois Ross, Sr.; Tyler Tuck, Sr; Steven Wempa, Jr.; Aleksey Gitelson, So.

Key Newcomers: Frank Hullihen, Jr.; Jacob Boventka, So.; Nick Muldoon, So.

Coach’s Outlook: “We’ve got some experience coming back for singles, so we’re in good shape there. We have a lot of inexperience in doubles. That’s where we’ll be looking for all of our players to step up and contribute.”

Hazleton Area Cougars

Coach: Bob Freeman

2012 Record: 9-7

Home Courts: high school

Key Players Lost: L.J. Sidari, Curtis Miesowitz

Key Players Returning: Anthony Sidari, So.; Mauro Nataro, Jr.; Donald Tedesco, Jr.

Key Newcomers: Adam Grula, Fr.; Wister Yuhas, Fr.

Coach’s Outlook: “We’re hoping that with some newcomers coming in that we can improve on last year’s record.”

Holy Redeemer Royals

Coach: Joe Suchoski

2012 Record: 10-3

Home Courts: Kirby Park

Key Players Lost: Pat Dougherty, Dan McGraw, Zack Janusziewicz

Key Players Returning: Pat Loftus, Sr.; Cameron Pinto, Sr.; DeAngelo Aboutanous, Jr.; Tyler Elias, Sr.; Chris Pawlenok, Jr.

Key Newcomers: Robert Dougherty, So.; Josh Wychock, Fr.

Coach’s Outlook: “I’m hoping to win eight to nine matches and make it back to the playoffs.”

MMI Prep Preppers

Coach: Mark Dryfoos

2012 Record: 6-9

Home Courts: high school

Key Players Lost: Bala Natarajan

Key Players Returning: Justin Sheen, Sr.; Billy Spear, So.; Lew Dryfoos, So.; Michael Eisenhart, So.

Key Newcomers: Stephanie Pudish, Jr.

Coach’s Outlook: “I think with persistence, determination and hard work that we’ll meet all the goals we set for ourselves.”

Pittston Area Patriots

Coach: Kim Collins

2012 Record: 5-7

Home Courts: Mattei Middle School

Key Players Lost: None

Key Players Returning: Trent Woodruff, Jr.; Tyler Woodruff, Jr.; Jeremy Homschek, Sr.; Suraj Pursnani, Sr.; Terry Briggs, Jr.; Justin Coe, Sr.;

Key Newcomers: Christian Charney, So.

Coach’s Outlook: “I am very excited to have so much experience back and I’m hoping that will help us to play some smart tennis.”

Tunkhannock Tigers

Coach: Jeff Underwood

2012 Record: 10-2

Home Courts: high school

Key Players Lost: Jordan Herbert, Josh Herbert, Robbie Hugg, Matt Stroney

Key Players Returning: Brent Christie, Sr.; Corey Dulsky, Sr.; Colby Rome, Sr.; Dan Greenip, Jr.;

Key Newcomers: Tony Shao, Jr.; Paul Roman, Jr.; Ben Kiser, Fr.; Gerard Mirabelli, Fr.; Colin Franko, Fr.

Coach’s Outlook: “I think we’ll have a decent year, finish over .500 for sure. We’re going to give some good matches to teams. I think our toughest opponents will be Crestwood and Wyoming Seminary, but I think we’re going to be a very good team.”

Wyoming Area Warriors

Coach: Bill Roberts

2012 Record: 7-5

Home Courts: Pittston Area Middle School or opposing venues; Boston Avenue, West Pittston

Key Players Lost: Davide Fanelli, Trevor Alder, Nick Szewczyk, Jon Scrobola, Billy Gray

Key Players Returning: Nick Leon, Jr.

Key Newcomers: Michael Werbin, Jr., Aaron Carter, Jr.

Coach’s Outlook: “I think we’re going to have a pretty good season. I think it’s going to be challenging because we’ve got a lot of new kids but they’re working hard.”

Wyoming Seminary

Blue Knights

Coach: Allison Joanlanne

2012 Record: 12-0, WVC 2A Champions

Home Courts: Wyoming Seminary — Lull Tennis Center

Key Players Lost: George Parkhurst, Harry Parkhurst, Evan Botwin, Willie Lu

Key Players Returning: Henry Cornell, Sr.; Chris Kim, Jr.; Matt Cartwright, Jr.

Key Newcomers: Grant Klinger, Fr.; William Xu, Sr.

Coach’s Outlook: “I expect them to improve on their games throughout the season. State finals last year, but this is a brand new team. They have a great act to follow.”

Wyoming Valley West Spartans

Coach: Jim Zimmerman

2012 Record: 1-11

Home Courts: Hamilton Park, Kingston

Key Players Lost: Kevin Yozviak

Key Players Returning: Andrew Crossin, Jr.; DeAngelo Aboutanes, Jr.; Chris Bloom, Jr.; Ryan Yusko, Jr.; Patrick Antell, Jr.; Brian Novitski, Jr.; Dan Miller, Jr.; Nick Vitanovc, Sr.

Key Newcomers: Matt Finnegan, Fr.; Anthony Barbose, Fr.

Coach’s Outlook: “We’re trying to improve. We have a little inexperience and we’ll try to build on last year’s record.”