Their view: Why millennials should care about Medicare

Medicare provides basic health care to one out of six Americans, most of them 65 and older. Even people decades away from retirement, though, should be concerned about Congress meddling with the program. Lawmakers understand that cutting current retirees’ benefits is a political nonstarter. Older people vote, and they have one of the most powerful […]

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Consumers Energy to stop burning coal

TRAVERSE CITY, Mich. — Consumers Energy will phase out electricity production from coal by 2040 to slash emissions of heat-trapping gases that cause global warming, the Michigan utility’s president and CEO told The Associated Press. The utility plans to generate 40 percent of its power from renewable sources such as wind and solar energy by […]

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Is inflation rising as investors fear? 5 ways to keep track

WASHINGTON — After nearly a decade of being all but invisible, inflation — or the fear of it — is back. Tentative signs have emerged that prices could accelerate in coming months. Pay raises may be picking up a bit. Commodities such as oil and aluminum have grown more expensive. Cellphone plans are likely to […]

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Their view: You’re married, but your assets don’t have to be

People who aren’t rich or famous typically don’t have prenuptial agreements, which are legal documents detailing who gets what in a divorce. Even ordinary folks without prenups, though, should think about how to protect their money if something goes wrong. Planning for divorce may be cynical, but it’s also smart, San Diego certified financial planner […]

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Property Transactions

The following real estate transactions have been recorded in the Luzerne County Office of the Recorder of Deeds for the week of Feb. 12: • Rosemeri Tejeda to Alberto Gruyair, 115 Carleton Ave., Hazleton, $50,000. • Lanny J. and Deborah J. Wilson to Robert C. Jr. and theresa A. Antolik, 53 Teaberry Dr., Butler Township, […]

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Car negotiating secrets for people who hate haggling

A short stint as a car salesman taught me that dealers are pros who negotiate all day for a living — and they always have the home field advantage. Later, while buying dozens of test vehicles for an automotive website, I was on the other side of negotiations, and experienced the tricks dealers use to […]

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Apple’s new speaker making an unwelcome mark in some homes

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) — Apple’s new internet-connected speaker is proving to be more appealing to the ears than to the eyes, depending on where the device is placed. Some people who bought the just-released $349 speaker, dubbed the HomePod, are reporting that it leaves a white ring on the surfaces of wooden furniture. In an […]

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Tax cut, bonuses for workers?

NEW YORK — Small business owners may want to hand out bonuses and raises now that there’s a new tax law, but many don’t know if they’ll have any wealth to share. “We didn’t base any raises or bonuses on the tax situation because, quite frankly, until it actually happens, no one’s sure what’s going […]

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Their view: You can do your own estate plan, but should you?

Estate planning mistakes can be expensive to fix — that is, when they can be fixed at all. That’s the thought that haunts New York attorney Mari Galvin whether she’s creating an estate plan for a client or confronting the aftermath when people didn’t properly plan. “People think, ‘Oh, I have a simple life,’ but […]

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Will Disney’s streaming be the top mouse??

NEW YORK — Will Disney’s upcoming streaming services be the mouse that roared … or squeaked? Disney already owns enviable entertainment properties including Pixar, Marvel and “Star Wars.” Now, it’s looking to add Fox’s TV and movie studios as it prepares to launch two streaming services, one for sports and another focused on entertainment. In […]

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