Hospital Births

Geisinger Wyoming Valley Medical Center announces newborns from April 1 through May 1.

Piper, Rose and Jason, a son, Wilkes-Barre, April 1

Lawson, Siberia, a daughter, Wilkes-Barre, April 1

Gilroy, Nicole and Simon, Richard, a daughter, Kingston, April 1

Brotzman, Rebecca and Ward, Leslie, a son, Wilkes-Barre, April 2

Jankowski, Amanda and Arthur, a son, Wilkes-Barre, April 2

Rambo, Danylle and Elliot, Darryll, a daughter, Wilkes-Barre, April 2

Albert, Meghan and Lopez, Elio, a son, Edwardsville, April 3

Wilkins, Yolanda and Bishop, Naim, a son, Hanover Twp., April 3

Borelli, Brandy, a son, White Haven, April 4

Murphy, Angela and Geiger, Todd, a son, Wilkes-Barre, April 6

Kordsmeier, Cynthia and Erik, a son, Wilkes-Barre, April 8

Hernandez, Jessica, a son, Wilkes-Barre, April 9

Redmond, Jessica and Maslar, Corwyn, a daughter, Laflin, April 10

Szychoswki, Marissa and Walter, a son, Nanticoke, April 11

Karavitch, Alexis and Maloney, John, a daughter, Kingston, April 11

Griffin, Tylaand Bonnett, Preston, a son, Nanticoke, April 11

Matosky, Brittany, a son, Mountaintop, April 11

Elias, Christy and Thomas, Michael, a daughter, Wilkes-Barre, April 12

Arias, Yulissaand Rodriguez, John, a daughter, Hazleton, April 12

Dixon, Arika and Dawson, Seth, a son, Wyoming, April 12

Caruso, Stephanie and Norton, Michael, a daughter, Wilkes-Barre, April 13

Junevitz, Ashley and Benn, Brian, a son, Plymouth, April 13

Gillman, Christina and Steve, a daughter, Wyoming, April 13

Black, Lesa and Faccadio, James, a daughter, Duryea, April 14

Obrien, Bessie and Seigle, Christopher, a daughter, Pittston, April 15

Clavel, Vanessa and Cortes, Francisco, a son, Wilkes-Barre, April 17

Burke, Cyndal and Dukes, Jeremy, a daughter, Edwardsville, April 17

Illing, Ivy and Ryan, a son, Factoryville, April 18

Barrington, Jane and Kiss, Andrew, a son, Plains, April 19

McCracken, Tabitha and Anthony, a son, Pittston, April 20

Stucker, Brianne and DeMichele, Vincent, a son, Kingston, April 20

McTague, Destinee, a son, Hanover Township, April 20

Young, Anitra, a daughter, Wilkes-Barre, April 22

Decker, Amanda and Hero, Jeffrey, a daughter, Wilkes-Barre, April 22

Schick, Patrick and Orrell, Cassidy, a daughter, Olyphant, April 23

Hiller, Hana and Matthew, a daughter, West Wyoming, April 23

Amancio-Mancebo, Marinoli and Rodriguez-Helena, Juan, a son, Wilkes-Barre, April 23

Matias, Gloria and Lanton, Bobby, a daughter, Wilkes-Barre, April 23

McGuire, Tristian and Wilce, Jesse, a daughter, Wilkes-Barre, April 24

Arias, Tania and Andinson, a daughter, Hazleton, April 24

Canfield, Mariah and Davis, Sennomon, a daughter, Wilkes-Barre, April 25

Phillips, Joanne and Mulkerin, Joseph, a daughter, Scranton, April 25

Mangan, Keyera and Nutaitis, John, a daughter, Mountaintop, April 25

Stavish, Lindsay and John, a daughter, Shavertown, April 25

McColligan-Leone, Alexes and Mitchell, William Lewis, a son, Dickson City, April 25

Reynolds, Angela and King, Mark, a son, Tunkhannock, April 26

Sheridan, Michelle, a son, Tunkhannock, April 26

Gamble, Devonna and Williams, Brian, a daughter, Wilkes-Barre, April 27

Loftus, Pamela and Cordero, Ryan, a son, Wilkes-Barre, April 27

Warner, Samantha and Yannes, Daniel, a daughter, Wilkes-Barre, April 27

Scott, Troylynn, a daughter, Wilkes-Barre, April 27

Guziak, Michelle and Vanderhoff, Coby, a son, Glen-Lyon, April 28

Kintner, Azure and Moores, Will, a daughter, Tunkhannock, April 28

Simko, Amanda and Moore, Dylan, a son, Luzerne, April 28

Hart, Stacy and Jonathan, a daughter, Wilkes-Barre, April 29

Harvey, Deborah, a son, Meshoppen, April 30

Berkey, Abbie and Sweet, Brandin, a daughter, Kingston, May 1

Chewey, Brandy and Deyo, Adam, a son, Larksville, May 1


Nesbitt Women’s & Children’s Center at Wilkes-Barre General Hospital announces newborns from May 21 through June 4.

Rivera, Justina, a daughter, May 21

Krzak, Leah and Matthew, a daughter, Avoca, May 22

Metzger, Harley and Morgans, Rosalie, a daughter, Hanover Twp., May 22

Brenner, Heather and Bates, Derek, a son, Nanticoke, May 22

Oberst, Melyssa and Sonnefeld, Stefan, a daughter, Plymouth, May 23

McGlynn, Kristen and John Patrick, a son, Drums, May 23

Plisko, Amanda and Eric, a daughter, Hanover Twp., May 24

Space, Jennifer and Matthew, a son, Plymouth, May 24

Karcheski, Margie and Clyde, a daughter, Wilkes-Barre, May 25

Haddle, Sarah and Tomcho, Edward, a daughter, Lehman, May 28

Conway, Jessica and Gordon, James, a daughter, Nanticoke, May 30

Sakowski, Brittany and Marcus, a daughter, West Wyoming, May 30

Scouton, Dayna and Dustin, a son, Wyoming, May 30

Valenzuela, Kiara and Baldinucci, Anthony, a son, Hanover Twp., May 30

Robison, Beta, and Dering, Kevin, a son, Wilkes-Barre, May 30

Brunges, Alexis and Philip, a daughter, Sweet Valley, May 31

Gawlas, Theresa and Robert, a son, Mountaintop, May 31

Grega, Sarah and David, a daughter, Shavertown, June 1

Stokes, Simone, a son, Wilkes-Barre, June 4