Property transfers recorded in Luzerne County Sept. 11 to Sept. 15

September 16th, 2017 12:57 pm - updated: 1:02 pm.

The following real estate transactions have been recorded in the Luzerne County Office of the Recorder of Deeds for the week of Sept. 11, 2017:

• Deutsche Bank National Trust Company and Owen Loan Servicing LLC to Reynaldo Diaz-Rodriguez, 57-59 N. Pine St., Hazleton City, $78,000.

The following real estate transactions have been recorded in the Luzerne County Office of the Recorder of Deeds for the week of Sept. 11, 2017:

• Douglas S. Coslett to R&G Properties LLC, 24-30 Main St., Luzerne Borough, $310,000.

• Christopher and Cara Wagner to Daniel P. Mrozowski, 48 Chapel St., Pittston City, $131,750.

• Scott P. and Clare M. Parkhurst to Scott M. and Dawn Gillam, 126 Doran Drive, Kingston Township, $300,000.

• Marie Maida to James Vincent and Jennifer Lynn McNulty, 94 Searle St., Pittston City, $72,050.

• Nancy and Robin Wesley to Aaron R. Troisi, 26 Forty Second St., Lehman Township, $128,000.

• James P. and Hilda D. Mendoza to Aaron and Jessica Heil, 219 Kingswood Drive, Dallas Township, $342,500.

• Mark L. Ryan Jr. to Jarrod R. Starcher, 385 Chestnut St., Kingston Borough, $50,000.

• Rajendra and Maina Pawar to Robert Kotansky, 217 Four Seasons Drive, Butler Township, $130,500.

• Jacqueline and Scott L. Callahan to Beth Ann and Brian Dominick Noble, 96 Sorbertown Hill Road, Hunlock Township, $162,500.

• Alexander and Elizabeth Trosko to Gary J. Knauer Jr., 473 Church St., Swoyersville Borough, $125,000.

• Shell & Aria Realty LLC to NHB Properties LLC, 123 S. Main St., Wilkes-Barre City, $200,000.

• Luzerne County Sheriff, Michelle L. Ryder Jimson, and William V. Warunek to R&A LLC, 221 Bear Run Drive, Butler Township, $96,521.

• Frank G. and Rebecca M. Beishline to Conygham Township, 28-30 Italy St., Conygham Township, $84,700.

• Lynda J. Reimiller and Joseph J. Dutzer & Mary G. Dutzer Irrevocable Assest Protection Trust to Michael Eugene Sr. and Deana Whitlock Melton, 37 Shingle Mill Drive, Butler Township, $110,000.

• Brian Danowski to Conygham Township, 11 Main St., Conygham Township, $52,000.

• Joseph M. Jr. and Barbara Billy to Conygham Township, $104 Italy St., Conygham Township, $72,000.

• Rei Gold LLC to Cesar Abreu and Lil Aquino, 17 North St., West Pittston Borough, $57,000.

• Loretta and John Purvin to Brian Fenner, 114 E. Poplar St., Plymouth Township, $50,000.

• David A. and Nancy E. McHale Rowlands to Paul Ngolo, 7 Hickorywood Drive, Laflin Borough, $265,000.

• Eric Perchak to Stephanie M. Eisenhower, 1045 Fishers Ave., Hazle Township, $97,200.

• Philip and Elaine Avvisato to Mary Palmer, 109 Parkcrest St., Duryea Borough, $183,000.

• Donald C. Jr. and III Gross and Florence Kuhar to Star Lostrick and Justin Dunbar, 392 Camp Ground Road, Exeter Township, $105,000.

• Eugene Menchi and Trevor Gerhard to M&S Realty Management LLC, 2 E. Union St., Nanticoke City, $91,500.

• Anthony and Janice DiCaprio to Virginia Economos, 114 N. Iroquois Circuit, Black Creek Township, $182,000.

• NP Wilkes-Barre Building I LLC to NP Wilkes-Barre Building II LLC, 600 New Commerce Blvd., Hanover Township, $219,060.92.

• Frank A. and Elaine G. Molinaro to Matthew Kiprovski, 1920 W. 21st St., West Hazleton Borough, $170,000.

• Kenneth Salvo and Lee Rodeghiero to Brian R. Dolan Jr., 704 First St., Duryea Borough, $165,000.

• Omar and Tahira Butt to Anthony L. Calvello III and Michelle E. Knorr, 1754 Christopher Road, Hazleton City, $56,000.

• James C. Golden and Geraldine Golden Kozel to Milton F. Mateo Pinales, 524 Maple St., Hazleton City, $54,000.

• Dennis and Georgeann Weinner to Brian Kisenwether, 109 Birch St., Butler Township, $165,000.

• Stanley W. and Susan E. Motyka to Pit-Bull Real Estate LLC, 141-143 Union St., Kingston Borough, $103,000.

• M&T Bank and Manufacturers & Traders Trust Company to Corey Sult, 419 Birch Road, Hollenback Township, $88,000.

• Monica A. Lessard to Frank John and Ericka Rigol, 3 Fox Hollow Drive, Dallas Township, $206,000.

• Ericka and Frank Rigol to Kathryn R. Crawford, 58 Goeringer Ave., Hanover Township, $126,000.

• Hans and Barbara Koenig to Lawrence and Robert Wydock, 646 N. Church St., Hazleton City, $171,000.

• Four Hundred Club of Nanticoke to Nanticoke Community Ambulance, East Field Street, Nanticoke City, $65,000.

• Karen Kubasik Rogan to Catherine J. Malkemes, 261 Grandview Ave., Wright Township, $163,000.

• Thomas C. and Sonja J. Kay to Kenneth B. and Sandra D. Yeager, 69 Finn St., Wilkes-Barre City, $118,000.

• Albert and David Klepys to Jacob R. and Jessica Collins, 432 S. Hanover St., Nanticoke City, $54,600.

• Beanna Nickas to Matthew Paul Kempinski, 105 Wyndtree Drive, Jenkins Township, $270,000.

• Valerie A. and Gary A. Zane to Amanda Hughes, 71 Tanglewood Drive, Slocum Township, $232,000.

• Brian and Jennifer Ferkel to Tyler and Rianna Karalunas, 129 Jackson St., Dallas Borough, $180,412.

• John J. and Mary Jo Shalanski to Beau Wellman, 90 W. Benjamin Ave., Conygham Borough, $161,500.

• Sharon Colatosti, Patricia Marsicano, and Millie and Mildred Meehan to Jonathan S. Lamoreaux and Janelle E. Adams, 121 Loomis St., Nanticoke City, $55,300.