Property Transactions

June 27th, 2015 3:27 am

First Posted: 8/12/2013

The following real estate transactions were recorded in the Luzerne County Office of the Recorder of Deeds for the week of Aug. 12:

• Trust of Donald and Diane Ontko to Daryl A. and Tara Chipeleski, White Bread Lane, Black Creek Township, $140,000.

• Kathleen Dewey, Elizabeth Ann, James J. Jr., Georjean, Christopher, Amanda, Michael, John Patrick, Mark, Mary Elizabeth, Lori, Lily and Grace Austin, Patricia Hueber and Scott Rose to William D. Glycenfer and Joseph S. Modla, 268 Grandview Ave., Wright Township, $142,000.

• Betty M. Andrews to Dana G. Keck Jr., 1013 E. Four 1/2 St., Salem Township, $71,500.

• Santo P. and Pauline Sperrazza to Jason J. Reilly, 21 S. Welles Ave., Kingston, $163,000.

• Albert J. Panetta to Leo R. and Karen A. Koretz, 64 Seneca Drive, Union Township, $210,000.

• Kathy Conrad and Robert M. Lenkowski to North Memorial Highway Retail Associates LLC, 70 S. Landon St., Kingston, $100,000.

• Carl D. Jr and Amy E. Oliveri to Thomas P. Mattice, 147 Haverford Drive, Laflin, $105,000.

• Ruth Stein to William J. Brombacher, 121 N. Dawes Ave., Kingston, $99,000.

• Robert Armitage to Frederick McDaniels, 91 Southdale Road, Huntington Rownship, $60,000.

• Colleen and Michael Robatin to Francis R. and Regina M. Corchado, 57 Beech Road, Plains Township, $250,000.

• Estate of Ann B. Stine to Citlin Skula, 45 Druid Hills, Kingston Township, $185,000.

• Presidential Land Co. LTD to Vinay and Rina Desai, 1093 Woodberry Drive, Rice Township, $399,900.

• Melania M. and Thomas P. Ariosto to Richard C. Jr. and Jennifer L. Doninetz, 55 Pond Hill Road, Conyngham Township, $90,500.

• Shaun J. and Therese M. Brdaric to James T. Evans, 234 Briarwood Drive, Jackson Township, $164,200.

• Peter Laba to John Perillo and Wynter Tolodzieski, 54 S. Goodwin Ave., Kingston, $70,000.

• Bank of Oklahoma to Karen A. O’Boyle, 202 Snow Valley Circle, Butler Township, $76,500.

• David and Monica P. Stutzman to Scott and Ashley Nicole Howell, 102 Debbie Drive, Butler Township, $166,000.

• Estate of Robert Stanley Warunek to Anthony J. and Dorothy A. Darco, 35 Wyndwood Drive, Wilkes-Barre, $130,000.

• John W. and Penny Ann Feddock to Vincenzo S. and Lucia Dapollonia, South Mountain Boulevard, Fairview Township, $50,000.

• Deutsche Bank National Trust Co. and Ocwen Loan Servicing LLC to Mark Imbriaco, 109 Buck Ridge Drive, Butler Township, $116,299.

• Anne M. and Thomas M. Koes to Anthony and Ruth Ciciani, 2297 W. Eighth St., Franklin Township, $90,000.

• Earth Conservancy to Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Game Commission, two parcels in Hanover Township, one parcel in Fairview Township and two parcels in Ashley, $248,730.

• Michael P. and Toni Youells to Eugene S. Kern Jr., Lockville Road, Exeter Township, $130,000.

• Clarence M. and Lois J. Andreas to George J. Merrick Jr., 1448 S. Hanover St., Nanticoke, $142,500.

• Daniel and Catherine Salvaterra to Amanda J. Kelley, 11 Anne St., Wright Township, $246,000.

• Robert and Frances Langan to Lauren Glowacki, 249 S. Main Road, Wright Township, $177,000.

• Gayle Pieretti to Andrew M. Bendick, 131 Chestnut St., Larksville, $179,000.

• Stephanie and Donald Bly to David Wilson, 224 Cherrywood Drive, Dorrance Township, $215,000.

• Michael A. and Barbara Lacey to Jason and Kathleen Williams, parcel off Edinger Road, Franklin Township, $750,000.

• Zbigniew and Elizieta Chrzanowski to James K. and Darla M. McLaughlin, 66 Sarah Drive, Lehman Township, $400,000.

• Estate of Donald John Pavlick to Scott C. Jr. and Amy L. Eisenhauer, 137 Pavlick Road, Plymouth Township, $115,000.

• John J. Gallucci and John J. Gall to Juan Matos, 888 Rear N. Laurel St., Hazleton, $65,000.

• Heritage Hills Estates Inc. to Patrick E. and Karen Theurer, corner of Somerset Drive, Hanover Township, $239,900.

• Eric and Alice Pazawich to Herbert J. Sims, 419 Owen St., Swoyersville, $110,000.

• Glen A. and Robin L. Burridge to Aron P. Wright, Blue Ridge Trail, Slocum Township, $115,000.

• SMGK Enterprises, Bryan William, Thomas Charles Jr. and Jacqueline Irene Smith, Matthew David Karotko, William Dominick Malia and Joseph Gerald Gronski Jr. to MB Property Management Services LLC, 6 LaGrange St., Pittston, $63,000.

• Estate of Regina D. Maguire to Peter Torchia, 15 Wyndwood Drive, Wilkes-Barre, $113,500.

• Leon J. Genetti to Gaby P. Cancela Obregon, 677 Grant St., Hazleton, $120,000.

• Estate of Maureen K. Valdur to Dolores A. Lopresti, Rosemarie Lopresti Busick and Craig Busick, 1206 Beech Road, Bear Creek Township, $105,000.

• John Joseph Margle to Dana Correale, P.O. Box 36, Black Creek Township, $145,000.

• Christina A. Jones to Michael C. Petrilla, 239 Keifer Ave., Hazleton, $64,000.

• Michael C. Raklewicz to David and Susan Onzik, Lakeside Drive, Pole 86, Harveys Lake, $330,000.

• Kellie A. Luckanavage and Kellie A. Smarsh to Ramon Montes Deoca, 776 Lincoln St., Hazleton, $84,900.

• Susan Zankowski, Susan Witcoski and Irene Melnick to Jeffrey Lebron, 888 Rear Roosevelt St., Hazle Township, $98,000.

• David Richards to Paul E. Stark, 76 E. Fourth St., Larksville, $58,000.

• Judith Chewey to Susan Kaufer, Lakeside Drive, Harveys Lake, $150,000.

• Bruce J. and Cherie L. Anskis to Jeffrey and Ellen Carder, Pine Valley Lane, Hazle Township, $310,000.

• Sheldon’s Produce Co. LLC to William Amann and Anita Wanyo, 521 High St., Hanover Township, $50,000.