Hospital Births

December 17th, 2017 6:01 am

Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center announces newborns from Nov. 11 through 24.

Mink, Ashley and Isaac, Deron, Wilkes-Barre, a son, Nov. 11

Nguyen, Tiffany and Bucci, Vincent Jr. Moosic, a son, Nov. 12

Muscarelle, Marianne and Andrew, Kingsley, a daughter, Nov. 13

Vaysburd, Sara and Jeff, Nanticoke, a daughter, Nov. 15

Dates-Hines, Shanelle, Wilkes-Barre, a son, Nov. 15

Omack, Haley and Kleman, Zach, Wilkes-Barre, a daughter, Nov. 16

Kaminstein, McKenzi and Dour, Derek (deceased), Noxen, a daughter, Nov. 17

Krachun, Lisa and Phillip, Shavertown, a daughter, Nov. 17

Singleton, Tanyiah and Jenkins, Ray, Wilkes-Barre, twin sons, Nov. 17

Stanco, Jessica and Jerome, Mountain Top, a son, Nov. 17

Turak, Tonia and Kissinger, Jonathan, Wilkes-Barre, a daughter, Nov. 18

Wood, Mary, a son, Nov. 18

Soska, Mary and Donald, Wyoming, a daughter, Nov. 18

Schell, Shalee and Baer, John, Luzerne, a daughter, Nov. 18

Muench, Elizabeth and Kevin, Nanticoke, a son, Nov. 19

Blankley, Erica and Lee, Eric, Clarks Summit, a son, Nov. 19

Concepcion, Amanda and Henry, Blakeslee, twin sons, Nov. 20

Fedor, Lauren and Matthew, Old Forge, a daughter, Nov. 20

Jones, Jessica and Schneider, James, Hanover Township, a son, Nov. 24


Nesbitt Women’s & Children’s Center at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital announces newborns from Dec. 5 through 8.

Lauer, Olivia and Paul, Dallas, a daughter, Dec. 5

Stempien, Heidi and Brian, Red Rock, a daughter, Dec. 5

Ravert, Jessica and George Jr., Larksville, a son, Dec. 5

Kyttle, Jonie and Davison, Jamie, Larksville, a son, Dec. 5

Rebuck, Rebecca and Taylor, Brady, Glen Lyon, a son, Dec. 5

Nelson, Krystal Lynn and Karney, David Andrew, Wilkes-Barre, a son, Dec. 5

Gosciewski, Jennifer adn John III, Bear Creek Township, a daughter, Dec. 6

English, Elizabeth and Michael, Kingston, a son, Dec. 6

Stanchak, Kristen and Brian, Hanover Township, a daughter, Dec. 8

Jane, Lydia and Schmidt, Allen James, Hanover Township, a daughter, Dec. 8