Property Transactions

December 25th, 2017 11:09 pm - updated: 8:24 pm.

The following real estate transactions have been recorded in the Luzerne County Office of the Recorder of Deeds for the week of Dec. 18:

• Jerry Salitis to Dorothy J. Yazurlo, 105 Stanton St., Dupont, $52,500.

• Turning Leaf Development LLC to James A. and Lori B. Yozviak, 284 Denison St., Swoyersville, $245,000.

• Michelle A. Yanchis to Cristian David Navedo Davila, 40 Center St., Nanticoke, $150,000.

• Sandra A. Najaka to Joseph J. and Catherine Lushefski, 184 Middle Rd., Nanticoke, $210,000.

• The estate of Eleanor A. Iorio to Randy and Dina Shaw, 4 Third St., Jenkins Township, $180,000.

• Maurice and Sara Azain to Scott E. Richardson, 355 Tower Rd., Black Creek Township, $237,000.

• The estate of Shirley M. Yoh to Ivy Gate Real Estate LLC, 167-169 Price St., Kingston Borough, $80,000.

• Bernard Mark Ott and the estate of Louise T. Ott to Joanne Artemik, 75 Mercedes Dr., Wilkes-Barre, $175,000.

• Michael J. Cozzillio to Amitkumar G. and Tejalbahen Majamundar and Kishal Joshipura, 43 Kyra Way, Plains Township, $182,000.

• John D. and Michelle L. Engle to Toby Miele, 182 W. Noble St., Nanticoke, $75,000.

• Joanna M. Pahler to Jorge R. and Guadalupe Guillen Garcia, 11 Columbia Ave., Hanover Township, $74,200.

• Mary A. and Ralph J. Herbert to Virginia A. and Jorge D. Jorge, 40 Diamond St., Hanover Township, $83,700.

• David M. and Barbara Yarmey to New Direction and Michelle Babe, Middlebury Rd., Dennison Township, $150,000.

• Walter J. III and Karen Pagoda to Joshua A. Fleming and Kaitlin Ingram, 116 Old State Rd., Ross Township, $136,000.

• John A. & Peggy A. Burke Revocable Trust to Johaida Luna, Sunset Drive, Wright Township, $150,000.

• Michael Turco to John Brawley14 Willowbrook Rd., Bear Creek Township, $154,000.

• The estate of Eileen M. Gallagher to Misericordia University, 33 & 35 Lake St., Dallas Borough, $190,000.

• William F. and Donna Giza to Robert and Ciera Kolodziej, 12 Division St., Pittston, $84,000.

• Jerome Bubb Jr. and the estate of Judith DeMaio to Jacqueline Lutz, 127 N. Pioneer Ave., Kingston, $60,000.

• Rita Campbell to Margaret A. Marlott, 309 Monument Ave., Wyoming Borough, $147,000.

• Wanda S. Koehler to Eugene Rittell Jr., 323 Andover St., Wilkes-Barre, $90,100.

• Jacqueline and Matthew Charles Kelly to Nora E. Alu, 455 Chestnut St., Kingston Borough, $124,000.

• David A. Breinich Jr. to Real Estate Magnate LLC, 564-566 E. Main St., Nanticoke, $70,000.

• Ralph J. and Barbara E. Quadrini to Craigs Properties LLC, 98-98 1/2 E. Fourth St., Larksville, $154,000.

• Ellen K. Pahl to Roy Kenneth III and Andrea Stackhouse, 11 Delaware Ave., West Pittston, $75,000.

• Jonathan Vanness to Theodore Michaliga, 430 Slocum St., Swoyersville, $145,000.

• Kelly L. Bosserman to Suzanne herron, 270 Refuge Rd., Butler Township, $190,000.

• Robert Cook to Robert Falls and Alicia Barrios, 27 Barnum St., Harveys Lake, $85,000.

• The estate of Stanley J. Borish to Dorothy Farrel and Karen Tillotson, 200 Meyers St., Edwardsville, $67,500.

• Sharon A. Yoniski to Ronald L. Hillard, 71 Walnutwood Dr., Lehman Township, $355,000.

• Elite Property Group LLC to Norman Jr. and Robyn Price, 24-26 Korn St., Kingston Borough, $85,000.

• Robert S. and Barbara M. Paranich to Francis J. and Alison Usefara, 55 E. Saylor St., Plains, $202,500.

• Cross Valley Federal Credit Union to Palace Park LLC, 1788 Main Rd., Hunlock Township, $100,000.

• John C. and Charles A. Eichorn to Kevin Davis Jr., 131 N. Meade St., Wilkes-Barre, $86,920.