Apple looks into reports of iPhone 8 Plus splitting open

Washington Post | September 30th, 2017 10:21 am - updated: 10:30 am.

Apple has confirmed it is looking into reports that two user’s iPhone 8 Plus phones split open shortly after they were purchased.

The reports — one in Taiwan, one in Japan — made the rounds on social media this week, showing images of smartphones in which the screen had separated from the rest of the phone. As Next Web reported, the user in Taiwan said her phone had started to split while the phone was charging. The user in Japan, according to Mashable, said the phone already was split when he opened the box.

Neither iPhone owner reported any sign that an explosion or fire had caused the phones to break apart. That indicates this probably isn’t a problem similar to what Samsung faced with the Galaxy Note 7, which had to be recalled due to battery issues. Samsung confirmed at least 35 cases of violent explosions before it launched a worldwide recall.

There have been no reports of similar iPhone incidents in the United States.

Apple confirmed in a statement that it is aware of the problem and looking into it, but declined to give any more information.

The iPhone 8 Plus went on sale Sept. 22. Apple hasn’t said how many phones have been shipped, but analysts have put combined shipment numbers for the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus between 16 million and 18 million units overall for the first weekend on sale.

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