Martin hopes Brrrn will become the coolest concept in fitness

By Bill O’Boyle - [email protected]
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Jimmy T. Martin, left, and Johnny Adamic stand outside the location of their cold workout studio, Brrrn, in New York City. - Submitted photo

If you’re looking for a really, really cool workout, Brrrn is for you.

Jimmy T. Martin, a native of Forty Fort, and his business partner, Johnny Adamic, will open their first workout center, appropriately named Brrrn.

Martin, 33, says it’s a takeoff of the burn you get when working out and the usual reaction — Brrrrr — when you are in cooler temperatures.

The Brrrn studio will open May 1 at 107 W. 20th St. in New York City’s Flatiron/Chelsea section. Martin said the studio is located directly across from the renowned Kleinfeld Bridal Shop.

Martin, who was an All-State wrestler at Wyoming Valley West High School, graduating in 2003, said workouts are held in temperature controlled rooms that range in coolness set at 60 degrees, 55 degrees and 45 degrees.

He said the concept is simple and scientifically based — when the body is cooler, it burns more calories.

“The body must work harder to stay at 96.6 degrees,” Martin explained. “So you create more energy and burn more calories.”

Martin said Brrrn will be the first cold workout studio in New York City and will feature four commercial-grade refrigeration units to keep the temperatures down.

Martin and Adamic have been planning to open the studio for three years. To test their theory, they traveled to several cold locations with their trainers. One of those detonations was Bayo’s Ice in Swoyersville, where the group worked out in 32 degree.

“Everybody loved it,” Martin said. “We’re cool because the thermostat says so.”

Martin said the big thing is that Brrrn is the first of its kind. He said the emphasis is not on perfection — they believe in a progressive approach to training.

“Our clients will become heroes of their own stories,” Martin said. “We have been chronically warm and overfed for a long time. The comfort that comes with an over-abundance of heat is bad for us.”

A Valley guy

Martin grew up on Slocum Street in Forty Fort, and he was an All-State wrestler at Valley West. He went on to wrestle for four years at Division-I school George Mason University.

His parents still live on Slocum Street. His dad, Jim Martin Jr, said his son is “a hot dog,” who has always been driven.

“He really is a hot dog,” his dad said. “In fact, there’s not enough mustard for him. But Jimmy is the kind of individual that looks for the next challenge. He can rise to any occasion and he works tirelessly to achieve success. He always works to be a better person and he inspires others to do the same.”

Martin has an acting background too, having had minor roles in a few movies, and he had a five-year stint as a background player on Saturday Night Live. His high school pal, Rob Klein, was the head writer on SNL for years, but Martin wasn’t aware that Klein was there until after he had made a few appearances.

Martin also used to write copy for greeting cards, billboards and commercials.

“I always looked for what was clever,” Martin said. “Puns will lose you friends, but gain you business.”

It might be worth noting that his business partner, Adamic, attended Wisconsin University where he earned the role of school mascot, “Bucky the Badger.”

And you then won’t be surprised to learn that the Brrrn logo is, naturally, a snowflake.

Tragedy hit him hard

Martin met the love of his life in college. He married Linmarie, and they were living the good life. Then Linmarie was diagnosed with cancer in 2014. She went through chemotherapy, Martin said, and it appeared she had beat back the disease. But in April of 2014, Linmarie was told her cancer was back and she had one month to live — she died on May 12, 2014.

Martin’s grandfather, Jim Martin Sr., known locally for his award-winning karate program, died soon after.

So Martin returned to Forty Fort to live with his parents, Jim and Donna Martin, to get his life back together.

“I was a 29-year-old widower,” Martin said. “I had to try to figure out what my next step would be.”

Martin said he remembered his idea of creating a cold workout program, so he began planning to open Brrrn.

“My wife once told me before she died that she would be proud of the things she would never see.” Martin said.

So now Martin, the former improv actor, and Adamic, aka Bucky the Badger, will open Brrrn on May 1.

Martin Submitted photo

Jimmy T. Martin, left, and Johnny Adamic stand outside the location of their cold workout studio, Brrrn, in New York City. T. Martin, left, and Johnny Adamic stand outside the location of their cold workout studio, Brrrn, in New York City. Submitted photo

By Bill O’Boyle

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Reach Bill O’Boyle at 570-991-6118 or on Twitter @TLBillOBoyle.